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  1. Here you can calculate how "damp" your violin is If you dry it, then it will go back to same "dampness" in a couple of days
  2. I began in 1997, but haven't started yet
  3. This is the book, Jan - Sarnell, Sverker - Dagnell, Jan
  4. Vengerov is really the master of masterclasses
  5. I know, but Curtin was the hammer swinger. He is the Thor of spectrum tunder
  6. That's the one I remembered, here is Curtin's article
  7. There is not enough spectrum data, but some conclutions can be made that dgs have stronger B1- in relation to B1+ than Strads, for example the Plowden has a lovely strong A. Vieuxtemps spectrum also indicates this (from what I can remember, not sure)
  8. I know, seen the video many times. It's not gone, but hidden with new string. Less drastic than playing around with the sound post
  9. A, B1- (~445 Hz) At 5:40 Dgs often have higher db B1-
  10. There are mainly two frequencies, that switch places and pattern during the arching/carving process. Top frequencies are much higher. Unfortunately I can't publish the data because it's under copy right. Here is an example of how the pattern of these frequencies can look like on a back plate
  11. Hi Davide, For B1 modes to "fall into place" where you want them there is no short cut. You have to get the arching adapted to the properties of the wood used. This involves tuning frequencies of the plates before hollowing out the inside. When tuning the plates before hollowing out to certain frequencies, you will automatically arrive at corresponding M5 when hollowing out, thus specific weight and thicknesses of the plates. This in turn leads to specific B1 modes. Tuning plates ala Hutchins gives random B1 modes br. Peter
  12. Valid point! From now on I won't, wasn't aware about this small detail
  13. You could also take it easy and spend an hour outside with some cheap hobby tools And finish with files and scraper later