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  1. It's very nicely carved. Strange spacing on the pegs?
  2. It's very nicely carved. Strange spacing on the pegs?
  3. Yes, but what does the "4of7" scribed on the pearl connote?
  4. Having driven though Austria, and having lived to tell about it, that may be more delusional than thinking one is Napoleon.
  5. Funny, I'm way to the Left, but I've always had a gun or two around. I belonged to the NRA when they were just a safe place to shoot your 22 and had nothing to do with cold dead hands. I guess since I smoked pot until all those years of sawdust made my lungs tender, I didn't really care what people made illegal, unless I agreed with them or had a reason to feel quilty. I always felt guilty about something or other anyway. I never felt like a single Conquistador on horseback-- but I did think I was Napoleon.
  6. I thought he lived on a boat.
  7. I only know a thing or about pegs and those are interesting. I made a set like that ten or so years ago and they are not your typical style, not easy to make. The pips look new and the colars look very fresh. If the photo was head on I might do better. Oh, and my memory used to work but I forget when. Not my tailpiece, definately. Looks almost like oak. I like the shape though.
  8. Good story for me. After all, good and bad are two sides of the same coin grasshopper.
  9. Is that Good or Bad? It doesn't regester on my wampeter. I was aty a party once in 1967 where Kurt and Gary Snyder sat on the floor and did boko maru.
  10. I think Boyardee is where i first learned about heartburn.
  11. It kind of depends, is it an American crack? Sorry, what's the instrument? Sound hole you can get into?
  12. If you've still got some it's worth the effort. Mine's straight as broom, but it's still there.
  13. Thought you might like this one David.
  14. Hard to say yes but, Im not going to use or restore all of them. What strikes your fancy? the 4th one has no blade, or at least I haven't found it yet. One of the joiner planes is a Baily#7 . I may keep the brace bit, it comes in handy once and a while.
  15. And I'm running out of melted butter and salt.
  16. Another project never fulfilled. Diga me,
  17. Got to know Norm Pickering of the Pickering cartridge through many VSA conventions, What a Joy and a Gent!
  18. It was a joke. Detroit for me was never a high bar to jump over in terms of friendliness.