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  1. There are no makers marks or labels that I can see .
  2. ian777

    old violin

    Love to hear your opinions again please
  3. Hi Martin I do not own it yet so I cannot be sure about the purfling .
  4. expert opinions again would be greatly appreciated, there are no makers marks or labels .
  5. ian777

    scottish violin

    It is approx 525 grams . The back is 14 inches and it is a total length of 23.5 inches. And here are more pics
  6. ian777

    scottish violin

    yes I think it is quite heavy and sorry for not mentioning the repair , a section has been replaced , which is shown top right in first picture . not sure but I think it is A Murdoch
  7. Hi Again , opinons please on this violin , It is stamped on the back MURDOCH . Possibly scottish. Thanks in advance
  8. 23.25 insch long 14 inches back lenght . has label which says ' maggini deutiche arbeit ' ( at least I think thats what it says )
  9. hi again , it is about 23.5 inches long and the body is 14 inches long . there is no makers marks or labels at all.Any info would again be gratefully received ! thanks .
  10. And many thanks to all who replied , I feel I have learned such a lot I wish I had thought to try this forum before !!
  11. hi sorry for not replying sooner the label does not say anything else .
  12. HI Folks , I have been recommended to come here for some expert opinion , so here goes its approx 590 mm /23.25 inches long , and has a label with joseph guarnerius fecit cremonae 1736 anno IHS . Any info would be gratefully received .Thanks