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  1. We are to play Simple Gifts from Copland's Appalachian Spring ballet in our summer American Music Concert. They handed out the music last night at rehearsal and promptly took it back up. Does anyone know of an online recording that I could listen to? Thanks, Sharon
  2. I also have a pitifully short pinky finger. My instructor has been working with me for months on different pieces that help stretch out the hand to give more range. They have definitely helped. technique_doc's thumb suggestion is good and I find that it helps me. Also, making sure that you're not supporting the violin by the neck with the thumb or joint where the index finger meets the hand frees your hand to stretch to where it needs to be to hit the 4th finger note. And sometimes rotating the elbow under the violin for the G and D strings does wonder for the reach. Just keep practicing is the best advice and talk to your instructor about it. They can help. Sharon B.
  3. ----xcheerleader wrote---- This might sound hokey, but I would love to learn how to play Devil went down to GA.....and go up to Pennsylvania and impress all my relatives. See...I live in GA now. Would be cool...don't you think? ----- xcheerleader, You crack me up! I'm located in North Alabama, a returning student (got distracted for about 18 years), and even now, people that know I play the violin look at me and say, "Can you play that?" when they hear 'Devil Went Down to GA'. I always thought it would be cool to play it, I started my violin education in Savannah, GA. So... no, it's not hokey to me! Oh, to answer the original question, I'm working on: Modern Shifting Studies for the Violin by Margaret Berend assorted selections Kayser - Elementary and Progressive Studies Book 1 #10 Kreisler - Schon Rosmarin (Fair Rosmarin) My instructor took me out of the Suzuki books pretty quickly. I finished a couple of the last pieces in Book 2 and wanted to learn to shift and vibrato so we left the Suzuki books to tailor to my needs and interests. Good luck in your studies, Sharon
  4. I have a set of Evah Pirazzi's that I have been playing for a couple of months now. I really like the sound I get out of them on my violin, but last week I noticed that the A string is fraying at the nut. While looking at the A, I noticed the D string was also starting to fray. What causes this? Is it an age related problem with the string or could I be doing something to cause it. I love the Evah Pirazzi's but they are quite expensive to be replacing so often. Has anyone else experienced this problem with Evahs? Thanks, Sharon
  5. I have indeed tried the Symphony, but their website only allows contact via a form that is currently broken. Also, the website has an announcement on it that the Symphony has suspended operations and concerts because of a budget shortfall. I don't think the website will be fixed any time soon. I am going to try to call the number they have listed, it's a long shot. Mr. Oenuski would be in his 50's or 60's if my memories of him are accurate. He was a young man, I estimate 20's or very early 30's with a young wife and a small child when I knew him. Hopefully he is still with this world. Thanks for your suggestions. Sharon
  6. Many years ago I took private lessons from a violinist that played with the Savannah Symphony Orchestra in Savannah, GA. Time period would have been late 70's to early 80's. He was a defected Romanian. His name was Mr. Oenushki. The spelling is probably wrong, I was a child. Of late, I have wondered whatever happened to him. We moved away and I never had any further contact with him. Any advice on how I might find him? Thanks, Sharon
  7. Does anyone here have any advice about it. I am a returning student of the violin. In the last year I have played Rutter's Requiem and Handel's Messiah (first half + 44). I found Rutter's Requiem very satisfying as it was the first major piece I had played on violin and I consider it overall a success. The Messiah I found extraordinarily difficult and played on the beats for most of the allegro portions during our concert. I am chalking it up to a learning experience and hoping that someday I'll get to play it again. I won't receive the music until after the first of the year, but I looked at a score this morning. The second violin part looks like there is much less shifting. Any thoughts are welcome on how I should approach this piece and how it compares to the Rutter and Handel pieces. Also, I am assuming since it is a Requiem that most of it moves at the speed of a dirge. Is that correct? Thanks in advance, Sharon
  8. I decided that I must be in the school band when they came around recruiting in 5th grade. My dad was an E6 in the Coast Guard at that time with 3 kids (I'm the oldest) and no savings. My grandfather had bought a violin in Germany during WWII and was willing to loan it to me to learn how to play. It was my only option if I wanted to be in band. Now, 23 years later and after becoming proficient on bassoon and xylophone, I am back to my violin. I'm glad that my grandfather loved and trusted me enough with what is now a wonderful family heirloom to loan it to me. I wish he was still here to hear me actually play it with some small degree of expertise. It would have made him very happy.
  9. Adult Student here. I have no experience with chair challenges even though I spent 6 - 7 years in a marching band / concert band in high school. Our seats were assigned by a yearly try-out performance where we were rated as to skill etc. There was no challenge considerations. As far as the class laughing at your daughter, that was wrong. The teacher was wrong to let it happen. I personally would schedule a conference with the teacher if you get no response from the email. I think I would do it even if you do get a response from the email though I'm not sure what type of reparations can be made at this point. Your daughter is already hurt and embarassed, nothing will change that. The point now is to make sure it doesn't happen to anyone else's child under this teacher's watch. And no, you are definitely not wrong to be upset about this. It makes me angry just thinking about it. Just my 2 cents. Thanks, Sharon B.
  10. Wow! Lots of different instruments on here. I started with violin in the 5th grade (eek). Then in high school learned xylophone and then bassoon. I recently acquired a set of double seconds steel drums and am teaching myself to play them. Slow going considering the job, the violin lessons, the house, the dogs, etc. Sharon
  11. Thank you all for your advice. The article is good, I have started trying to exercise in this way as well as the others that my teacher has assigned. After another lesson yesterday, my teacher convinced me that a large part of my problem is that I don't play loud or with much intensity. In my head I have been playing forte all along, but when she plays next to me, I realize I am really only at about a mezzo piano level. I think it is a confidence problem. I have been away from violin for over 20 years. This weeks exercises are near to the bridge with much intensity. Hopefully these exercises will help. Thanks everyone, Sharon
  12. My instructor has me doing exercises to improve my skill at changing dynamics. Up until now, I understood the concept, but couldn't quite make the sound loudness change. The exercises are excruciating. Last night the dog growled at me it sounded so bad. The exercise briefly is half notes downbow fff, upbow ppp. I get the concept, now my question is how do I make the sound nice? On the fff sections, there is much scratching and especially over on the G string a loss of friction between the bow and string unless I am absolutely grinding into the string. Can this be the right technique? Why does it sound so awful? In the ppp sections, things are better, but the sound is still a bit thin. Any advice on how to make the sound richer at the lower levels? Thanks, Sharon B.
  13. I bought a couple of "String Swings" for my violins. I haven't hung them yet, but they are exactly what I was looking for. http://www.stringswing.com/ Hope this helps. Sharon B.
  14. I have recently acquired a second violin and would like to hang them both in a convenient spot in my practice space. Is this ok to do? I have seen a lot of shops with violins hanging from their necks and wondered. Is it safe for my violins to hang? They will be in a kid-free/pet-free space so that's not a worry. If this is ok to do where do I find hangers and do I need a specialized hanger? Thanks, Sharon B.
  15. Hi, I looked at an Anton Becker violin this weekend and have done internet searches looking for more information on this violinmaker. The owner claims it was built mid- to late-1800s, but there is no date on the label. It only says Made by Anton Becker, Germany with a handwritten number that I couldn't read. He's wanting $350 for just the violin, no case, no bow. Reasonable price? Does anyone have any information on Anton Becker? Does anyone here play one? Thoughts? Thanks, Sharon B.
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