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  1. Thanks Davide, I will do so. The following step is to calculate fingerboard projection at the bridge paying attention to "C" minimun size and string angle.
  2. Hi. I think so because most violins and violas have this relation (3:2) resulting comfortable for players. But now I have to apply a given string length (370mm) in a short model. Stop aproach close to low corners So I can reduce a little the lower bout enlarging the middle one, or enlarge the upper one reducing the low, or modify a little all avoiding bow strokes near the low corner.
  3. Hi. thanks for replies. I will go for 370 neck lenght. So I will make a new form. How important is to make a 3.2 neck-stop relation ?
  4. Hi all I'm thinking to re design the form of a 41,3 viola I made years ago. Actually I am thinking on a 40,5 cm model. The question is: What is a good measure for open string (from nut to bridge)? 35,5 cm or 36 cm? I don´t whant to exesive reduce and lack in good sound? Thank in advance
  5. Hi Arbos. I felt the same as you. If you play again the violin, please, write here your experience. Thanks all for participate in the post. There is some confusion about Kreisler violins (Thanks Melvin) Tango
  6. Hi all Tonight I went for a concert where was played the Guarneri Kreisler - Mary Portman. The sound seemed a little low, nice but low. Also the orquestra sounded more loud than soloist but I don´t realise if it was a violin lack or a solois problem. Do you somebody know the loudness of this instrument? Is this Guarneri del Jesu the most famous of the Guarneri owned to Kreisler? Tango
  7. Hi PhilipKT Sorry I didn´t see your message. You can see others photos in this facebook link: <https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1512665518&sk=media_set&set=a.10213023358687976&type=3>
  8. Hi all Finally I bought two black light tubes : 36w and 120cm long. Special offer. Not available 80cm as I wanted. I will copy Davide Sora but a little longer. I want to make a cello, so I guess this 120cm tubes may be useful Now , reading Joe, I think about distance between tubes and varnish and doubt if it was well.I must test . Thanks for all advices Regards Tango
  9. Hi I was reading ald posts about Uv box tubes and bulbs. I will make a box. But, what's up with nowadays with uv strip leds, had reached the benefits of tubes and bulbs? What to buy, leds or tubes? Thanks in advance Tango
  10. tango

    Wrong sealer?

    I put the violinat the sun. It seems to have some places wet and others more clear I will wait
  11. tango

    Wrong sealer?

    It looks the same as Plaster but I don´t know if Caolin is thickest than plaster of Paris
  12. tango

    Wrong sealer?

    Hi By mistake I sealed the wood with oil varnish with caolin instead plaster of Paris. Any problem about that? Regards Tango
  13. Hi This is the case: I stripped a violin, then varnished with a 1704 with sandarac and mastic added. This 1704 was made with a coloured alcohol (pernambuco). The hue obtained is a yellow- very light brown. I guessed the pernambuco would cover more. The next coat must be with some dye to achieve a darker brown. Not very dark . There are some little spots and places that deserve a sanding. I don´t want the coloured varnish stay arround that spots making stain little points. That´s all Thanks for advices Tango
  14. Hi I was reading in later posts how to sand between "spirit" varnish coats , not oil varnish but I did not find what I need. I want to sand some to level some spots. I am in the middle of the varnishing process. So the question is: ¿How may I sand spirit varnish, what to use: water, oil, sand paper, rotten stone, caolin..? Thanks for any advice. Regards Tango
  15. Hi. What I see in the bottom of the jar when I let rest it is the wax? I remember, when I had beehives, I boiled some parts and colected wax. When cooled the wax was floating in the water. In this case of wax in alcohol, the wax remain in the bottom becouse the alcohol is lighter than water. Isn´t it? Ho go; my country is sub-tropical weather. That´s imposible haha!!! Thanks Thanks all for advices and Davide for very detailed the procedure. Regards Tango Ps: My aim si to disolve some Aloe in shellac and apply as a ground. At this time are only tests, not in my violins.