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  1. Read my reply about pernambuco fittings on 5/2. I make whatever the customer thinks is correct for the varnish color and tonal qualities they hope to achieve, as all my work is customized. I know that tailpieces effect the sound, the problem is predicting what will work the best. Most of my clients are old hands at violin making, but they certainly don't all agree on the weight,length and material of the optimum tailpiece. I think that most commercial tailpieces are too long. This is a complex discussion and my typing skills aren't up to the time it would take to do the subject justice. At least one of my very talented customers is using short, but very heavy tailpieces to get rid of wolfs (or is it wolves). I have quite a few who tune their tailpieces by removing or adding weight. Some are not using nylon adjusters and going back to gut. I am working on developing an adjustable one that is not nylon as it makes sense to me that this effects sound transmission. All of this needs more discussion and some empirical measurement. If I ever can get my Visa debt payed up I plan on spending some serious R+R time on these subjects. I hope these older subject lists get looked at, I'm new to this type of forum and don't know how things work. Eric Meyer
  2. Cedar you live in the bowmaking Mecca. Port Townsand is home to Paul Seifried, Charles Espy, Chris English, and Ole (I don't remember his last name or how to spell his first,but he won a gold medal at the last VSA convention). Morgan Anderson is on San Juan Island and Bob Shallock is at David Stone's in Seattle. I don't know how many will do rehairs but they certainly hair some fine bows of their own
  3. Thanks for the plug Bruce. I've been making pernambuco tailpieces, and some pegs for several years. I depend on feedback from my customers as to the results from the changes of types of fittings. I don't have a public shop and don't do the installations. Most of my work is for makers and the idea was originaly suggested by Tom Croen in the Bay Area. The general agreement is that the pegs work fine, and the tailpieces brighten up and amplify the sound, especially of a dark instrument. Some players have been ectatic with the change. I don't think it is preferable for every instrument, as each one is different in tonal quality, but I have heard the difference that it makes all other factors being equal. I know that many makers discount the effect that a different tailpiece can make, and that it is hard to isolate one factor when making a change. But I think if you make the same change enough times you can make a generalization. I don't make chinrests out of pernambuco as it does react with some skin types, but I think it can be matched suficiently with some rosewoods. If it improves the sound, even a little it is worth it after all. Also, my bowmaker friends love to give me the excess wood that they don't use for various reasons and the end cuts, so it is not a waste of wood. I have a photo on my computer but I am a cyber novice and don't know how to post it. Rico