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  1. It's not that one . The one I need was in the context of some discussion about neck joints. I'll try find some time to extract it from one of my back ups as soon as I can.
  2. Pretty much it does at least as far as I checked. The reason clamped makes for a stronger joint is pretty obvious, though who knows, there might be exceptions. I attached the actual research paper to a long post I made a couple of years ago. When I'll have time I'll find it and re-post. I remember I explained there what "strong" means and that might be of interest to some.
  3. Everything else being kept the same a properly clamped joint ( there is a "formula" for that ) is aprox 46% "stronger" than a rubbed joint. This might be overkill for violin making or, if one considers not so obvious aspects of "strong", might be something worth looking into.
  4. Are you clever ? Do you think Hahn is Bernstein ????????????? Or that she's demonstrating parts of the c/to at the piano "independently" ???? Do you think Hahn and Bernstein live on the same plane of musical ability ???????????????? And by the way, Bernstein who was first and foremost a politician did do it ( in part ) to show off. He did a lot of things to show off.
  5. I see. Look : I noticed for a while that it's becoming practically impossible to have a professional discussion here on MN. Might explain why so many are not on the forum anymore and prefer to chat via email and away from the constant disruption from anonymous dilletantes full of attitudes and opinions backed by nothing at all. One way to help improving the present situation is to participate constructively in the discussions. Think about it.
  6. Thank you. You are kind. I wish to remind you that a while ago you severely admonished a chap who played Pag I c/to EIGHTEEN times in four weeks and who was Oistrakh's pupil. Send him some body lotion firstly.
  7. Yes. It's due to my advanced imbecility. I realize now only ultra-sophisticated people would pick up on "Hahn Solo". But not on the showing off...
  8. Why put it on YT ? To show off. What she "stated" is irrelevant. She tends to state rubbish like when she stated her Bach and Szeryng's Bach are somehow similar. You've no hair to the amount of "statings" I heard from "classical performers", all rubbish. If you're a classical performer, then perform. That's the only statement needed.
  9. What's the meaning of that ??? It's HER text, HER impression(s), HER take on things, HER interest(s), HER reasons etc. . It is not my GUESS. There must've been some intent when she put it on YT. What on Earth does this mean : "While each part can stand on its own as a nuanced piece of music, everything comes into focus when you hear the richness of the piece as a whole; their subtleties complement one another." ? And how many people can actually fuse the two together ? Myself and surely many others appreciate her integrity as a performer and all the colossal hard work behind it and wish her a long and distinguished career. We need more performers of such integrity, not less. But I think she should keep doing what she knows to do well and stay away from cheap publicity and philosophizing. In the end, what section of the public you want to speak to ?
  10. Thank you. I've no idea what a "Bellosio" is though. I am guessing it was pretty decent when w/out the post crack. A lot sounds "right" on it, I must say.
  11. No idea about the crack - can it be seen in the video ?? Anyway, it doesn't sound like a Strad or a DG but fundamentally the tone is "correct". It does sound like the post doesn't fit ( while the bridge does) . That makes your post crack assertion very believable. Thank you. I'll listen again.
  12. 1. She also plays better than Petrovna Nikolayeva and it don't mean a thing as by comparison her Bach is still just crap. 2. Yes. Last time I played violin ( 40 years ago ) I tried Mr. Bean faces. It works and believe it or not it engages the public just about as well. 3. I can't open the link but I remember seeing that some months ago. It was a common thing, nothing special. I think it sounds somehow better - it avoids the usual counter-phrasing. I heard nothing memorable in Midori's rendition but then of course, I am old and senile. By the way, almost 100 years ago when my teacher was studying in Paris, a lot of present day down bows were up bows. Almost always up bows sound better and the slight syncopation makes things immediately interesting for free. The down bow habit is just a visual thing. Something to watch ( and listen !) for in Midori's rendition is her irritating habit of shortening notes. Was told ( opinions might vary ) that it is a consequence of over practicing.
  13. No. I think it was a fair effort and that some more thought is needed. Couple of places were things didn't work out - she kept scratching the car getting in and out of the garage. Some slightly objectionable musical ideas and a couple of technical issues she should try fix while still possible. Overall, I liked her. I seriously disliked the violin though.
  14. 1. No. Only more than five decades of practice. 2. That's her text and means nothing. She wanted to show off ( not the first time - she's got M5 as well somewhere ) and she did. 3. In some way it is and that's why I listened to more or less all of it. She's well schooled, ( almost ) always well prepared and as a performer she shows admirable integrity and respect towards the public. I like those. Musically, she's basically not interesting and in any case she's a player of limited expression. 4. It is not "more" it simply "is". The c/to loses a lot of sense w/out an orchestra around. Pointless exercise. She's into a lot of dubious publicity later. 5. At what exactly ???