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  1. Apparently, a pound of gold. I was told ages ago ( 86 or so ) that there was a very slight, irregular dependency of "weight" to density. I should've kept in touch with those things but music was much more interesting.
  2. Glad you liked it. He's talented. Here's your present :
  3. I see. I was expecting aprox 15% difference and what you found is much, much less. Just in case you have it pinned down somewhere : have you described ( on MN ) how exactly you carry these tests ? Just to clarify : I do not see ( imagine... ) a reason for the freqs to stay close but not THAT close.
  4. That's strange, to say the least.... There should be some change.
  5. Obviously, those have suffered the ravages of time and repairmen. They were all Glorious when fresh out of His Workshop. In all probability.
  6. I was joking. It seems my humor has become overly dry and ( I was told ) I need to use "emoji" .
  7. "Can experts be prejudiced by other experts?" No. If they are, they're no experts.
  8. "Real musicians" are all over the place in their tastes. I heard ( with my own two ears ) Karajan deploring stereo sound. And I do not remember a great conductor who did not deplore stereo sound. Most in private, some in public. Some were pretty rabid about it. Some liked to listen on full range speakers, some liked a single medium sized driver with nothing added. Some liked echo, some liked dead. Some liked distance and some liked in the middle of things. There is no rule, it seems... If you 'd allow me a question, what is your expertise ( not qualification ) in how the violin she should
  9. Lots of much weightier problems there. Really , not an example of anything.
  10. The brain hears but the hand is unsure how to react. Try play intentionally louder on A or E and the problem will go away. Some time later you'll struggle to properly voice d/stops on Bach when you need to play unbalanced. Such is life...
  11. Yes, but in itself the string rotates around a centre tangent to the string. I think anything else is an unwarranted over-simplification. Then, in order to conserve momentum the radius of rotation must increase.
  12. I'll have to think some more about this but for the moment I fail to understand why that would be the case. Even in a situation where the bridge foot is constrained to vertical motion.
  13. 1. I am really not at all sure that is the case***. I found a very noticeable effect on tone when swapping strings around. Also, replacing say a "Gold E" with a Thomastik one influences the other strings and it is perfectly noticeable. 2. For a while, yes. *** in theory the string vibs can not be perfectly horizontal. It would be interesting if one found there are situations when they are very close to horizontal.
  14. 1. That's being worked on for a long time, with minor success and Bruce is into that, too. 2. I'm sure this does happen but in this case researchers don't neglect anything. There isn't that much to neglect either i.e. not major chore to keep in mind what has been already found. 3. Sure we may. But then, why not ? They may not've had sophisticated scientific knowledge - they might've simply stepped over something accidentally. Maybe, the wood was treated with Cremonium. Bruce's methods MIGHT show that. If the use Cremonium is consistent only with Cremonese instruments then we have so
  15. You chickened out ! I.Q under 80 ??? Which one ? By the way, I remember you did pick up some flack a while ago for commenting on ( Jewish ! ) people's dead mothers ? Are you an IMBECILE ? Some sort of IDIOT ? Leave my mother out of this you bloody cretin.
  16. I see then : you don't know. Must've been the time you served in the Army, all those traumatic experiences etc . I understand. ( You did serve in the Army , did you not ??? )
  17. That wouldn't be AndersEn by any chance ? Now, go mind your business - I am not interested in any dialogue with you.
  18. No idea. Again : Where is the allegory and where is the metaphor ?