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  1. Caption this...

    All ART ??? C'mon.....
  2. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    You think the Federation members are SO bad ??? I was thinking some sort of group insurance. Given the scrutiny members are subject to this shouldn't be too expensive.
  3. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    Jerry, I'm not "condemning" anything. This is the stated purpose of the Federation : "The American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers was founded in 1980 to provide the musical community with a standard of work and expertise upon which they could depend. " All I am saying is that because there were situations where the "musical community" was taken advantage of, it would be nice if the Federation would actually go one step further and guarantee the standard of work, expertise and integrity of the members. In the end, you recommend 'em, you're responsible for 'em. And I knew ( vaguely ) but none the less personally, more than one member.
  4. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    Things must be in a sorry state if policing the integrity of the Federation needs me involved... Bottom line is that violin business has a long tradition of dubious honesty. I would've thought that the first thing the Federation would preoccupy itself with is the integrity of the members i.e. there is a mechanism to rectify those problems - the client is held safe from dishonesty. Some form of insurance might be in order.
  5. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    Bit long for my attention span. But is this one there ? """Violin and rare instruments dealer Keith Bearden, who swindled victims from St. Louis to Japan, pleaded guilty Thursday to all federal fraud charges against him and agreed to repay up to $1.5 million. ... He was elected secretary of the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers, an elite trade group."""
  6. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    I've no idea though I was told first hand that he was a member. But maybe just a small member...
  7. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    Of course you may. Here's ONE example : """Emmanuel Gradoux-Matt is an internationally known and respected luthier, CEO and founder of Gradoux-Matt Rare Violins, LLC. He serves on the board of the Long Island Conservatory of Music and the Heifetz International Music Institute and holds offices in the American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers and the Violin Society of America.[1] """ """New York violin dealer Emmanuel Gradoux-Matt has agreed to pay $325,000 to a violinist who sued him for allegedly losing her instrument while it was on consignment. """ ...... """"In 2011, said the suit, Yang wanted to retrieve her violin from Gradoux-Matt, who had by then split from Morel and formed his own firm, Gradoux-Matt Rare Violins. The suit alleged that Yang's requests to see the instrument were 'repeatedly ignored, dismissed or avoided', and that in January 2013, with the violin now valued at around $400,000, Gradoux-Matt informed Yang that 'he had let an individual in New York borrow [her] violin for a trial, and the individual never returned'."""
  8. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    Austrians are Germans.
  9. Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    You forgotten that famous integrity the Federation is famous for.... Bottom line is what good does it if he fixes it well but I can't get it back ?
  10. How to make decent edges

    Best would then be to ask some of the luminaries giving advice here. Pretty straight forward thing and definitely slightly easier than the seminal bullnose idea.
  11. How to make decent edges

    Double the edges.
  12. This post has been deleted

    Heart warming to see you're missing me but nope, you wouldn't see me in the middle of this - having an issue ( or issues ) with how Jacob Saunders runs HIS business is downright moronic and shows crass lack of respect. This thread is a good illustration why quite a few people, myself included, decided to stay away from MN. You, have a lovely day !
  13. Good verses Bad Arching....

    Fascinating questions... Maybe, the fact he plays it like a cello has something to do with the tonal contrasts not being what you're accustomed to hearing. And maybe this is not the absolute best example for " How the Violin She should Sound"....
  14. Fingerboard Geometry Poll

    How old the end user is, matters. Young people tend to have thin fingers. Thick fingers are problematic - touching adjacent strings, not enough space in chords, not pushing the string down all the way etc. But then, thick fingers are a large component of "good tone". Just can't win it.
  15. To Seal Or Not To Seal?

    It doesn't penetrate uniformly.