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  1. Yeah, I will update this post when I get to actually go and see it! Antoine has played it and said he was very happy.
  2. You’re very welcome! I’m sure it will sound as good as it looks!
  3. At last, the antiquing fest has come to a close and the Tres Amigos is looking spectacular! They all went to school together in Salt Lake and remain great friends. Each one of them has ascended to top of their field and collaborative efforts like these are extremely special. If it weren’t for the pandemic, I would be going to see the violin as soon as I could, but I know it will be worth the wait. As Antoine told me, the 3 Amigos is a labour of love, and it shows! A big thank you to Jeff, Antoine, and Ryan for feeding me these photos and for allowing this humble musician to be the recipient of such a superb fiddle!
  4. Antoine hard at work giving the fiddle some patina and sheen, and Ryan having some fun positioning that lamp shade juuuuuust right.
  5. Back to work! Something new as well, a PSN logo about the button!
  6. Well, it looks like they got fed up with it all and decided to chuck it in the bin (thanks for giving me a heart attack Ryan!).
  7. The Tres Amigos next to one of Ryan’s fiddles getting the same treatment. The three friends are having a great time it seems! The fiddle is looking pretty spectacular as it goes between pairs of hands.
  8. The violin, once a pristine sheen of red, is getting about 300 years of abuse in a week. The antiquing process is a fine art in its own right and these three are some of the best!
  9. At the outset of their assembly, I told Ryan to send me lots of pictures. He didn’t disappoint! The three do rotations of antiquing, turning over the fiddle to the next person every 30 minutes or so.
  10. The three amigos have assembled in Chicago at the Chicago School of Violin Making where Antoine is the director. Let the antiquing fest begin!