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  1. Persimmon is in the ebony family but it is nowhere near as dense. I've made pegs out of both persimmon and osage orange. Compared to other peg woods they were relatively soft. When I find a suitable piece of mountain mahogany in my peg or tailpiece stash, I save it for someones fingerboard. It isn't black but neiither were most original boards. It is, however hard enough. I had one pieces clear and long enough for a cello board. John Osnes in Alaska made his Partner a cello using it. Wood suitable for finger boards will certainly be more and more difficult to find in our shrinking forests and therefore more expensive.  

  2. 9 hours ago, jacobsaunders said:



    I Get adverts for SHAR all the time, not just on Maestronet, the same if I want to read the Daily Telegraph or something else. „Pinky“ positioner, (whatever a "pinky" is) and other plastic crap. I always think to myself „blimey, Burgess worked there, I wonder what he did" 


    You can't seriously be giving Burgess shit for where he once worked?


  3. Maybe if the bow blank came from the ballast of logs picked up in Brazil for a pirate ship which was captured from Johnny Depp and towed to France, where Tourte was searching the Quays for wood and saw the blood stain on the log from Depp and..... Well you get the picture.

    BTW Bob Shallock never worked per se in Pt Townsend, but he apprenticed here in Portland with Martin Devillier and was a close associate with Charles, Stephane and all the earlier members of the group. He facilitated Noel's apprenticeship with Charles. We were all Buddies in the Day. Still are.

    There is still wood around. It helps certainly to be connected. I'm in the process of getting a USFW permit to prove that I owned the wood pre-CITIES declaration, using notarized photos and bills of sale. It will hopefully allow me to sell the wood  internationally that reallistically I won't be using. Buyers would much rather have a cut stick than a board so they can feel the stiffness and see the runout. Cutting wood for any instrument out of a board is a blood pressure raiser. You want maximum yeild and little waste but if you cut it too close you can ruin two pieces or more forever.

  4. I'll bet he two stcicks were of similar ages. Wood from the same tree varies in place, cut and quality. Workmanship also varies in terms of year, depression, financial pressure, divorce, desease, and the dreaded "human condition". Good cars get flat tires, and despite the chronicelers of individual makers, no two bows by the same maker are alike or equal even if the wood comes from the same tree.

  5. You mean Timpken (sp.) bearings? Boyd never mentioned oil leaks and I used this lathe at his shop for several weeks and never noticed thm either. I drove 500 miles to pick up this machie and carry it up a huge hill because it was so beautifully made and pristine.  I've got two Atlas lathes with Timken bearings that i use every day and never had this problem. It's nice to see that the Chinese have come so far in their engineering. I must have missed the ascendancy. :)  



  6. Question: When you make a CNC violin,  Is the left half identical to the right half,  or do you program them to be slightly different?  If you do, then aren't you trying to aspire to something hand done and necessarily imperfect. And if so, then isn't the imperfection the perfection that you are aspiring to? 

    Just asking