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  1. Might interest you to know that there was in the early 30s a ( German ?) maker who seemed to have done something like that and at least in the one occasion I am aware of, quite successfully. He made two copies of a famous Strad belonging to a (famous) violin player. The player was delighted with one of the copies and used it extensively. Might be something in it.
  2. You do have a rather unfortunate anatomy and a smaller instrument might help a bit though not much. Try see if the problem persist on a violin. Most of the time you'll be able to walk around the problem. (A good teacher will show you how.) But not all the time.
  3. With Grumiaux and Haskil the original mono recording or the re-issue on cassette ( 1980 ??) were faithful to the original tape which was ( unfortunately ) excessively "dry". I doubt they can still be found in good condition. Personally I started by being a big fan of this recording. I confess to have lost most of my enthusiasm over some 45 years and I know prefer something where the artists are more engaged and less sterile. I suggest Oistrakh/Oborin or Menuhin/Kempff.
  4. 1. I believe he played it quite a bit. The reason he thought it is excellent was ( in all probability ) simply due to the fact he really knew what he's talking about. Joachim had vast experience. 2. I'd agree if you'd care to qualify "such comments". 3. He did not say that. No reason to speculate.
  5. 1. No reason to suppose he was lying. 2. Quite true.
  6. What makes you think Joachim was mistaken ?
  7. I seem to remember Joseph Joachim who owned quite a few, thought the violin is excellent ?
  8. Too much lime makes the varnish water soluble.
  9. 1. I really don't think so. There are far more accurate methods. 2. I don't think "amazing precision" applies there. Or the standard is very low. 3. I get that but I submit it might depend on the maker/rsearcher.... 4. Sure. To each it's own. 5. Are you a professional player ? 6. Sure.
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