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  1. Looking forward to some replies on this topic. I had black hair on one of my bows years ago. From what I remember, it sounded really good. I think more volume, but after a while it became tiring. More effort to bow.
  2. If anyone is interested, I just put a Jargar Forte E on my violin and that ended up rounding out the thin toned A string . Mellowed the edginess. The A now sounds strong, round and the unpleasant notes mellowed.
  3. Yes, time and attention. I find that the set up needs tweaking if I try different strings. Some sets the G and A strings are strong and the D feels flabby etc. I recently tried Larsen Virtuoso and the G and D felt low tension. The A and E higher. Prims, the D is really tight compared to the G and A. On my 3 violins, I can't just change to a different type string without having to move the sound post , tweak the bridge and/or nut.
  4. I've tried parchment under the A string, which didn't help, but don't have any plastic sleeves for an A string. What strings other than gut, have a stretchy feel for the left hand. Today I put an old used up set of Evah greens on. Then tried an Obligato A. Both seemed similar. But the Obligato A is newer and the Evah green A is old. The D note on the A string is still edgy with either string. But now my left hand finger tips are hurting. So these strings must not have the stretch you are taking about.
  5. I tried an Obligato set when I first got this violin 2 months ago. It sounded dark and bright at the same time. ..lacking color. The dead Evah greens it had on when I got it sounded better but the A string is unraveling. I don't have any heavy gage A strings. I did order a Jargar heavy E string. I haven't tried it yet but maybe that would help the A? The A string is edgy by my ear. It's thin sounding from a distance too with this bridge. The wide and thicker bridge filled it out some and nicer from a distance, but then the other strings suffered some. Like I'm muting it just for the A string, but I don't want the whole instrument that muted. So I went back to the medium width bridge, lowered the height, left the top edge thicker. Got it easy to play, but it's edgy. A and E strings. To me, Obligatos have a definite bright edge. I can look in my string stash for an old dead A string and try that, and try the Jargar forte E. The old original bridge had bone inlayed under the A string. I guess I could order one of those cheap bridges that have the ebony under the A and E strings
  6. I've tried Pirastro Perpetual Cadenzas, Larsen Virtuoso, and Flexocore Permanents. I have it pretty comfortable to play now, but the raspy edgy A string just won't go away. I don't quit easily, but it's probably time to give up on it. I just don't understand it. It has a very soft oil varnish. The violin is fairly light weight. It resonates a lot. After 3 bridges and 3 sound posts.... I can't solve it.
  7. I need a set up as you described. I'm a fiddler. Used to play for lots of dances, gigs, events etc. Homebound now. Very disabled. Glad you found things that have helped you. I've decided to give up on this particular violin. It's just not right for me. 4 different type bridges, 3 posts, FB and nut adjustments, and I just don't like it. It's time to stop.
  8. Thanks I've never tried those. I'll keep them in mind if the sets I have still cause pain, even with the lower action set up.
  9. Thank you all for all the info and things to check. The thinness of the fingerboard isn't causing the neck to bow or those types of things. It's not as thin as I thought. Just looks that way from the side because it curves down. The FB had a little lip right by the nut. So I took that off with a chisel, and then I was able the take down the string heights more and re-dress the nut. Then I took down the string heights at end of FB about .5 to .75mm. ...lowering the bridge, then thinning it a bit etc. So, I did what I could at both ends. It feels more similar to my other violin now. The tone seems better after these changes too. My finger tips still hurt but the nerves are very aggravated. I need to stop playing for 5 days, and let the nerves settle. Then I'll see how it goes. Hopefully it will be good. I've got Pirastro Perpetual Cadenzas on it. They are supposed to have lower tension. If these end up bothering my fingers I could try light a gage set. Maybe Evah greens light gage? Or the Larsen Virtuoso that I already have. Thanks again, everyone here that has been so helpful.
  10. It's already borderline thin. The high area toward the nut could be taken off, but not the high area at the other end. That would definitely make the end too thin. It's about 3mm now. But I'm not going to be playing on the last one inch of the board. I guess I need to unstring it and take photos. Or draw it out on paper a take photo, so you can see. I already had to use a thicker bridge to compensate for the thin FB. If I take more off on the area by the nut and take the nut down, I'm risking destroying the tone even more. The luthier just made the new nut. It's probably going to be hard to remove. If I could get the nut off, I can work on that part a little. If it ruins the tone, I'm not physically able to replace the FB. I do have a stash of fingerboards that I bought 20 yrs ago.
  11. I'm in the US. Could anyone here help me by taking on this project?
  12. Sent you a message. I can not travel due to pain. I have to mail it somewhere, but don't know who to send it to that will actually do what I'm asking.
  13. Yes, that what I recall from the book. I have the Weisshaar book and a couple other spec sheets. This violin is way higher. I have full body small fiber neuropathy, and it painful to play. And this is why I really can't work on instruments myself anymore. I haven't recovered from the bridge I fit last week. The nerves are set off and I have a lot more pain than before. The luthier was going to make it easier to play. Well it's worse. I don't dare go back to him. Now I need to find someone who can properly replace the fingerboard and make it have minimal scoop. I can try to get exact scoop measurements from my other 2 violins that are comfortable. Where should I send my violin????? There's no where to take it here.
  14. Would you replace the fingerboard on my violin a set the scoop as you described?
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