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  1. I went to my ortho doctor and saw a jar of Sanity Cloths on the shelf for cleaning wounds. I told him he was a Big Boy and should know there ain't no Sanity Cloth.
  2. Never tried turning it, so I don't know. I actually have more pernambuco cut offs from bow maker friends than I know what to do with. There is a lot of waste involved in cutting up bow blanks to get that right grain orientation.
  3. https://www.teknistore.com/en/guitar-parts/1505653-naomi-green-sandal-wood-ipe-blank-rough-violin-bow-repaired-bow-head-for-4-4-violin.html
  4. Something like this. Started with a small Dremel bit on both surfaces and cut and checked slowly to not get out of line. Ask a hairdesser where to get a metal nail file till you find the right thicknessed wood file. Finish with a guitar G string nut file. I'll look tomorrow to see if I have a package of saw blades or take a photo. https://www.stewmac.com/luthier-tools-and-supplies/types-of-tools/saws/bridge-pin-hole-slotting-saws--files
  5. Did everybody get the sticks they wanted?
  6. i put on Women's clothing and hang around in bars.
  7. I used to have a copy of Bultitude's book about the Hill Bow. There was a period where they made a bunch of sticks "off the quarter" which came back broken and had to be repaired. It would be interesting to see if this was one of them. Can the OP look at the head and see which way the grain lines are oriented?
  8. Call me at 541 614 4307, I have some wood that is permitted as pre-CITIES
  9. There is a plantation on the East side of Kuai that is, and has been, growing caesalpinia echinata for quite some time. I think it is called Na 'Aina Kai Botanical Garden.
  10. People who saw the handwriting on the wall were urged to take photos of their wood, notarize the photo with a date and keep records and bills of sale, before the CITIES banns came into effect. The US Fish and Wildlife Dept. has a program to certificate old stashes of wood. The process takes a bit of money and is a pain in the ass but can make this legal wood available and not waisted. I did this myself. This leaves a trail of origin and ownership that follows the wood from harvest to instrument. I have about 150 sticks and several boards of Brazilian from my career which I will never get to use in this life, and I won't see them go to waste.
  11. Most dense Tropical exotic wood species are endangered somewhat including cocobolo. Why stop short, blaming mining and food production? There are just too many people with too many demands on the system. About a quarter of the World is still debating the moral question of birth control.
  12. I wrote this article quite a few years ago. At that time only Eric Fouille and I, independently of each other, were making fittings of pernambuco. first Pernambuco for tailpieces.doc
  13. I did a bit of ivory gluing once, but it was back in 1983 so I can't remember much but it was probably hide. I did use some sturgeon bladder glue back then though.
  14. I am familiar with the Robecheck ebony that Paul obtained. He took me to the place where he was storing it. It came from Vietnam and Thailand and evidentially was very dangerous to obtain due to local armed militias. He was thrilled with it. It was black as coal and hard as a rock. He split it by hand instead of sawing it to keep the grain straight since the grain was so hard to see. As a matter of fact Paul sold me a couple of boards of the ebony that he was using before he got the new wood. I carried them back to Portland on the train. It's extremely fine ebony and frog quality. At least for him the midnight blackness and pore less finish was highly desirable. I know that bowmakers such as Paul will use the wood like the second example if they can get it.
  15. I should have phrased this more carefully. This was posted by David's Daughter but the loss is certainly for everybody.
  16. My dad, David T. Stone passed away yesterday night, December 27th, 2021 surrounded by people that loved him. He received a terminal cancer diagnosis in November and spent this past week in the hospital, where he passed peacefully.
  17. I would use titebond put in the hole with a guitar E string or a sewing needle. Don't put too much or it will squeeze out and leave residue at the top of the hole. You can clean this off before the Titebond sets. I don't see a crack more like a silica filled pore. I doubt that Ben would use cheap pegs. Who did the bushings?
  18. If you want to practice on real pernambuco, many have stick wood that for some reason or other is not going to make it into sticks in their lifetime that will cut you a blank.
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