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  1. "Chris Ilbricht" was mentioned, but I believe it was meant to be Chris Ulbricht. Having owed one of his violins, I can certainly say that it was among the most clear, in terms of sound, violins I've every played.
  2. Hmmm.. so not really "crap" after all?
  3. He added a few (badly shot)photos of a label and signature.
  4. A 3rd-party seller is liquidating his old stuff (He's a REALLY good violinist) to put toward his new axe. Whilst these VSOs DO sound good, their look/provenance DOES seem dubious indeed...ergo my posting here. He's not asking a bundle for them, and they kinda look a little beat-up...and not entirely in a good way.
  5. Yeah, I was not sure if it was "crap" or a nice violin that was simply over-abused. ONE of these days, I'll get better at knowing!
  6. These were the only photos provided...sorry. What is not shown in the photos - no "delta" on back of scroll, but the fluting only goes about 3/4 to the end.
  7. Firstly, I apologize for the photos. They were all that were provided. What's not seen in photos - Scroll fluting all the way to the end, and no "delta" at the back of the scroll.
  8. I just checked....the attachment still exists. Did you happen to hear it?
  9. Nah...just choose which of the mics are preferred....close, tree or distant. Mix to taste.
  10. It's a large room with a lot of hard surfaces....ergo the "echoing" (from the distant mics).
  11. On this test sound clip (pardon my intonation issues - it was just a quick test) I used 5 mics. Audiotechnica AT 4033 for mono close-up, 2 Rode NTR on a tree at about 8 feet away, and 2 AKG 414 at about 20 feet away spaced VERY far apart. The room was rather large, and did not have any parallel floors, ceilings or walls. violin_room_test.wav
  12. I tried something like that and loved it at first. But after about a year or so, craquelure started showing up. Interestingly, I actually liked the effect on this particular violin.
  13. Have you ever tried 5000 grit? Or even 7000 grit? I've tried those, and got a really nice result depending on the varnish hardness. (FYI, the term "nitpick" originally referred to picking nits, the eggs of lice, from hair, and later to picking out the lice themselves)
  14. An online store offered me a deal for a wonderful GL leather case, so I bought one. Now I have matching violin/viola cases.