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  1. Ok. Thanks all for replies Tango
  2. Hi Temp in the top of the cabinet is 18/22 C°. The cabinet is 120cm x 80 cm. We are in Winter in Buenos Aires. I guess the stuff to be aware is the temp, isn´t it?
  3. Hi How close to the UV light tube must stand the violin in a UV box ? (Black light , 36w and 120cm long) Tango
  4. tango

    Yellow for ground

    Hi. Sorry the long time from my first post. Finally I did not add shellac with turmeric. I used an uv box , made on last november, for darkening some. I am happy with results. Thanks all for advises. Regards Tango
  5. Hi Three years ago I made diluted turmeric in alcohol. Then filtered that and used the yellow alcohol to make shellac. Unlike the turmeric only diluted in alcohol without shellac that dissapeared soon. This resulted a nice yellow ground, the best yellow I made and lightfast. I saved a sample. It is not a "desired golden yellow" but is the only acceptable yellow for ground I was able to make. Because I seal the wood with oil varnish and plaster of Paris I was thinking about transfer the turmeric from alcohol to oil. May be boiling the alcohol with the oil until the alcohol is evaporated completely ? I know I can coat the wood after sealing with P of Paris with the yellowed shellac but I refuse because , to achieve a nice color with oil varnish needs a lot of coats and I don´t whant add to much to the wood. I am overthinking? So, the question is: Can I transfer turmeric powder in alcohol solution to linseed oil? Thanks in advance Regards Tango
  6. Hi This is mine: a 40,3 cm viola.
  7. Hi I made my test with potassium dichromate and still am alive haha. For some reason the darkening effect is little. I will apply a coat once more. May be I diluted a lot the potassium
  8. tango

    Viola rib height

    Hi Okawbow I am making a 40,3 viola of my desing. 37,8 mm rib at the bottom to 35,5 at the neck.Same archings height as you. Stop 221 mm. As time pass I doubt about meassurements but now it is too late to go back haha ! About fiteen days I expect to close the box . May be I will test before varnish (I am ansious)
  9. Hi Davide Very nice. I wish you are well
  10. Hi Viola D´amore. I beg your pardon for the delay of response. Just now I am opening Maestronet after very much days without opening this. Thank you very much for advised me, I apreciate a lot your comments. I guess you are one of the most important restorers in USA ¿Aren´t you? I guess who you are but may be better to do not discover the secret. Hoping you are well in this difficult days Best regards Tango
  11. Hi. Thanks you all for useful information. Viola D´amore. You scare me :). Y sincerely thank you for your caveats. I was thinking to use gloves and mask but now I will read more about safety. For the first stage on a white violin I was thinking to make half a litre of very diluted glue with a little spoon of Potassium Dicromate. What do you think? Of course I will try first in crap wood.
  12. Hi This is my first time. Do you seal the wood before apply dicromate? I will test in crap wood first with seal and without. Thanks in advance for any advise. Regards Tango
  13. tango

    Viola rib height

    Hi Louis As always you are very kind . Tango