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  1. Hi, could anyone comment on the diplomas issued by the two bodies in terms of status, difficulty, standard.....etc? Thanks.
  2. He is among the best Chinese violinists nowadays and was the background music player of the emotional movie 'Together' about a child prodigy and his relationship with his 'father'. There is another video about the growing up history of this gentleman on the same web page but in Chinese( Cantonese ). I can provide the link if anybody is interested to watch.
  3. Good video for all to enjoy http://www.rthk.org.hk/rthk/tv/lichunyunco...t/20040407.html and click on either player for streaming download!
  4. Hi, I think the easiest while the most romantic piece is the Wieniawski concerto No.2 2nd movement!!
  5. Could anyone comment on these Chinese instruments in terms of their quality and price? color> color>
  6. Did anyone come across these Chinese instruments and comment on their quality and price? color>
  7. I think you may consider fiddlers friends. They are comfortable,attractive and inexpensive.
  8. Congratulations! Anyway the bows you've mentioned are all from the same workshops in Brazil made in German style. They are of equivalent qualities.
  9. C. Santos bows are good and they are made in Brazil in German style. Some of them are with snake wood frogs and pernambuco sticks with full nickel-silver mount.
  10. The gentleman that you mentioned is not a small potato. He was the ex-concert-master and conductor of the London Phil. Orchestra.
  11. Would anyone tell me how to get a free music sheet for violin?
  12. I ordered a book from their online shop a few months ago also facing a delayed delivery, slow customers service....etc
  13. I've got one in Hong Kong at about US$28. The sound and visual qualities are just acceptable but the Rabin's parts were not well performed as expected. I personally enjoy the Bach's double concerto by the Oistrakhs.
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