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  1. Pete Moss


    I do as Burgess does Ken. Spool clamps, hot room, go like a feind. Of course check to see how long it takes the glue to gel. This works for me, try it. The one winter I didn't go hellish enough, I learned to remove a back.. To make spool clamps, glue cork to a board, pillar drill, hole saw, carriage bolts, wing nuts, easy peasy. Thanks, Pete
  2. Pete Moss


    Hi Rimini, I have used the method Strobel describes without any problem.
  3. Pete Moss

    Titanium neck heel reinforcement

    Hi, everyone. I have read this with interest. I don't mean to steer the topic away from cellos but the Stewmac copy mentioned tonal benefits in guitar and bass necks. I wonder if any one here has tried titanium in a fretted instrument neck and has noticed a tonal improvement beyond increased stability? Thanks, Pete
  4. Pete Moss

    What’s in the box? :-)

    Is this a case of the modern Italian school?
  5. Pete Moss

    Strange questions

    I once set up a small violin for a young man. When his father brought him by to pick it up, the first thing he noticed were the new strings. With an apprehensive tone he asked : " are these strings made of catgut??" I think that the only one who cracked a smile may have been the cat.
  6. Pete Moss

    Cracks in Bending Ribs

    Hi I have experienced cracks like Michael's when bending steep grain and using a water soak. I tried just dampening the maple and had more success. Pete
  7. Pete Moss

    To new or not to new.

    Leoband, I see no reason to be a bit upset as you have received favorable comments and I believe real interest in your new violin. Pete
  8. Pete Moss

    To new or not to new.

    I think that your violin looks very nice. I like the purfling and edge work, the scroll is nice with some remaining tool marks. The arching and modelling seem pleasing. While I am not a particular lover of antiquing, I like the varnish coluor (or what it looks like on my phone). It would not be possible for me to comment on the qualities of maker without handling the instrument. What can you tell us of your previous instrument? Pete
  9. Pete Moss

    Stradivarius Violin

    Thanks Davide and thirteenthsteph. I hope to build a violin with a one piece top, back and lower rib some time. Pete.
  10. Pete Moss

    Stradivarius Violin

    Did Stradivarius make any violins with one piece tops?
  11. Dan, what is the thickness of your board, are you planning on varnishing with the board on? Pete
  12. Pete Moss

    Pitch, Patch, or Potter?

    Why not quickly rough some out just to see? I would not use this back based on your picture. You have it in hand and will know best.
  13. Pete Moss

    High tech vioiin idea

    It may be suitable in a recording studio. Who knows how people listen to music these days. What Manfio wrote is the first thing that came to my mind though.
  14. Pete Moss

    Transfer medium for fitting bridge feet?

    I use lipstick. I prefer Chanel #49.