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  1. Pinch each string hard with a DRY cloth and rub them clean of rosin deposits. You may need ear plugs. Rosin deposits UNDER the string may cause what you noticed.
  2. 1. Yes, My Lord ! Would that be all ? 2. Nothing wrong with that. It's how science works. And it's been proven to be true. You are NOT a violin engineer. 3. Precise wording is important. For engineers... It's a BIG difference between relaxed and "totally relaxed". 4. You did not "wrote here" and it does not matter. I suggest you do not threaten people here with your research or musical abilities- you'll have the surprise of your life. 5. "that basis" is for the moment confined to your mind. I have no evidence of it and it really does not matter. I value common sense over paperwork. Most here think about the same. And you are on the wrong thread. Here, we're talking violin bowing... Violin bowing vely different from cello bowing.... 6. ??? I quoted and commented to the actual quotes. Don't you think I read it first ????? Avoid this sort of "lecturing" here : < As an engineer (and cellist) I assure you that Andreas Preuss is 100% correct: "Bowing technique is the key to sound production".> Makes you sound like you're neither....
  3. Yes, I did now that you told me ! I avoid looking at contemporary orchestras as it destroys my ability to focus on what's being played. Am glad you liked it - Barenboim is Great Conductor. I always felt he's somehow underrated.
  4. 1. ( but surely not a violin engineer... ) 2. If fingers are totally relaxed you can't produce any sound. I understand your desire to contribute and "share" but but when it comes to the more fundamental violin techniques it's advisable to stick to what you REALLY know. Many people learn by themselves and often, from what they gather on the Internet. We should not confuse them more than what's strictly needed as amateurs, adult ones in particular, have a tendency to rely too much on theory.
  5. I'm trying to figure out what's "at the core" for some 45 years by now and that wouldn't be my conclusion. Of course, I could be wrong.
  6. I agree, in general. But, we should keep at the back of our minds the idea that music can elicit emotions not to be found anywhere else.
  7. Who's "we" ? Lots and lots and lots of very fine musicians are attracted to tragic.
  8. I'd say you're right. Teachers, if they want to be any good, must look at the big picture, the big average. Only so many hours in a day and only so much attention available. Bloody difficult job, being a good violin teacher.
  9. 1. Nope. Always good to look at a relevant example. Here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uA0ugX-v5NU Besides the rather obvious fact that depending a bit on how one holds the violin the weight of the arm vanishes on the E string. 2. Not a chance. Difficult to play violins have many more and more serious "issues" besides "resistance". 3. Some do, some don't. 4. There are many wonderfully gifted amateur players who can and do control the voice of their instruments and play with fine musicality and LOTS of professionals who play as dull as a plank.
  10. I keep garlic in the room and never a problem with vampires. Try, it works.
  11. That is all very true. I think I can hear valve lifters and keepers rattling or a dubious bearing, a piston slap etc. The usual. But from the other end of the car, ear next to the exhaust, I can't tell much. Maybe I can tell if it's an odd or even crank but that's about it.
  12. I'd say one needs a bit more information to figure those things out reliably. American cars have come a long way....
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