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  1. Shaky bow arm

    It may simply be "muscles" and not nerves and with diligent practice it'll go away. Lots of people who play violin have at one time or another problems with tremors, E in particular. "How to pull a smooth bow in the beginning of Mozart's A Major c/to ?" is a common enough question. There are specific exercises to cure this problem and I think with diligent work you'll see a sufficient improvement.I wouldn't just give up.
  2. What would you charge to repair this violin top?

    Indeed it does. I'd give them a usable Chinese one and keep it and repair it at leisure and well. It shows promise.
  3. There is another option to geometry

    No, not stupid at all. On the other hand, your comment... It's moderately important albeit not essential to reconnect to one's brain before placing one's "thoughts" on MN.
  4. There is another option to geometry

    Yes, sure, but that's not what Marty said. He said "If you make enough violins some of them might be pretty good (even a dumb squirrel can find a nut sometimes)". In other words, even makers who make "good ones" more often sometimes make one which is exceptionally better for no reason one can see. There is something very interesting here - if this does not happen it means the maker does something not conducive to "more betterness".
  5. If I wouldn't know it's "ART" I would think it's complete rubbish and you're lacking any tool skills. Luckily, I know it's "ART".
  6. UV LED

    They have low penetration - the varnish coat must be thin or the difference is not that impressive.
  7. UV LED

    Just switch on the lights after closing the drying cabinet and off before opening. They work wonderfully - worth the minor inconvenience in my opinion. It's what's used to dry printing varnish ( soy bean oil based ) for decades. I can dry a THIN coat of varnish in minutes and much quicker if I add the UV activator.
  8. UV LED

    One shouldn't stare into those lights. Then safety is not an issue,
  9. UV LED

    Not really - you seem to have gotten it right. All you might want to investigate now is a specialized varnish drying lamp. It's going to be way quicker than a couple of 15W tubes.
  10. Don Noon's bench

    It works nicely for her in that piece though of course, it might not have enough power. I wasn't impressed with the 2-3 Becker violins I heard but then it seems they were by more than one maker. That style of playing definitely seemed to suit her better - the effort of doing "big solo" is decidedly taxing and reflects in tone.
  11. Don Noon's bench

    Don, could you find out which violin she's playing here :
  12. Tax proposals

    Don'y you worry - they'll survive.
  13. Tax proposals

    Well one should've seen it coming : who'd gamble or screw with the Inland Revenue ?
  14. Tax proposals

    Sure. But I'm taking it slowly - first, Alabama. I see things are not going there as smooth as they should.
  15. Tax proposals

    Wouldn't mind but I'm worried about your ability to pay - I understand business' been a tad slow for a while by now.