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  1. Nothin like the real thing, too bad the Band is such a bunch of amatures. Ironically Devito wrote the Queen of Hearts.
  2. Those Brits
  3. Part of an old Halloween costume. Hell's Anglers. Wood.
  4. Here's a pic for perspective. I always figured it was good for 3 one piece backs, 2 viola sized. and maybe a joined violin.
  5. Or buy a thick walled tube and drill it to specs.
  6. I'm looking at the blond area of that fourth peg in the fourth photo. Forgive me for having no damned idea what note that string openly sings
  7. Can you guys hold off, while I make some popcorn?
  8. Funny that the tailpiece is canted in the opposite direction than is normally seen, and is the "new hot item" in harp shaped tailpieces. Is it a reproduction? Also here is a violin peg that was in the hsreinzer collection in Vienna, now in Nuremberg.
  9. Ah, regiolal nomenclature. On this side of the fray bollocks just means testicles. Although in High School we did refer to those regions as "your joint" as in "don't strain your joint over it".
  10. found it!
  11. Finally in cutting up a piece of mountain mahogany I pulled out a dead bug. This is the hardest (almost) wood in the USA. Always wanted to get a look at one. All I ever see is the tracks full of dust. Pretty big sucker too -almost 1 cm. I'll put him in a little jar - might even make a little cape.
  12. Eero Haahti not only won gold for his violin and a bow in Cleveland but he made his own pegs and tailpiece, and they were very nicely done. Now that is incredible.
  13. Since you were about 12 years old when it first aired, you would have had to have a rather advanced sense of humor to get the satire.
  14. No, other than the fact that we have become rather standardized in our approach to what is acceptable. Pegs were much more regional before industrialization and more ease of communication and travel. Oh, and catalogues.
  15. I watched Emile Laurenz turn french pegs back in 198something at his small shop. I was with Bob Lundberg when he taught a lute making class in Erlangen (sp?). I had no idea at the time that i would wind up making pegs too. He was amazing to watch. I don't do it free hand like he did. The names of pegs are often confusing as are the names of types of wood, and often regional. Some people call all heart style pegs Hill. Some make the heart style tapered, some rounded.
  16. I won't comment on the price of pegs, since mine are bloody expensive, but with all the polo ponies and $100 lunches who has time to actually make the pegs. There are heart shaped pegs that appear in some form before the Hills made them famous but William Retford, the bow maker, designed the peg we know as heart or Hill in a garden shed behind his house. This I learned from Bill Watson, Who made pegs for hills as he was apprenticing as a future bow great under Retford. To me the Swiss style is more like the one on the right (sorry Duane) but it's all just nomenclature. Swiss style in my mind has a rather bulbous head and smaller area of concavity than the french (which I call Mirecourt). More so than the one on the right. They are both charactrized by 2 part collars and varying degrees of round. What I call swiss are larger at the top. The winterling peg for me is very beautiful, and also difficult to pull off as a non factory made item. anything with an undercut, even a subtle on like that has to be done by hand, and you don't see what it looks like while you are turning it. Really nice peg. Do you know when they were made? The English heart or Hill pegs are pretty flat sided and don't have much taper from top to bottom as do the copies made in Germany. There is a peg that some call english that looks like a hay stack and an older style that had points at the bottom and one sees onolder Brit fiddles like Hardie. I won't say anything about the price of quality pegs or tailpieces other than the fact that you can buy a violin that looks and plays like a violin with spruce and maple and a case for $300. I guess I just Did say something.:)
  17. I think I know who to ask. He bought a lot of amourette for bow wood but they cut it wrongly, so he sold me some for peg wood. If he's looked over hat much amourette/snake he probably has a good idea whatsa-whatsa. In my pieces there is a small whitish sap wood then a mixture of brown and blond then the dark serpent part. I'm curious too.
  18. It's not on CITIES yet at least. Can you still buy pernambuco from another country? Would a notarized photo of the wood before the CITIES listing do any good?
  19. So what do you think about the non figured part of the tree? Is it a location or is the "snake" random? BTW it's terrible to turn but smells great - like vanilla. The wood mavins say it's a small diameter tree.