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  1. Where can we purchase the GigLight?
  2. Very helpful information, thank you.
  3. I have two bridges for my violin, one is evenly rounded across the top and the other is higher on the left side and slopes downward on the right. Is there an advantage (for playing or sound) or disadvantage to using either one?
  4. Hey everyone, great ideas. I'm going to start my spreadsheet soon. I think I'll log everything then I can pick and choose what/how to summarize in a resume. Only problem is, for some things I'll have to do research to find out when I did what. BTW I never went to school for music because I started getting serious only recently as an adult.
  5. Hello, I would like to create a resume for my musical activities. I haven't had any training in school, just lessons. Should I include my piano activities as well as violin? Is the format the same as a regular resume? Should I list all the shows and pieces that I've played with the chamber orchestra? Do I need to list every activity, such as playing in weddings? Are there any samples online that I can view? I guess my main goal is to have a resume so that I can keep track of my "career" and to be able to produce a resume if in the future I ever needed one
  6. Thanks everyone. I brought it in. Got a few comments like "so, are you going to play the violin?" which I was hoping to avoid, but it's worth it to save my violin. I sometimes feel like a beginner skier carrying around skis (look like a skier but not really there yet).
  7. It's below freezing outside and my violin is in my car trunk which is loaded with other stuff. It's in its case way in the back of the trunk, kind of insulated. Do I need to bring it inside? I haven't yet because I'm at work.
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    Just want to interject my meager 2 cents - not knowing anything about violin making, I did not know what to think about this article, but it was the first time I've seen anything related to the violin in the news since I've been taking lessons. I also had never heard of the Violin Society of America. Anyway, I'm learning a lot from your comments.
  9. racerex


    I don't visit this forum very often, but I thought someone might find this article interesting: http://story.news.yahoo.com/news?tmpl=stor..._solar_secret_3
  10. How far does your left thumb rise above the fingerboard, if at all? Mine does about 1/2 to 3/4" and my teacher says it's too high and hinders my vibrato. I wonder if it is because I hold my violin out in front more than others, because my arms are short. Also, does your right thumb contact the bow on the tip, pad, or right corner? My suzuki book 3 (back of the book) says the thumb should contact the bow on the right corner.
  11. Thanks everyone for the suggestions. I'm trying it all out!
  12. Quote: 2)Given that string crossing eliminates the problem, possibly the vertical attack needed for each individual note is lacking. Are you saying then that some sort of vertical attack is needed for each individual note? I guess another description of my problem is that fast, notes with separate bowings on the same string don't sound connected. To answer some of the other questions, I believe my thumb is correctly gripping the bow, at least according to my Galamian book. Also, I am not bouncing the bow. I'll try some of the exercises suggested. Speaking of coordination between the left hand and the right, if you were to play in slow motion, does the fingers on the left hand press down right at the bow change, slightly before, or after?
  13. I am having a problem with the sound of my fast sixteenth note passages. If the notes are on the same string and there is one bow stroke per note, they sound like they're gasping just prior to the bow change, like there is a delay before the next note. If I change strings for each note they sound okay. I've tried different things to try to connect the notes more, but nothing has worked so far. Could the problem be with the way I am bowing? Is my wrist not loose enough? Am I not lifting my left fingers fast enough? How much of the bow should be used for sixteenth notes? I'm thinking maybe I'm trying to use too much bow. Thanks, any help would be appreciated.
  14. I think I finally found the schedule. It aired pretty late the other night and my VCR programming did not work. Does anyone out there have a satellite dish and you are able to program your VCR or the dish receiver to record? When I tried it through the receiver it asked for a code for my VCR but my instruction manual did not have it. It seems like when I turn on the VCR the dish receiver does not work. Anyone have a clue on how to record from satellite channel to VCR? BTW, check out this interview, it's really interesting: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/wright/inventors.html
  15. I like it! Does copyrighted mean we cannot download or print the picture?
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