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  1. Stradivari's nightmare?!

    Guess that I should have gotten a patent.
  2. Wood ID?

    lick it! No Joe, oak floors. I had a fireplace frontage painted white from a barn in Ohio that was gum too. Pink ivory tailpiece.
  3. Wood ID?

    the molding in my 1939 house is painted sweet gum.
  4. Bow familiar to anyone?

    I like the head. Don't I see remnants of a stamp and the word PARIS at the end?
  5. This post has been deleted

    Happy Valentine's Day Everyone!
  6. This post has been deleted

    I had this kind of goofy looking guy walk in to my shop. Looked kind of loaded. Walked over and pulled an 1889 OO Martin off the wall that I was selling on consignment . I baby-sat for a while then since he looked like he knew how to hold a guitar, I went back to gluing in the next room. I was gifted with a free, personnal concert by John Fahey for about an hour. There used to be this terrible pompous A hole that would come in and I'd be totally sweet and answer all his egotistical queries. The gang that worked for me would bitch and say "you give us shit all of the time and yet you mollycoddle this Jerk". I told them : That's because I like You, and give a shit. Him I don't. The easiest way to get rid of someone is to be nice and polite to them. It leaves them nothing to say and saves personal time in the long run. If that seems odd, or you don't agree with me, well I don't care, and ___ piss off!
  7. Longer tailpiece, you could try pernmbuco.
  8. French Viola 18th century.

    Those are indeed some interesting pegs. Anybody seen anything like them?
  9. Bow porn

    OK, with all due humility I post my first bow. Has a bit of wear by now.
  10. Messiah wood (again....)

    Hi Bruce, I found this other newer citation which might be of interest . It's a later more detailed study of the pilings and it mentions real spruce as opposed to Scots pine. From the tables it mentions norway spruce used in the planking as opposed to the pilings although it's not very clear in that respect. They mention that the spruce might be a later addition but "later" is pretty relative in Venice. I just always wondered if the small ammount of spruce used in instrument building was resourced from some other more industrial activity which made importation from the forests more economically feasible. I know that spruce is also one of the best choices for ship masts which would be important for a naval empire. Admittedly the use of "pine" as general term for coniferous trees is confusing.
  11. Messiah wood (again....)

    So the source that I referenced is innacurate naming pine as one of the piling materials.
  12. Messiah wood (again....)

    That's what I thought.
  13. Messiah wood (again....)

    You'd need a big trunk and thick limbs to haul it off. Of course the point is that I can imagine Italian makers looking over the logs sent to Venice for pilings the way that French bowmakers looked over the ballast for dye producers in the warfs. Most writers on the Venetian building sites talk of "pine" foundations from the Dolomites. Here in Oregon no one confuses pine with spruce but since no latin taxonomy is mentioned I wonder if the two are used interchangeably. I'm sure there are informed opinions out there?
  14. Snakewood bows

    My friend Darrell Hanks new snakewood bow:
  15. Messiah wood (again....) wood used in venice foundations&f=false Evidently it was a capital offence in Venice to rustle another man's trees.