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  1. Being such an old instrument it could probably do with a sound post adjustment and maybe a new bridge. I bought an old violin myself a few years ago and after having it adjusted the difference was night and day.
  2. To tell you the truth, I find all of the forums to be rather boring these days now that everything has split off. I do agree that things used to get very out of hand, but I find that I don't spend much time at any of them anymore. I used to come here every day because I found it very informative and entertaining. I will admit that a few people did go too far and managed to do more harm than good. All I am saying is that there are things I would like to have back, but equally there are things I wont miss. I do hope that more people are attracted to MNet and it becomes the great place it once was with or without the soapbox.
  3. Maybe this will help. John Juzek's History.
  4. You could try Internet Tapedeck . It is a multitrack recording program for the PC that you can pickup for about $40 from AudioMidi . I haven't tried it so I don't know how good it works. But here is a link to were you can download a free copy that is probably a trial version. FREE DOWNLOAD*
  5. I am worKing on Suzuki book 3. The Minuet by ßach. Forgive me if this looks little strange I am writting this on my Pocket PC.
  6. my teacher just started me on Vibrato last week. I can play it ok if it's a long note and I add it gradually. The problem for me is playing a series of quarter notes and vibrate evenly on everyone of them. Right now it sounds really bad out of tune and all over. I also seem to have trouble starting the motion instantly. Some times my wrist goes backwards and sometimes a little sideways. It will take a while to find the best motion for me and groove that so it is automatic. My instructor also said that most people will have one type of vibrato that they are best at and whether it's arm or wrist is a personal thing. His teacher was arm while my teacher is wrist. I can't figure out which one works best for me. But just like my golf swing I am not going to give up.
  7. I tried some Violinos and after about a month and a half they were completely dead. I have tried Dominant's, Evah's, Helicore's, Violino's,and Infeld Red's. The violino's had a really good sound but I didn't think they lasted long enough. Right now I am using Tonica's and I like them on this violin. I am using the silver D but I think I will try the aluminum one next time because it sounds a little dull and muddy on this instrument. I am also using a Goldbrokhat E that sounds very good with the Tonica's.
  8. I have been playing for about 17 months now and I am just finishing Suzuki book 2. My teacher will regularly make changes to pieces that he knows are different from the original and will add those back in for me if he thinks the piece is too easy for me and thinks I can handle playing it correctly. In the Minuet at the end of book 2 near the end where you play the passage with the open A slurred to the 3rd finger A on the E sting followed by 2 eighth note A's.Hope I am not being confusing, anyway the second time through he is having me shift to 3rd position and playing the Harmonic on the A instead of the A on the E string. He says that's how it is supposed to be played even though it's not written that way in Suzuki. He does this quite a bit to intruduce me to new things and keep me interested. I kind of like that since I get to feel like I am jumping ahead a little bit even if it is something really easy to do.
  9. You could post date the check so that the bank can't cash it before that date.
  10. I just received the new E strings and I can't wait to go home tonight an put one on to try it out. The interesting thing is that it doesn't look like a wound string which it what I was expecting based on the description. I'll try to get one tested over the next couple of days and let you know what I think.
  11. A short time ago I posted about a Masterclass that my teacher was going to be in and that I was going to go and sit in to see if I could learn anything. As it turns out with every student she spent most of her time worrying about bow distribution and not much else. It did seem a big waste of time.
  12. I have ordered a couple of them from Concord Music Supply. I'll let everyone know what I think of them in a week or so.
  13. I agree at present I use either the Gold Label E or the Goldbrokat E.
  14. VIOLIN No1. The Universal E-String! Violin No1 is a newly designed string that offers a full rounded off and sustainable tone in all positions, whilst at the same time maintaining full flexibility over the whole dynamic range of play. The new string is based on a coated carbon steel core material with a high tensile strength and is wound with chrome steel. The string's brilliant sound combines with a quick response preventing the whistling of empty strings. Violin No1 E-string has been specifically designed to be "universal", and so combined with all existing violin strings. Violin No1 is available in three gauges, weich - mittel - stark, with ball or loop end. Has anyone tried one of these yet. I am curious about how well it blends with other stings types. It's supposed to work with all of these strings.
  15. I agree with using the fourth finger when ever possible to strengthen it. Since I work at a computer all day long I have taken to tapping my little finger and also drumming all four fingers and trying to make it even and rhythmic. I think it is helping because I feel more certain about using it. The only thing I don't really like about it is by itself it's kind of weak, or at least the sound is weak. If I put my third finger down also I get a better tone then if I use just the fourth finger. I've only been doing this for 16 months so I'm sure it will improve if I just keep using it.
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