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  1. If you want to practice on real pernambuco, many have stick wood that for some reason or other is not going to make it into sticks in their lifetime that will cut you a blank.
  2. Thanks for linking Phil's article. It was well written and I enjoyed it. Of course I don't know " un cliché obtuse" from "enculer les mouches". Was that sarcasm?
  3. We did discuss this before, but my memory apparatus has been through some dire events this last year. Do you have access to a list of the items in the auction? I can't find any reference online. Joseph, the 4th peg from the bottom left page is labelled J. Leidolff 1758. the outer shape is similar but I haven't seen any very early pegs with that style concave yet bulbous top. I agree it's early and could be original, but I don't have any identifiable cello peg photos with concave shapes to compare. I'll look for a photo of the Leidolff labeled peg. I'd magnify it for you but my PC is acting up.
  4. I'm very curious as to where and when this peg photo was taken. When I visited the Germanisches Museum to look at the collection, it was not displayed like this. I have photos from the Galpin Soc. Journal that show the Schreinzer pegs while they were in Vienna. When I saw them in the 80's some of the collection had been auctioned off and they were in boxes in the Museum "stacks" not on display. There were also some pegs with labels noting the instruments they came from. There was a fidula (sp?) peg from the 16th Century the Galpin photo missing from this photo and mine.
  5. Same Kaman Corp. that makes Ovation guitars?
  6. That is an exercise in lightening up a tailpiece. Plum is a relatively light wood and it's scooped out. Could you hear a difference?
  7. Hill tailpieces in 110mm boxwood weighed about 13 gr. I've made tailpieces from 10g to 18g, on order. The weight will vary with the length, the thickness and the density of the wood. One can make a relatively light tail by hollowing out the underside.
  8. Probably "camel bone". I don't see a gem.
  9. Yep, also cheap bow. And I very rarely argue with fiddlecollector.
  10. the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) The Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) is administered through the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). A Secretariat, located in Geneva, Switzerland, oversees the implementation of the treaty and assists with communications between countries. The EPA was created during Nixon's reign. The Oregon list of no-no species was passed as a ballot measure and not partisan. Walrus is not mentioned but is included in most other States. Mastodon is also not mentioned but is in New York and Some other States to keep the use of elephant ivory from being slid through the cracks. Just Sayin.
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