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  1. Actually the article is incorrect. African elephant ivory does indeed have Schreger lines but they can only be seen on the end grain. Also it would be impossible to tell from these the continental origin of the elephant, and the law specifies African elephants ivory. Mammoth ivory also has these lines but they intersect at a different angle than those of elephants. Only a forensic lab could see the difference if the lines were even visible. If confiscated to be tested the ivory would have to be sent to the National lab, where the testing would be put in a que with all the other cases.
  2. If you think wood pellets are good for smoking meat you should try some chips of mountain mahogany. Don't use your pegs though. That was the only real commercial use for m.m. in the past except for roller skate wheels. I throw some on the coals when cooking steaks or salmon.
  3. Congratulations on all your work with Anne, my friend. We definitely need to catch up.
  4. As I recall after comparison with an ebony tp it seemed, to the assembled group, louder and clearer but had lost some of the warmth and subtle mid-range personality.
  5. Hi Mark, that's what the photo is labelled on my computer.
  6. Joe was there when I tested this minimalist TP at the VSA Convention in Baltimore. Kevlar loop and pernambuco string holder.
  7. I spent a lot of time and effort looking through receipts of purchases of wood that occurred before the listing of various CITIES restrictions to get permissions to export or just sell various pieces of wood. I don't know if this new ruling will effect this. I have put in a call with the Lady from Fish and Wildlife who worked with me to process them. I plan on taking quite a few sticks to the VSA convention to sell since it has become terribly evident that I personally will not be making very many bows in the future. I will keep you all posted when I find out what she says.
  8. I went to my ortho doctor and saw a jar of Sanity Cloths on the shelf for cleaning wounds. I told him he was a Big Boy and should know there ain't no Sanity Cloth.
  9. Never tried turning it, so I don't know. I actually have more pernambuco cut offs from bow maker friends than I know what to do with. There is a lot of waste involved in cutting up bow blanks to get that right grain orientation.
  10. https://www.teknistore.com/en/guitar-parts/1505653-naomi-green-sandal-wood-ipe-blank-rough-violin-bow-repaired-bow-head-for-4-4-violin.html
  11. Something like this. Started with a small Dremel bit on both surfaces and cut and checked slowly to not get out of line. Ask a hairdesser where to get a metal nail file till you find the right thicknessed wood file. Finish with a guitar G string nut file. I'll look tomorrow to see if I have a package of saw blades or take a photo. https://www.stewmac.com/luthier-tools-and-supplies/types-of-tools/saws/bridge-pin-hole-slotting-saws--files
  12. Did everybody get the sticks they wanted?
  13. Bow Badger butt borer?
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