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  1. Wonderful performance from a serious, profoundly dedicated, artist. I am impressed at the sublime quality of her interpretation given the rather serious health problems she's experiencing. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ew_2pW6JzuI
  2. Excellent point which can't be repeated enough - thank you ! But here we are talking cheap violins in a context where a properly qualified luthier is not available. That's a huge number of violins. They are neither old nor valuable and usually the teacher is responsible for keeping them functional.
  3. That beer is going to get cold while one uses the "scooty-thing" - it's not that quick, takes a while. But sound post adjustment, that's a different story - couple of seconds.... . And it'll produce a following if one has a Spanish accent.
  4. A very strong case can be made that it was a matter of (good ) taste as exhibited by audiences of the time. Who never heard but a handful of classical instruments.
  5. Definitely not - you can actually hear now some brakes screeching.
  6. Thank you very, VERY much !!! Now, that you invited me : Did he have any system for tonally matching a bridge to a particular violin ? Could you give us one or two simple examples ? I am curious how this process was happening. For example, did he cut more than one bridge ? Different "flavors" of wood/age/treatment etc ? How was the cutting/fitting of the bridge related to ( anticipating ) his intended sound post position ?
  7. I was actually curious as to his particular/peculiar techniques given his reputation. But I can not find anybody who actually saw him cutting bridges. Not that is anything strange with that as he surely had many more important tasks to attend to.
  8. Couldn't find one with some voice over. If you happen to, please post it here. BTW there was a nice one one shaping a fingerboard. I'll try find it.
  9. Indeed, I too discovered it is used quite a bit. Here I found a video with the ( hopefully ) accepted procedure : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QQiuKpLZEF4 I am not arguing the superiority of the "accepted" procedure. I'm simply saying that the "scooty-thing" might be useful in certain situations.
  10. I've no doubt he knew how to do it pretty well - he was a famous restorer/adjuster . Andreas mentioned Morel : am curious if he was doing anything special, anything ( even slightly !) different, worth imitating.
  11. None at all, obviously. Have you seen Morel fitting a bridge ?
  12. I'm just a tinkerer. For my very limited needs I use a Dremel and a small rasp as my hands are not stable enough to use a knife. Otherwise, I am sure you are absolutely right. I think we should be open minded and not overly dismissive of different approaches. Often, excellent results can be achieved through quite different methods. And by the way, it would be nice if somebody will explain how to correctly sharpen a bridge knife. I'm sure I have seen something related on MN but can't find it at the moment.
  13. I'd rather bet on the answer being "no".
  14. Well, how does one know what's "bad art" ? Is it just a feeling ? We've had a couple of opinion reversals. As I said, I understand this may not be the right way. For cheap rentals/school instruments might be better than nothing as the work often needs be done by somebody unqualified and ... for free. On the other hand it would be nice if yourself or somebody else with superior expertise would explain in detail how to do it RIGHT. I looked all over MN ( have it ALL d/loaded ) and could find no such explanation. Bits and pieces, yes. Finer details, no.
  15. Seen you ever Morel fitting a bridge ?
  16. I understand there is risk to the varnish, though it could be easily mitigated. For cheap instruments ( schools / rentals ) it's a quick method with what appears to be excellent results. I am not "advocating" it - I am simply presenting it. Cutting the feet with a knife might be the superior and correct method provided one has the skill. With insufficient skill it is surely worse than sandpaper. And by the way, some TOP ( and lesser...) makers use rotary sanders for the sound post. Nobody's perfect....
  17. Excellent method for fitting bridges quickly and accurately : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgYezf7AkBE Some wonderful violins on that site, too.
  18. I would suggest you take a look at the (rather lengthy) pdf "Making a Double Bass" here : https://www.roger-hargrave.de/Seiten/english/Bibliothek/Bibliothek.htm That's a solid system . The visual result is very good and the tonal result is better than excellent.
  19. An illuminating insight into the thinking of experts such as Robin Aitchison, Andrew Ryan and Samuel Zygmuntowicz : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NjzERkmRV8&t=5338s couple of more interesting videos there such as : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08l1A8K_tMQ
  20. Some years ago a rather gifted American violinist played a concert there - quite good. A day or two later one of the local critics wrote " zzzzz gave a solid performance of the concerto. We wish to hear him again though we hope next time he'll bring a better violin." And now we know why he didn't bring the better violin...
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