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    Bass Bar

    I was wondering if anybody has any basic thoughts on the bass bar. Not so Much about spring or no spring, but such things as how the different heights or thickness can change the sound and in what way. For instance, if you were making a viola and wanted to get the biggest sound on the bottom, would that require a taller and thicker bass bar, or a shorter and thinner. I know this is very general, but I think it is important. Also what about the shape, how can that affect it. Any thoughts would be great, the more general, the better.
  2. Could you elaborate a little on where some of the right and wrong places are? And why?
  3. I guess a follow-up question might be, what is causing this phenomenon? Is the wood just living its life much faster, because their is less wood and more energy going through it? Or is it just not strong enough and the fibers are broken under the strain of sound?
  4. It is commonly heard in the violin world that if the top is too thin, it will sound great at first, but then the sound will die over time. So my question is, what is too thin? And does that refer to the top as a whole, or just areas, such as between the soundholes and post.
  5. I know this is a very broad topic, but I have been wondering what are some of the characteristics to help one discern immediately the likely origin of a certain violin (ex. France, Italy , Germany, etc.) Are there some certain basic qualities of each region that one can look for to help get started in this process?
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