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  1. MeyerFittings

    There are no violins in Alaska...

    Sometimes "violin shops", producing high level product, are off the beaten path. Perhaps the nest time you shove off for the road less travelled you should ask your MN friends before you go. I'd have suggested John O.
  2. MeyerFittings

    Indianapolis Violin Making Competition

    Is it the 21st already? Crikey!
  3. MeyerFittings

    VSA and job searching

    Perhaps, sending this info to the VSA Board, might help. Can't hurt, and it's always good to have a professional organization on your team.
  4. MeyerFittings

    Ash from poplar wood.

    I guess that explains this:
  5. MeyerFittings

    Cello backs and ribs

    What's wrong with the color?
  6. MeyerFittings

    Researching information on super light violins

    Why don't you use poplar? I just saved a piece from the fireplace but i don't think it's thick enough 25-30mm. It even has some flaming, Also how about big leaf for the neck. Also a pear board or mountain mahogany which is plenty tough but lighter than ebony. Engleman top?
  7. MeyerFittings

    Italy Tourist recommendations

    Venice is like no place else on Earth. When you come out of that train station and see what is in front of you, you might have to just sit down and regroup. There are always places to get away from the crowds if you like to wander and aren't afraid of getting lost. BTW, look into the Hotel Astoria in Cremona- on an alley accross from a little bar and close to everything. Very old fashioned. .
  8. MeyerFittings

    Amazing Wood! Some Bow!

    Lucci measures the rate of speed that sound travels from on end of the stick to the other. Density is related but not the same. At least that is how it was explained to me.
  9. MeyerFittings

    Amazing Wood! Some Bow!

    Highly figured sticks often don't Lucci well since the figure disrupts the sound transmission.
  10. MeyerFittings

    Italy Tourist recommendations

    Try to look up Patricia Kaden in Cremona. She knows the town like the back of her hand and may be able to set you up in a B+B in Venice near St Zacharia, down many alleys and accross a canal. The best place in the World to get lost.. The church in Venice refered to is the 'Vivaldi Church" The Museo Correr in Venice has some instruments and is worth the visit anyway. Try to find Do More Cantina, a place Cassanova used to hang out, Tapas and procecco.
  11. MeyerFittings

    Caption this...

    Seaweed, of course.
  12. MeyerFittings


    That's pretty ironic Blank Face. My first major project when I apprenticed was putting fan bracing in a Harmony Sovereign and switching it over to a lefty. I played it for many years. Hatmony
  13. MeyerFittings

    Brand Id.

    Is it actually a brand? The way the light reflects it looks like the design is proud of the surface. What wood?
  14. MeyerFittings

    Indiana University violin shop - future uncertain

    never heard of it.
  15. MeyerFittings

    Amazing Wood! Some Bow!

    Anyone else see something wrong in the head wood of the OP? Just the photo?