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  1. Not necessarily, just not a big tree. Outside may not be quartered but close. Maybe I'll ask him for an end shot. He makes gambas and was going for mutltiple sectioned backs. He thought of me for peg and tailpiece material. It would be great for that but I'm stocked up. pretty straight for blackwood IYAM



  2. I made pegs for a customer with a Guad, who also owned a distillery. As a thank you he sent me a case of eau-de-vis. When I met up with him many years later he wondered why I never thanked him. It never got to me. Either the Post or somebody working there confiscated it. You can send wine in Oregon if someone 21 years old recieves it but not hard alcohol. Unless that has changed recently.  

  3. I have a friend who is moving to Europe (when they let us back in) and is selling some boards of nice umpingo. I don't see why it wouldn't make nice fingerboards. I would use it for pegs and tailpieces but I already have enough to last. The pieces are 4.5"X30"X by 1.12" give or take. He wants about $100 per board depending on size.

  4. Several years back there was a photo of the fittings of the restored Cannone here. I think they were made by someone in Naples. I remember them as being blonde and being sort of baroque looking. It would be Bruce C. that would know the answer to this as David said. My memory is very "Strad-like" since he is not only older than dirt, but actually under the dirt.

  5. Replacing busted up collars is 4 times a pain in the ass. Very few pegs are monitarily worth the effort. If all of the collars are in similar condition to the one pictured, I would do the fill routine. I have wooden collets that I have made that have the outer tape rin a match to my lathe head and an  inner one reamed out to a peg taper to center the peg. If you have a three jaw chuck you can center the peg shaft at the  collar and gum up a needle file to level the fill.

  6. 49 minutes ago, DoorMouse said:

    The only boxwood I've come across in the states at least is Castelo Boxwood and while it looks very similar to the real thing it's noticeably softer and lighter.  I have a hunch this is what most cheap 'boxwood' fittings are made from.  

    BTW if anyone knows a good source for English boxwood in the US let me know.

    Miles Gilmer Woods in Portland probably has some. He has a web page.

    I went boxwood hunting with Eric Fouille in the woods near his house in Southern France. There are still trees out there but they are not huge. Boxwood was used for tooling and many industrial purposes in England and as a result the very large trees are rare. There is an account of a famous travel writer in the early !9th Century noting Large boxwood logs on vessels originating in Salonica. The piece of box from Hill's shop that Bill Watson gave me has Salonica written on it in ink. Unfortunately in modern mass produced fittings boxwood is more of a color of wood than a species citation.

  7. Trouble is, they are going to have to decide a long way in advance. Many visitors from many different parts of the World with different quarentine requirements. There is also the possibility of virus "aftershocks" to consider.