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  1. So I also thought, it's just that it looked so clean and "machine made" (kind of your trade mark)
  2. Davide, Did you make the neck/scroll template? I have on old plastic self-made, in bad shape. If those could be bought somewhere I would..
  3. For David B. Self-taught Master chefs makes the best food.
  4. Also cooking on a warm/windy day reduces the cooking time dramatically, for the same reduction and darkness. The temperature is also critical for color, higher temp - less red. Too high and you won't get the lovely fresh smell of your finished varnish, but a hint of "burned". (much like Old wood brescian brown)
  5. This is the key factor in varnish cooking, you have to learn the colophony you use. No recipe will tell you how long and how dark it turns out. From what I have implied (could be wrong) from the vast amount of post here on MN, about colophony cooking. What I'm using turns out darker faster than the commonly used here. My next interest is in collecting raw sap (we have a lot of bleading pine trees), and start from there. To see if I can reproduce the domestic product I buy, which also is collected from the same pine trees.
  6. Really David? A round in the ring? You are so competitive, which is difficult for me to understand as I always win.
  7. — pilkunnussija. "bullet-proof" is a to exaggerate. The point is for a first time cooker, that will get a good enough varnish following this simple recipe, for more or less unknown properties of the ingredients he/she buys for the first time cooking. Don't take away the excitement for the first own made varnish, that will be awesome.
  8. I find it fascinating how our communication is like hitting a wall for almost every post. juzzupe can see it too In real life I think we would get along quite well, working on a project. We are both extremely fact-oriented and a common case would just be that, probably with a good result too.
  9. I used the same recipe for my first cook. It's a bullet proof, simple recipe when you don't know exactly how your ingredients react. http://www.thestradsound.com/varnish If you use the same ingredients, you can improve your varnish for every batch. The colophony and linseed I use don't need lime. It turn out too hard and durable with liming.
  10. And to put some salt, at the occation I played the violin. It was a family gathering with guests from the great US. One of the guests (my relative) was a mathematicians to NASA/Niel Armstrong? Can you believe that, I didn't! The violin was real though....
  11. Never! I have several ancient relatives emigrating back and forth, before independence day 1917) (H..ll, I might even be related to David B?) Played a 200+ year old violin not long ago, that was traveling back and forth to that region, It was a nice sounding "softy", that my grand father played psalms on every sunday (so I'v heard) Comment on that?
  12. I fully agree and that is where great things might happen! For example, your software... I could upgrade It with some unbelievable stuff.
  13. Exactly, my problem is long gone by now (I did have a hard maple to work with). The water/moisture did the trick) Thanks!
  14. (ps. the ones that couldn't afford the bread got blind)
  15. When I was young, I worked at a gas station. Some odd locals buyed Aerol and white bread loaf, I wonder why? Aerol was the product for truckers breaks(de-icing)
  16. One more. Are there anyone of you makers enyoing this final pegbox A peg? I find it sado mas....
  17. David, dispite all our past (whatever), I would like to know, yes clean, now it is, but not without "brute force". Super sharp or what is the way. Is it just plain strength (you know I got this, you have to go to the gym, I was born with it) Do tell....
  18. Well, done by now and thank you all! (and yeah, Davide I used some moisure/water at the end as this was a hard one)
  19. Inspired by latest MN posts, finishing neck,scroll and pegbox... It's pain, is there a hack for pegbox A peg?
  20. Anders, You and I are about the same age. One of the things I admire is knowledge (hence My Msc in Technology Competence Management) I'm truly impressed by your knowledge in acoustics. You might be interested by the knowledge in my domain, 30+ years as a software architect?
  21. AI doesn't exist yet! For now it's a marketing thing for the BIG GROWTH (hacking), that is endless.... But it will and it's not what today's developers and other enthusiasts imagens. Neural networks is an embryo that our grand children will laugh at and hate us for when we are dead. Violins are not first priority for AI...
  22. Wood fingerprint... Just looked through my images, searching for something, saw a picture of "my ongoing" with a neck glued on.... for some milliseconds, hey wait a minute... I haven't glued the neck yet. Clearly the top wood is from the same tree and when you have just worked on a top you remember its "fingerprint"
  23. That's a great attitude You can have as much varnish you like (for violins, för att nu gardera emot att du inte börjar lackera matsalsbord o dylikt ;)) I'm going to cook varnish every summer and violin production is not keeping up
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