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  1. My only experience is to align the plate to the ribs, clamp, drill through the plate into the top and bottom blocks. You can insert drill bits as pins and scribe the outline. P.s. I'm no expert, Pete
  2. Hi, Have you considered using alignment pins? I'm assuming the ribs are on the mold.
  3. While I am not qualified to remark on the fiddle, I do recognize a good cat...
  4. Hi Julian, Mike Spencer has some good advice. At my furniture shop we say “stay fluid, move through it”. ( woodworkers are not poets). It’s also helpful to stand on a padded surface while working. When sitting for hours working on a fiddle, I use a good drafting chair, adjusting frequently. Good lighting can reduce physical stresses too. Take a walk, go for an easy bike ride, marry a massage therapist. to your health, Pete
  5. Hi Jackson. If I read you correctly, you mean the pin is inserted on the underside (glueing surface) of the plate into the block. Would this not be an invisible hazard to future repair people? Excuse me if I missed your point, Pete
  6. Mr. Beard, message received, loud and clear. Thank you, Pete
  7. May I ask who wrote the book "You can make a Stradivarius violin" ? I do have J and C's book, Sacconi's book and most of Strobel's work, Herron Allen etc. I would agree that J and C's and Sacconi's are very useful. Darnton is also very helpful. thanks Thanks, Pete
  8. Well then, I bring my bow to Vivian at Coup Bizzare. She always giggles when I remind her not to get the frog wet.
  9. Guitar makers occasionally refer to their work as a "build", my current "build", etc. I haven't heard "guitar buider" from these people, but if I did, what's not to understand? Has a successful violin maker built a reputation or built a clientele?
  10. Hi Mendicus. I like it, but you can't fool Saunders, can you? Cheers, Pete
  11. What style of music will be played on this violin?
  12. My first instrument was so poorly repaired and set up that upon seeing it, my first teacher refused me lessons. My parents had to rent one for me that the teacher approved of. My Dad bought the first one for me but wasted his money. I was picked on at school because my parents wouldn't give me an allowance to eat at McDonald's. Pete
  13. Pete Moss

    Wood ID

    Hi Rue. I hope that you are feeling better, I certainly am, after reading your post. Regards from Toronto, Pete
  14. While I love your rustic taste in photography, (and your bass), I feel that your cat has a better idea of what this bass is than I do. As others have noted, it may be prudent to leave it alone other than a setup. Perhaps you could post a few more pictures including the peghead. Pete