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  1. I took it to Treasure Hunters Raodshow and they said it possibly came from Sears and Roebuck or maybe a door-to-door salesman. Oh well, guess I'll just keep it as a display in my home. I appreciate all the feedback all of you have given.
  2. Addie, It's really hard to read but I'm going to look at it again with a magnifying glass and make sure. Thank you
  3. Yes, that make alot more sence!! Bridge
  4. Thank you Doug. I'm going to post more pics tomorrow. I want you to see exactly where the stamp is located on the front of the violin. I'll try to get more detailed, closer shots of it. Thanks again for your time!! I'm going to take it with me to the Treasure Hunters Roadshow tomorrow that will be in Arkansas (Wooooo pig soooie) along with a few other collectables. I'll keep you posted..
  5. Thank you for responding. Here are a few pics I already had of it. The stamp is on the piece of the violin that stands horizontal and the strings run thru it.
  6. I purchased a violin and bow with case at an estate sale recently. I know nothing about violins! It has VUILLAUME stamped on the bottom of the frog (i think that's what that piece if called). There is a sticker on the inside of it that reads Regraduated JJ Huedders (or maybe it's Huldders) 1921. It also has a bow but I cannot find any markings on it. Any help would be appreciated.