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  1. Yup. Most likely the MOST expensive set...since I need TWO.
  2. Aha! I believe you have nailed it. Now, to determine the specs since there are a few from which to choose.
  3. I found this recording of Zukerman, and liked the sound. I noticed the mic setup, but did not recognize them. Anyone have any idea?
  4. "Chris Ilbricht" was mentioned, but I believe it was meant to be Chris Ulbricht. Having owed one of his violins, I can certainly say that it was among the most clear, in terms of sound, violins I've every played.
  5. Hmmm.. so not really "crap" after all?
  6. He added a few (badly shot)photos of a label and signature.
  7. A 3rd-party seller is liquidating his old stuff (He's a REALLY good violinist) to put toward his new axe. Whilst these VSOs DO sound good, their look/provenance DOES seem dubious indeed...ergo my posting here. He's not asking a bundle for them, and they kinda look a little beat-up...and not entirely in a good way.
  8. Yeah, I was not sure if it was "crap" or a nice violin that was simply over-abused. ONE of these days, I'll get better at knowing!
  9. These were the only photos provided...sorry. What is not shown in the photos - no "delta" on back of scroll, but the fluting only goes about 3/4 to the end.
  10. Firstly, I apologize for the photos. They were all that were provided. What's not seen in photos - Scroll fluting all the way to the end, and no "delta" at the back of the scroll.
  11. I just checked....the attachment still exists. Did you happen to hear it?
  12. Nah...just choose which of the mics are preferred....close, tree or distant. Mix to taste.
  13. It's a large room with a lot of hard surfaces....ergo the "echoing" (from the distant mics).
  14. On this test sound clip (pardon my intonation issues - it was just a quick test) I used 5 mics. Audiotechnica AT 4033 for mono close-up, 2 Rode NTR on a tree at about 8 feet away, and 2 AKG 414 at about 20 feet away spaced VERY far apart. The room was rather large, and did not have any parallel floors, ceilings or walls. violin_room_test.wav
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