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    Cobalt dryer

    Hi How much cobalt dryer do you use in one violin coat? Thanks in advance Tango
  2. Hi Davide For me , your videos are the school I had not I watch those with pencil and notebook at hand Thanks
  3. Hello Just the Engelman Top be treated different from a Spruce one? As I see it is lighter (low gravity number it is said in english?) I think I would worked with differet arching . It may be more rounded. Thank in advance Tango
  4. Yes, sometimes, I like to do that
  5. tango

    Ida Haendel

    I think so. Of course she was not so perfect than others but had her own way (very important) She was musically simple and energetic. I like it
  6. tango

    Ida Haendel

    Thanks Puckfandan
  7. tango

    Ida Haendel

    Hi. What violin did she play in this video? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi all there I would like to know the more common silver wire is used in bows. What kind of silver and what thickness. Thanks for any information. Regards Tango
  9. Hi, I clean with this. Is there any problem with that?
  10. Hi Louis The instruments I like always have a mixed colour between the golden ground an another in the top coats reflexing and bringing a lots of hues as you change the inclination fo the light. To me, the golden yellow is life. Without this I see some bored hue. Regards
  11. Hi Louis I see in your instruments an interesting yellow compound
  12. Hi Edi I think you don't want to press the leaves but to let it drop without contaminate the pigment. So I guess that surely there is another way to extract, e.g: to cut the long leaf in short parts to prevent the stop of the juice into the cell. Or to stand the leaf in other way with long cuts to help dropping. Thanks for the link . I will read that Regards
  13. Hi Edi I dont know how much drop but I will insist with others leaves. Thaks for your reply
  14. Thanks Jerry May be one day I can go to Oberlin. It woul be wonderful Regards
  15. Jerry I live in Argentina. I have th Weisshaar restoring book that have a little chapter about this. That is all I have. Would like a little more information Thanks for reply
  16. Hi I know that retouching need hous of experimentation but I need some basic information because I don´t know somebody who could teach me seriously. Thanks all for replies Tango
  17. Hi Is there any digital book or PDF on sale about varnish restoration and retouching? I don't want to to use post mail service. I prefer buy by Internet Thanks in advance Tango
  18. Hi Louis I inerit the book from an italian violis who worked in the Sinfónica Nacional de Argentina. I know that this book only serves to find out what materials there are and what they are. If my post service where reliable I would order to kremer some of aloe but , sadly it is not, so I have to work with the stuff at hand. Thaks for reply Regards Tango
  19. Hi Julian Vernici in liuteria Gabriel Carletti, 1985, G. Zanibon Editore Italia CHAPTERS 1. Trattamenti preventivi e imbiamchimento del legno 2. I Turapori 3. Mordenzatura e colorazione del legno 4. I Coloranti 5. Le colorazioni 6. Le vernici 7. Gliolii 8. Le resine 9. Le cere 10. I requisiti delle venici 11. La verniciatura e glioinconvenienti 12. La lucidatura 13. Le Lacche 14. Le pitture 15. Glismalti
  20. Hi I read the Carletti´s book where he explain about differets Aloes plants. I don´t remember why I choose "soccotrina". He explain that the drops of some juice that fall down and dry at the sun will achieve a brilliant yellow instead the juice drops dryed by the fire warm. To be continued... _SCN6144[1].7f16375021aaa00dcb628ffb8e6c5282 _SCN6143[1].c5331579981492ce5b4506e71d731630