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  1. Pete Moss


    Guitar makers occasionally refer to their work as a "build", my current "build", etc. I haven't heard "guitar buider" from these people, but if I did, what's not to understand? Has a successful violin maker built a reputation or built a clientele?
  2. Pete Moss

    My Linarol viola

    Hi Mendicus. I like it, but you can't fool Saunders, can you? Cheers, Pete
  3. Pete Moss

    How to create a growly violin

    What style of music will be played on this violin?
  4. Pete Moss

    Learning repair on cheap instruments

    My first instrument was so poorly repaired and set up that upon seeing it, my first teacher refused me lessons. My parents had to rent one for me that the teacher approved of. My Dad bought the first one for me but wasted his money. I was picked on at school because my parents wouldn't give me an allowance to eat at McDonald's. Pete
  5. Pete Moss

    Wood ID

    Hi Rue. I hope that you are feeling better, I certainly am, after reading your post. Regards from Toronto, Pete
  6. Pete Moss

    Preserving Patina,, for the sake of Posterity.

    While I love your rustic taste in photography, (and your bass), I feel that your cat has a better idea of what this bass is than I do. As others have noted, it may be prudent to leave it alone other than a setup. Perhaps you could post a few more pictures including the peghead. Pete
  7. Pete Moss

    Korolia bridges?

    Hi Thomas. While I can't comment on Korolia bridges, I have used a New Sound bridge ( the company's old name). If I remember correctly, it was nicely cut and had a good colour as a treated Aubert does. I do remember that it was a success. I hope that this helps? Pete
  8. Pete Moss

    The Bridge!

    Hi treesurgeon, it works well on guitars, and you are a surgeon, why not try bone !? Pete
  9. Pete Moss

    re-joining center joint

    Hi Florian. Why not try to reglue it first. I don't know what a real restorer would do so wait for other replies but I would remove the upper and lower purfling, reshoot the joint with a very sharp and fine block plane, pre bend two short lengths of purfling to help register the seam and reglue it on a flat surface with clamps. Use strong glue in a hot room. You will need to carefully remove the short registration purfling and replace it, perhaps use a scarf joint and save yourself the time of redoing the corners. Perhaps cleat the seam? I'm looking at this on a phone, your work looks worth saving. Good luck, Pete
  10. Pete Moss


    I do as Burgess does Ken. Spool clamps, hot room, go like a feind. Of course check to see how long it takes the glue to gel. This works for me, try it. The one winter I didn't go hellish enough, I learned to remove a back.. To make spool clamps, glue cork to a board, pillar drill, hole saw, carriage bolts, wing nuts, easy peasy. Thanks, Pete
  11. Pete Moss


    Hi Rimini, I have used the method Strobel describes without any problem.
  12. Pete Moss

    Titanium neck heel reinforcement

    Hi, everyone. I have read this with interest. I don't mean to steer the topic away from cellos but the Stewmac copy mentioned tonal benefits in guitar and bass necks. I wonder if any one here has tried titanium in a fretted instrument neck and has noticed a tonal improvement beyond increased stability? Thanks, Pete
  13. Pete Moss

    What’s in the box? :-)

    Is this a case of the modern Italian school?
  14. Pete Moss

    Strange questions

    I once set up a small violin for a young man. When his father brought him by to pick it up, the first thing he noticed were the new strings. With an apprehensive tone he asked : " are these strings made of catgut??" I think that the only one who cracked a smile may have been the cat.
  15. Pete Moss

    Cracks in Bending Ribs

    Hi I have experienced cracks like Michael's when bending steep grain and using a water soak. I tried just dampening the maple and had more success. Pete