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  1. Summer is short so I like to take the work outside when ever possible, purfling on the back plate of Corona Soil:
  2. Right, that's why I add Mastic as a last step. Also meaning that sum of resin to oil is more like 55/45 %
  3. I'm just about to make some varnish as I do every summer. Just used up varnish that I made 2015/2016, for a shelf. I noticed that it was even better after some years and really transparent also easier to apply.
  4. I weigh the hot resin while I cook/reduce it, so I know what weight ratio oil to add. It doesn't matter if you let it cool and re heat it when combining it with oil. But longer cooked resin needs more oil to resin weight ratio. For my 10+ hour cook it seems to be good when 1:1. For shorter resin cook it gets too "oily" if the weigh ratio is 1:1 and as Joe said difficult to polish. It also gets more difficult to polish if you add drops of oil when varnishing. It's a fine balance and I don't think that just giving the ratio would help anybody, you also need to learn the particular ingredients you are using. All resin and oil are not equal, they vary a lot. It's actually a skill you get better at for every cook.
  5. Hmm.. If I cook varnish with one hour reduced resin 1:1 ratio oil, or if I cook with 10 hours reduced resin 1:1 oil ratio. How is this even measurable.
  6. Alcohol disolves rosin and makes it sticky. I ones cleaned bow hair with soap and water, bad idea. After that the bow behaved like it was nylon hair and rosin wouldn't attach to it anymore.
  7. For tuners eyes only:
  8. The IP address is just for you, but nowadays it's against GDPR, so you should not be able to see it. Maestronet web server is not GDPR compliant
  9. It's raining and I'm on vacation
  10. Peter K-G


    Or you can skip the chalk, I don't use it
  11. This version is a prayer that I'm sure will be heard. I find it unbelievably genuine and humble.
  12. Here you can calculate how "damp" your violin is If you dry it, then it will go back to same "dampness" in a couple of days
  13. I began in 1997, but haven't started yet
  14. This is the book, Jan - Sarnell, Sverker - Dagnell, Jan
  15. Vengerov is really the master of masterclasses