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  1. “Find the Pope in the Pizza” on Vimeo.html
  2. I think when you get asked to play with the Stones, you play however they ask you to play. I got to hang out with Byron quite a bit at the VSA Convention in Kentucky. i even got to Sing "Ghost Riders" with him in the lobby. He came to my room to look at pegs and told me the story of how he got invited to the "inner sanctum" back stage at a Stones concert and the strange upscale world that followed the Band when they travelled. Not only did the Stones want that sawing, semi Cajun, style bowing but they moved the recording session outside on the pavement, That's why you hear the car horns which were left in purposefully. Byron was recommended to the Stones by Graham Parsons. It's funny that the Original Honky Tonk Women is set in Memphis and the "Country Honk" takes place in Jackson. There's a Jackson in both Mississippi, and Louisiana. The former starts with a Memphis blues style electric guitar and The later a sawing style bar room fiddle. It is a lot more effective the way it sits. I like it, and so did the public, and more importantly, the Stones who hired him. I liked Byron, and always enjoyed his company. RIP.
  3. Unless the eye is inlayed from a silver tube with the ebony dowel already inserted. I can't tell from the photo if this is the case-but it might be..
  4. I just found out about Bill's passing a few hours ago. I'd been thinking about him a lot over the last few months. He moved to Oregon some years back and I was able to spend some time with him outside of violin meetings. Bill was certainly one of a kind. He was probably the most influential force in helping me to develop my eye on the inception of my business. When he answered the telephone with: "hello this is William Monical". It was hard not to stop the conversation to wonder where in the World that crazy accent might have originated. It was like the first time you ever heard Katherine Hepburn say her lines in a movie. He was a wonderful, helpful and generous man. Bill would sit at a dinner party very quietly while urbane and historically informed guests were expounding on a given subject and finally let forth with " well you know, actually the real story is......" It was hysterical to watch the jaws drop in the mashed potatoes. I'm going to miss him very much.
  5. http://www.cittern.theaterofmusic.com/old/virchi_1271.html All round amazing, the satyr couple on the back forms the "hook". The male has a hook of his own.
  6. http://hobbithouseinc.com/personal/woodpics/acacia.htm
  7. Wow, five pages about alcohol, no wonder the bars opened too early.
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