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  1. That might be worth a new thread - it's pretty warranted subject and I am curious what's your take on things when it comes to auditions. I've been around many, many,....many auditions. I confess I never understood what are they really good for : if I know the chap, if I was drinking with him, if he's got a posh accent, what else is to audition ????? What next ? Fair and impartial Music competitions ???? We need to draw a line somewhere because if we carry on like this VSA is next.
  2. You might be right but this was a good call from Jeffrey. I don't see how you could discuss this subject and the ( inept ) article in question without offending somebody, somewhere. Best to keep these things ( and religion ! ) off MN. However, if you need to discuss this, we have PM's and emails.
  3. Could you describe this method here ?
  4. "Political" is when old fashioned common sense and fundamental decency stop applying. Just look around...
  5. I don't think it's possible to judge the "goodness" of the procedure by the final result of it. Too many variable, to many opinions, no metric. Lots of patients die after impeccably crafted ops.
  6. Sometimes when re-graduating one replaces a hard to play violin , though one with some tonal color, with a deflated, false and monochromatic albeit easy to play one.
  7. She had great stage skill. Quite a few clips on YT. This one is absolutely brilliant : I often listen to her just to remind myself how proper singing used to sound : If you wonder why some music star never made a big soprano career, here's why.
  8. No doubt. You could start polishing your Italian with this :
  9. You might like Erna Sack, Ingeborg Hallstein and the excellent albeit dry Mado Robin. I don't remember her well but I think Erna Sack could hit a C7 full steam. Can't find Sack but here's Hallstein :
  10. 1. Well, that's what the talk was about. He feels he gets out of it more than he puts in and in the end it's not us placing our careers on the line week after week, often in pretty tough conditions. 2. Strads ( and some DG's ) have an intrinsic sound i.e. would make one sound real "good" as long as one is not in the way. For most purposes that's "good" enough.
  11. I have no interest in your playing and I'd appreciate being kept out of this.
  12. " Listen to this brilliant musician tell you his amazing personal journey from how the sound of this violin was a mere scratch at first, then how the violin demanded to be played with delicacy on his D string, to finally how the Stradivarius can predict tomorrow’s weather just by listening attentively to its sound. In March 2015, Inmo won the 54th International Violin Competition “Premio Paganini” in Genoa, Italy, marking the first time since 2006 that the Paganini Competition jury awarded First Prize, confirming The Violin Channel’s praise of Inmo as “one of the new generation’s most talented young string virtuosi.” Inmo gave a performance of Paganini’s 24 caprices, recorded live and released under the Deutsche Grammophon label in November 2018. " This matter seems then to be pretty much settled.
  13. Indeed. It's just I was expecting way worse and wonder why it isn't.
  14. I suggest you copy the fingerings ( and everything else ) from here : The "I want to look after as much ideas as I can" might not work that well given that most ideas you could come across are just plain uninformed.