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  1. Sadly you are right there is a crack on the table :-( Just back from the violinbuilder to extend the loan, according to her it is a real Michael Boller. I'll post Peter Horners reply when I get it, will also send photo's to Beares see what they say.
  2. Looking back at the photo's of the label and comparing with the original. The photo's are very light, I think because of the artificial lighting. Letters look slightly indented into the paper. Thanks for the help so far! Have also sent it into Bromptons. Edit: Added more photo's Can't seem to make good pictures of the end pin with stamp readable, although it isn't easy to read IRL.
  3. I fully understand your warnings and will definitely not make my decision by what you say. I have made my choice by sound it produces. Just your words will help me to decide to continue my "quest" to find to learn more about the violin I will play. Builders here ask a lot of money for an appraisal wondering if it is worth it, and first step is to rule out possibilities and move on from there! Anyway 2 photo's of the label!
  4. I'm not a total plonker, always resting on a piece of foam! Just the tile's are the best contrast. Where would I look for a number? The builder who has it in stock has penciled the price on the fingerboard, on the otherside looks a bit like pencile. And either says 55N or SSN. Near the end pin there is also a number stamped in, either 2001 or 3001 looks like 2 and 3 stamped on top of each other. Thanks for the help so far!
  5. I temporarily have a violin in my possession which I am looking at buying. As it produces an absolutely beautiful sound. My question is is it what it claims to be? Violinist that have looked at it think early 1900's without looking at the label. The label Says: Michael Boller, Geigemacher in Mittenwald an der Ifer 1786 Any help would be appreciated!