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  1. Joseph Wechsberg wrote "The Glory of the Violin" The Viking Press 1972, 1973. http://josephwechsberg.com/html/joseph-wechsberg-books-English.html www.kreitpatrick.com
  2. It seems to me that the color is darker than the previous samples. www.kreitpatrick.com
  3. Peut être ! En tout cas, je ne suis pas obligé de faire de l'antiquité pour vendre mes violons.
  4. Jeffrey, Thank you for your prompt defense of the freedom of speech and of the underdog. www.kreitpatrick.com
  5. And I'd like to know how many people have "pirated" (photocopied) the booK! www.kreitpatrick.com
  6. In total violation of my copyright. Bravo! www.kreitpatrick.com
  7. I am always impressed by the literary talent of ball boys. www.kreitpatrick.com
  8. I am always impressed by the literary talent of ball boys. www.kreitpatrick.com
  9. This thread about my book and about my person –launched by an anonymous person, hiding behind a pseudonym like many Maestronetters– started on April 19, 2011, i.e. over 6 years ago. Don’t you ever tire of denigrating me? Fortunately, I’m still going strong, despite double-bypass surgery last August 1st. I wish all of you equally good health in your golden age; you will doubtless appreciate a rib cage held together by staples. Seul contre tous (et non tous pour un), chers collègues et amateurs, je vous salue bien bas. (Visualize three flourishes with a musketeer’s three-cornered hat, and a deep bow.) www.kreitpatrick.com
  10. Yes indeed, I visited del Gesùs in his prison cell: he dictated my book to me. This is why I have succeeded in making better violns than yours. Did you pay Reuning for the copy of my book in your possession? www.kreitpatrick.com
  11. If you had been acquainted with Geneviève Thibault, comtesse de Chambure, as I was, you would know how many Strads passed through my hands. www.kreitpatrick.com
  12. Merci, ça m'a bien fait rire et ça remonte le moral.
  13. Pas pour l'instant. 6 infarctus en 2 ans, 45 jours d’hôpital et sortie avec un double pontage, il y a 8 mois, maintenant, je regarde, je me soigne et je rigole ! www.kreitpatrick.com
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