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  1. I'm always surprised by how the pros are willing to do tool fine tuning that does not really save real time on the finished product (The Violin)
  2. First - Varnish making is awesome! Second: Cook your Colophony (whatever it is) and learn. Then try 50/50 of that specific colophony you cooked (5 h or 20 h?) Do some varnishing tests 10-100 wood pieces in UV, summer/winter for some years.... THEN involve some other ingredients. The base: Colophony Linseed Oil Balsam turp
  3. Cuts faster! What else is there to say!
  4. Yes! The best we have. Mellow, never the wolf. My friend did a violin for a UK performance not long ago. I have two great fiddles made of back Birch. B1+ is low in dB.
  5. Maybe I have the wrong saw brand (Husquarna)?
  6. Or even 1 to 1 000 trees? i have cut 50.... to (100), so far and no tone wood! ...
  7. ...usually go thud, not ring... ...well, great wood made well. will ring...
  8. Tapping on a violin plate is every makers right. It is the only true Amendment!
  9. 01:24 and signed out today as well (don't know why my posts appear after signed out?) This is the exclusive Da Vinci book, I got as a present from my wife ~150 pages. (She really think I'm at his level, don't tell!). No violin drawings though!
  10. Right, that's the case even today. The only time a drawing and/or pencil could be handy is when making a new mold every 50 year or so.
  11. I signed out already, so I can't tell. Next time I sign in and are not asleep I'll tell you
  12. Please! They did not how to draw? Certainly an object by Da Vinci or Amati had a drawing, unless there where no pencils back then. But wait I have a book with ~ 100 pages of Da Vincis drawings, so they must have invented the pencil already?
  13. There is nothing simple about history of violin making in old Cremona. There is also nothing simple about the Samurai Katana. These two treasures are the peak of what man kind can achieve. Perfection that can not be surpassed. Make equal yes, but not surpassed in their own context. They both are perfection!
  14. Yeah, well some secrets are not that easy to give for free. I have only done that once. This to one of the best violin maker in Finland!
  15. To OP You can't expect to give you my technique to be your instruments
  16. 3D imagniary visualization, does that count?
  17. Good night! Please read Robert's last post, I will! It is even clear without spelling problems, he really is a clever guy! I hope Robert can "learn" to adopt to this crazy MN world. Because he is one of the "super high IQ" one!
  18. Thanks Robert, it is too late for me to grasp your explanation, well I could spend the hole night and the night after that... too old for that. Good night
  19. Davide is one of the most clever modern makers, there is however things to explore about old Cremonese arching. In my opinion copying is/has been the most devastating thing ever to violin making.
  20. Robert, Could you let your mind visualize for a while on low and high performance wood and how that might affect the angle of the STL:s. For low performance wood you need to make the arch higher and narrower to get the same strength. Further if you use Finnish or Swedish spruce the cross grain strength is generally lower than "Alp spruce", along grain it's very strong. Do you have any thoughts about arching on my previous images in this thread. It's an unfinished fiddle with very low performance wood, the arch hight is 18 - 18.5 mm The top is Finnish and have a density of 0.50
  21. I like this illustration, because you can imagen how it looks like
  22. I'm not out, why did YOU (David B.) post? Now I'm out....zzzz
  23. Yeah, but there is such noise here?! I'm out...
  24. Anyway I was doing another thing of F***, she is a sleep now so we can continue..
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