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  1. Baroque solid ebony fingerboard?

    Yes, the fittings in there now. Here's one with pencil on the back from tne Germanishes.
  2. Baroque solid ebony fingerboard?

    Hey Ben, Albert Cooper says in a monogram on Napoleonic Fittings that the tailpiece and pegs for the Lady were made at/for the Hills. They do seem darker and less crisp than the Vuilaume carvings. He seemed very sure of the provenance. BTW do you have any more pics of the tailpiece?
  3. Got rosewood pegs? You may want to stay home.

    Looks like soft wood, I'd say never been used but there is a worn neck under the collar. Would have to be something that loads from the top. Wouldnt you say? Metal strigs? Holes look torn like string abrasion.
  4. Got rosewood pegs? You may want to stay home.

    There are boxwood shrubs for sure, but I've been boxwood tree hunting in the hills of France with Eric from Bois. All of these trees that are good for fittings grow slowly, thats why they are so dense. In the pen blank world, french boxwood is slightly less costly than ebony and alot less than real brazilian rosewood. The Asian boxwood sold as such is mostly crap, as you mention, but good dense buxus semperv. is not that rare as there are less commercial uses for it as with ebony and Rosewood..
  5. Got rosewood pegs? You may want to stay home.

    Looks like mostly giugulo or fruit woods like plum, some boxwood, some rosewood, some ebony, and uh oh, what's that white stuff in the baggy?
  6. Got rosewood pegs? You may want to stay home.

    Why would boxwood be more expensive than ebony or rosewood? I've yet to hear of anyone being hassled for pegs in any material. Travellers are sure scared though. There are so many dalbergias, they can look like many other woods.
  7. Are there longer than standard cello tailpieces?

    Making a beautiful, well designed tailpiece without standardized machinery or CNC production set up for one model, is more difficult than making pegs. For me, making the raised saddle for the strings in the easiest part. Making the slot for the saddle which travels up and down the roof top at a constant depth and width is the bugger. Something else that's a bugger: getting the curves smoothly transitioning from the top surface through the waist and yet having the edge of the tailpiece constant as seen from the side. It's always the finetuning that's the bear.
  8. Are there longer than standard cello tailpieces?

    Not going there.
  9. Tax proposals

    No David, as I understand it, people who declare their income as business income as your sole proprietorship is, would now pay 25% as a bracket regardless of what that income is. It's the "pass through", as you are passing your income through a business regardless of having no employees. Monsanto's employees are not passing their income through their own business and will pay in brackets according to their salaries.
  10. Tax proposals

    OK so here is the reason for my OP. Screw the politics. If you are a violin maker and make over $100, 000 a year 25% may be your current rate and you are not affected. If you are making at a lesser level as, I suspect most are, or using your craft to augment retirement income as many certainly are, under the proposed tax "reduction" your business income may be taxed at 25%, if I am reading this rightly. There doesn't seem to be a lower bracket for those making under $50,000 . Monsanto will be paying 20% and you will be paying 25%. Perhaps I don't get this rightly? I figure somebody out there knows more about this than I do.
  11. Anyone else think the art world has gone mad

    Wow, the last one wouldn't get on the airplane.
  12. Tax proposals

    The former child's testimony.
  13. Tax proposals

    Do you actually think that trying to french kiss a uncooperative adult, or even having someone take a fake photo, although horrendous behavior, is the same as molesting a 14 year old child, and threatening her with your power to keep her silent? I still want to know what the propsed changes (without the poitics please) will do to those self employed, non corporate entities that are currently in a bracket less than 25%. The new proposals will make incorporating less available as I understand.
  14. Tax proposals

    Corporate income will decrease to 20%, business income for those who aren't incorporated may go up regardless of amounts to 25% unless I'm not reading it right. Anybody?
  15. Tax proposals

    Does anybody have a handle on what the House and or Senate versions will do to those small businesses that are truly small. For instance if you are paying !5% now on your taxable income because of write offs and cost of business, will you now be taxed at the "pass through" rate of %25 regardless of taxable income?