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  1. tango

    Colophony as Coloured Sealer before ground and varnish

    Hi Francesco I sealed the wood with Plaster of Paris and colophony oil varnish. This varnish have a beautiful subtle yellow hue. In the last violin some zones appeared some dark. May be it was my fault but I think that in the next I will seal with a more clear varnish for precaution. Regards Tango
  2. tango

    Function of central thickness of back plate

    Hi Conor Second coincidence in the in the night I guessed that a thick central zone of the back bring some inertia. Being thin it would be difficult. Very clear the analogy of the knife.
  3. tango

    Walnut hull tint

    Hello Then I'm not that stupid, right? Haha Thanks Conor Russell
  4. tango

    Walnut hull tint

    I was thinking to apply with a pad over the sealed wood with a some golden oil varnish
  5. tango

    Walnut hull tint

    Thanks all for replies Tango
  6. tango

    Walnut hull tint

    Hi all Does somebody use walnut hull (liquid) as a pigment for colouroing varnish? In Argentina we call "nogalina" (nogal = walnut) Regards Tango
  7. tango

    Craig Tucker, in rememberence.

    Sad news, we will miss to him.
  8. tango

    crack filling

    Thanks Jeffrey. I will try here in Buenos Aires first. Our post service and customs are a disaster Regards
  9. tango

    crack filling

    Hi Jeffrey Is Al(OH)3 the "aluminun hydroxide" formula I want to try that and need to translate to spanish correctly to order to the chemist store, Thanks Tango EDIT: Hidróxido de aluminio is the name translated by Wikypedia
  10. tango

    Harsh sound?

    Well... I can sleep more comfortable after this words hahaha Regards Tango
  11. tango

    Gluing centre joint

    Hi all I warm the wood because too many years ago, a fellow built a plywood and plastic boat using poliester resins instead epoxi. Poliester is cheaper than epoxi.Usually poliester resin tend to separate from wood but his thirty years old boat was in very good conditions. He explained me that when you heat the wood its fibers open and resin penetrate more. Remembering that and seeing that some luthiers warm the wood I adopted that. Of course this has another advantage that is about delaying the time of glue drying. There is another point that I guess. If the heat open the fibers and the glue is liquid for more time, The wood could swell more and the clamps could shape the faces of the halves more eficiently. It is only a guess.
  12. tango

    Gluing centre joint

  13. tango

    Gluing centre joint

    Haha Thomas. Who are you in the video?
  14. tango

    Gluing centre joint

    Hi. Wood Butcher. Thanks for explanation What I do is to warm some the surface to glue with a hot gun. Then apply enough glue, rub the joint to drain excess of glue and clamp. Isn't that little brush of water enough to do the job you explain? As Berl say I ask to myself if the wood absorb the moisture so quickly Is that way a common use?
  15. tango

    Gluing centre joint

    Hi In the minute 1,48 of the link below there is something I don´t understand. Why she brush near the centre joint an dry with a lamp?