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  1. Thanks all! This is obviously a common and well known problem. Hadn't thought about it before I started to observ left ear fatigue. I have been practicing more lately. Use to joke with a freind that it's not that we don't have talent, plenty of that, we just started playing too late. It is impossible to learn how to play the violin at this age.
  2. Right! It was not a bad thing to question the method. Lot of good information to think about and understand more Sorry that your bench got a little messy
  3. Hope it's not wrong to question measuring methods, that is part of good science isn't it?
  4. I don't think I'm confusing effects, I do understand the maths. It is the method itself I have thoughts about, regarding how higher density wood may give a higher frequency just by it being more dens, which in turn might give an indication of higher speed of sound than it actually is. The only way I can think of to confirm this hunch is by testing the method with a lot of different dens wood against lucci meter readings. I use this method all the time and you could say it's a good enough method for sorting out tone wood you will discard or use.
  5. I think there should be a factor included for density. From my experience higher density wood gives higher frequency even if the wood is not as high performance. The method then indicates too high speed of sound. Higher density wood does have some correlation with higher speed of sound but not always.
  6. Do soloists get hearing loss in left ear? I notice after playing for about 30 - 60 min, my ear is exhausted. Downloaded an app and it shows 85-92 decibel one meter from playing.
  7. It was not my intention to offend anyone, bad joke, sorry. I live near Kaustinen and have visited Kaustinen folkmusic festival where musicians from all over the world comes to play.
  8. Maybe if you listen to Finnish tangos, they would all sound the same to you
  9. What's interesting is that he only knows one tune, that he plays in all videos
  10. The violin body has a lot of modes, If you rub the surface, with or without polish, you will easily notice changes in modes and sound. They are temporary and will go back as the surfice cools down and hardens again.
  11. Yes they do look much better. I have done a lot of tests like this to try to understand my varnish. One thing about burned. If the definition burned, is what I have read that the flames are kind of fixed by to much dark color, then none of the examples are burned, because even the darkest one is reflecting normally in different light angles. I'm now working on a ground based on filler and the same dark varnish..
  12. Is it too dark, that's a question I haven't answer myself yet. I'm working on a pigment/color free varnish that is easy to use. From left no sealing to sealed Same varnish from the same jar:
  13. If you manage to get a dark/transparent varnish there is a risk to overdo the red with pigments. With just a small amount of madder you can easily end up with a fire truck reddish violin. Because there is a lot of red already in the varnish.
  14. Both ground and varnish looks great. However,There is only one way to get a deep red color, much, much, much darker varnish. That's it - darker varnish! Either by cooking colophony long or by coloring the varnish.
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