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  1. I have had violin lessons from Steve Redrobe for over three years and know him very well indeed, in contrast to some of his detractors on this board, who write, with huge personal bravery, behind a veil of anonymity. It is difficult to answer all the points raised without breaching Steve's right to privacy, particularly the ones relating to general behaviour, as opposed to violin playing. Since hearing of Erick's dreadful health problems, Steve's playing and 'general health' have declined. I cannot go further into this. It will get better in time. I can tell you that the real Steve is a sensitive and kind person; the internet 'persona' aspect is at variance with the real person, but I cannot and will not go into the reasons for that. Finally, for those on here below the age of 20, I suggest a period of calm reflection; for those over, I suggest you either stop firing your mean-spirited points or discard the privacy that this forum offers.
  2. I hope you have photos of your grandparents' wedding reception with Campoli in one of them....
  3. Ron, Many thanks for the interesting reply. What a pity about the Handel Sonatas. I had no idea that Mrs Campoli moved to Thame and I shall certainly try to obtain a copy of the biography. I believe Albert Sammons was a Bridge player too; entirely self-taught, he could play the Elgar like no one else in my humble opinion. Campoli, Sammons and Max Jaffa made ends meet with light music in the 1930s I believe - Palm Court Orchestra etc and possibly because of that one or two of the critics tended to regard them with distain, totally unfairly. Steve
  4. I believe Campoli played on the 'Dragonetti' Strad of 1696?? I have several of his recordings which fully demonstrate his bel canto style. He resided at Winchmore Hill in London from where he kindly sent me an autographed photo back in the early 1970s.
  5. 'Golden period'- those were 'tongue in cheek' remarks, not meant seriously. 'Brevity is the soul of wit' Hamlet - Shakespeare. )
  6. The running clock has a strange effect and is probably designed to do so. You know, time is passing quickly.... bid before it's too late.
  7. Well, there's a wide variety of things to suit all pockets. A beautiful inlaid violin case, made by W E Hill & Sons has caught my eye. The Strad which is for sale has nothing to do with the Stern Collection. Anyway, you wouldn't want it. It's an early model, not of the 'golden period'....
  8. See www.tarisio.com if you are seeking something from his estate.
  9. It's good to know that his grandson is playing his cello. Many thanks for your replies.
  10. Martin Luther - my favourite German. My ONLY favourite German. Can't even claim to like Ann Sophie much. Not too keen on the British Royal Family either!
  11. When All the Saints go Marching In!!
  12. I have just been looking at a photo of Piatigorsky's cello on display in Baltimore. Last night I watched a video of him playing on the same cello. Now I am filled with sadness. The cello looks like an orphan.
  13. Why not sell it through a major auction house? Is there something to hide? Is this a 'hot' fiddle??
  14. Yes, I think I have that CD too; it's called 'The Glory of Cremona' and I think 'The Strad' own the copyright. I recall the original LP which had a great photo of each violin arranged in a circle around the perimeter of the cover sleeve.....
  15. I received a reply today from Bernard Keeffe which was very useful and with any luck should result in my being able to acquire a copy of the programme I want to see again for the first time in 30 years.
  16. Memory returning as to the second show - Szeryng and Schiller. This was part of the series introduced by British TV journalist Trevor Philpot, the series being 'The Philpot File'.
  17. Woody, Thanks for the interesting suggestions. I may not even need to do that, because using Google I tracked down Bernard Keeffe here in England via his musical associations - a Jewish Music Group and a symphony orchestra of which he is President. This within 10 minutes of posting onto Maestronet. Within 15 minutes I had a reply from both groups advising me that they had e-mailed Bernard with my query and that he would be in touch very shortly. So, by the power of the internet, within 30 minutes, my query is relayed to the man himself!! What a miracle the internet is and how lucky we all are to share in it. Once more, many thanks for your reply Woody.
  18. I can't recall the exact year, but it would be approx. 1970 that British TV broadcast two very interesting documentaries and I wonder if anyone else can remember them? 1. A show introduced by Bernard (Keef?) featuring the life of Stradivari and interesting film from Cremona showing all manner of fascinating things; there was also an interlude given over to the 'scientific' aspect of measuring sound featuring an oscilloscope; finally Ruggiero Ricci played on a whole selection of old violins. Did anyone take a VHS recording of this? 1970 was just before VCRs became commonplace in the UK and so all I have are memories.... 2. Another documentary also about 1970 featuring two musicians, Henryk Szeryng (violinist) and Alan Schiller (pianist). The documentary contrasted the lifestyles of these two musicians; one living in Paris and Monte Carlo, the other living in Leeds. One earning £1000 per performance; the other only £50. Did some lucky person capture this one on VHS tape? Let me know if you did.
  19. Well, Zimbalist in not featured on the dvd. We have Elman, Francescatti, Menuhin, Morini, Oistrakh (2), Rabin, Ricci, Stern and Piatogorsky.
  20. I have just finished watching a DVD of the above. A wonderful 90 minutes it proved to be. It looks so easy - yet it isn't. What a tone Francescatti draws from his Strad. Of course, they all do it 'their way' so anyone looking for a definitive method to violin playing will be disappointed. I could swear Michael Rabin is wearing a toupee for his Tch. performance. Anyway, back to important matters - how AM I going to survive without SClub7??????
  21. With only two more lessons left, you don't have much time to dream up your revenge on the PE teacher; I suggest a bucket of boiling water, nicely perched on the changing room door, designed to demonstrate Newton's Laws of Gravity at the very moment he enters the room. This should make you the hero of the hour even amongst those who Captain the 1st Eleven.
  22. I recall similar memories from my days at school. Even music GCE O-level was something you did when the rest were engaged outdoors in PE and mostly hating it. One had to be excused PE to even study music at GCE level. Then came the sniggers from the athletically inclined, encouraged by the neo-Nazi sports teacher, as they watched us in the music room; but then, they were real men. Not like the wimps who loved music! We few knew that there would be a price to pay in terms of ridicule. And there was.
  23. Doug - you're far too misanthropic!! Join the club though..
  24. Patience is required then. Bergen is a beautiful place.
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