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  1. Hi everyone! It's been almost 10 years since I posted in this forum ... yikes! It feels good to be back after such a long break and I'm delighted to see things here going as strong as ever. I very recently started a Facebook Group called "The Art of Violin Pedagogy" to encourage exchange over this topic with other violin teachers. Sometimes I feel a bit isolated in teaching, and I thought that it would be fun and inspiring to connect with other instructors to share knowledge, ideas, thoughts and experience. You're all invited to take a look at the page and join if you wish! In writing here, it is not my intention to take anything (or anyone) away from this forum at all - it's a marvelous resource and I'm glad to have rediscovered Maestronet. The FB group is specifically for violin pedagogy! Thanks for listening! Aria
  2. Thanks very much for your thoughts and sharing your experience with me - it's good reassurance. I cut back on my practice time, and after a day or so, the pain went away. I'm practicing in more frequent, shorter segments until I get used to everything again. And, of course, I'm watching closely for tension or bad habits. So far so good. I'm taking it easy with solid scale and etude regimen and, oh yes... only the SCALE passages of the Sibelius.
  3. Thank you all for your replies. I still don't know exactly what is wrong, but will take your advice to lay off/take it easy for awhile and ease back into playing. It feels a bit better tonight - perhaps I just overdid it. Seems strange, though. I have had soreness in my muscles at times, getting back into playing, but this is something different, as one of you mentioned - like in the shoulder joint/arm socket, on the backside. It's in the same place on both arms, though far more intense on the right side. Probably I just stressed something. :-) I had horrible imaginations last night when I felt the pain, of not being able to play anymore for some reason (not in my power) and never having music in my life again - lol. It was then when I realized how much I really do value my skill as a violinist, what being able to play music meant to me, and how much it defines me as a person. Thanks to all of you for your reassurance. I'll keep ya posted!
  4. Hi all... I have been a very serious musician all of my life, and burned out about 2 years ago. I stopped playing music entirely (piano/violin) for a good year, but have recently decided to get back into it. I've picked up my violin a few times and practiced for about an hour yesterday, but today my shoulders are hurting when I move my arms in any direction (bow arm is worse than the other). What gives?! I played my violin for several hours at a time (for a few weeks, off and on) in December 2003, and didn't have any problems. I've never felt anything like this before and am a bit worried. Thoughts? I must have irritated them, but it shouldn't happen after only one hour, or?! I mean, I wasn't playing Sibelius! Just normal scales and etudes. :-( Have any of you ever stopped for a good length of time? How did you get back into it? Anything I should watch out for? I'm open for tips. Thanks for your input.
  5. Hi, I was wondering if any of you have ideas of mainly outdoor musical games for active young boys! A friend of mine is putting together a small performance class and get-together for some of her aspiring, young (boy) students (piano, btw), as they need the support of each other in their musical study. But she'd like for them to play some game outside that ties in with music - ideas?! Other great, fun music "games", indoor or outdoor that you know of would be greatly appreciated, if you don't mind sharing. Thanks very much, AriaGeige
  6. I would suggest that your daughter try going to Apple Hill. It's a wonderful center for chamber music and for people of all ages who love music. The artists are well known, and the music is becomes so alive in the friendly surroundings of the New Hampshire hills. The atmosphere is a multi-cultural, family setting where everyone is encouraged to play his/her best - coached, supported and inspired in a non-competitive setting. It's a special experience for chamber music - give it a try!
  7. Hi there, When I read your post I remembered an article that I had read years ago (it must be about 5 years) in Strings magazine on an Asian woman who was working with what she called "sub harmonics." (I don't remember ever hearing the term "Tartini tones.") I'm not sure if it was a Strings cover story or not, and have already searched for the article on their website without success. You might try giving them a call to see if they could help you find the back issue. ( I have it, but it is in my home in the US and I am living in Europe now. The article was QUITE interesting, and she has 'perfected' a technique for singling out these low tones, if I remember correctly. I always wanted to explore this further...those low tones are amazing, no? I'll be interested to know what you find. Good luck, Aria
  8. Aria

    Bows in Prague

    Hi, Liana, You mentioned that you were going to a music festival in northern Germany in July... which on is it? I am newly living in Northern Germany and trying to find what's happening here musically. Thanks! Aria
  9. Just curious to see who's going to be up my way this summer. Though I'm not attending as a student this summer, I might pop in for some of the masterclasses and concerts. Maybe I'll meet you there!
  10. Aria

    MP3 from my CD

    O.k., I'm getting DESPERATE!!! I keep getting the following message and have been trying for a couple days to download the "Holy, Holy, Holy" clip... The requested URL'/users/b0e7afbf/bc/My+Documents/Holy+Holy+Holy.mp3?bcOjpA7Av5zS3IWZ' is temporarily overloaded. Please try again later. Thanks in advance for the help, Cara
  11. quote: Originally posted by bubba: I can't understand, either, why it isn't considered standard repertoire. It's long, it's very repetitive -- it's hard to pull off in a "cohesive" sense... therefore, hard musically. But I'm attempting the piece this coming week!!! It is my goal to perform both the Schumann Piano Concerto and the Schumann Violin Concerto with orchestra in the same concert. Anybody know of a really good recording of the Schumann?
  12. Please, people!!!!!!!! INTONATION!!!!!! (and remember to watch the conductor...)
  13. Toll (fantastic), Caleb & HKV! Thanks for doing this for us! Could you tell me how you were able to put the files on? I'd like to do this on another site...
  14. Jake: 1st finger/4th finger for the low/high notes of the octave, as opposed to fingered octaves.
  15. I'm leaving for Russia tomorrow at noon to give a solo piano/violin performance on this coming Sunday. The experience should be so exciting, and I'll be sure to give a full report when I return. But I'm a little nervous... The program is: Piano : Bach Prelude & Fugue No. 8 Mozart Sonata in Bb Schumann Fantasie in C Poulenc Intermezzo Violin: Handel Sonata in A Major Sarasate Ziguenerweisen More news in three weeks!