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  1. Wow, you're very kind and helpful!!
  2. Just make sure you WHACK him hard enough with your rolling-pin as a punishment!!
  3. When it was my first time..... 1) N..n...nervous..! 2) Has the audience spotted my mistake? 3) Oh no! Here comes the most difficult passage. 4) Stop trembling! 5) Hey, Do I have any admirers down there? 6) Let's party, after this!
  4. REmember I told you a friend of mine, who is accused by other people that she's insane, she could play this piece pretty well. almost perfect, i would say.
  5. Does too-high bridge on the violin disturb your violin playing?
  6. Paganiniboy....haha, Pat! It's you! Loooong time no see! Where have you been?
  7. This piece is fun and very rewarding. It's worth practicing it.
  8. I fell on that too! If i have not mistaken, Isaac Stern had never recorded Bach's Partita. Nowadays we have to be extra careful when shopping for CDs.
  9. I always play the 24th etude of Kreutzer's 42 studies out of tune. Why?? And I place all 4 of my fingers on the finger board, is that the correct way of playing octaves?
  10. Did you know, you can also download a FREE mp3 converter, visit ! And try not to use those one-minute recorders, the quality is bad, try using Creative recorder, You can record as long as you want but still mantain the quality.
  11. Hey aamtnbike! The website you gave us rocks!!! I Like the music! HAHA, let's go dance with the banana!!