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  1. At this time of the year I always take some measurments of my close copy violins (high RH) comparing to previous years. Modes and overtones change as predicted, but one of them with lesser performance wood is always dull with much less overtones in summertime, than the other ones (they loose some strength in overtones too, but not as much) I think the wood has more influence than the other factors.
  2. Why even bother, use maple bridges and move on to more important stuff...like making violins
  3. So am I, fortunately Scandinavian (Finnish) manufacturars knows the differance. I'v heard that EU wants to ban Tar, which is one of the most awesome wood preservation substance to date!
  4. My view is that the player should tell you. The problem is, if you gone too far/extreme you can't add wood
  5. Looking back on this, I'm pissed! There are thousands of fake no label violins, trying to copy mine , no labels. l'm going to sue them all...
  6. One thing to consider (recent experience). A fiddler/player does not even bother to look at the violin => straight to tuning and try out. This is why fraud is so easy and tempting, players are biased too and a known maker (fake) label might be the preferred choice
  7. G! OP, spirit of wine is alcohol!
  8. Vaiennut viulu (my second 1997 and it has not been just hanging on the wall, as you can se from the worn) Missing the player, not the violin, that is now back with me
  9. As a beginner you need a lot of theories, because that is what it is all about. The most high priced makers guards their secrets extremely well! Their theory is, guard it well, so no one knows it's just about making wooden boxes
  10. I Think? And I really hope you can appriciate this. You really need my awesome latest varnish and I will give you some for free as will I give some to LK. It is really, really good (you have some 2017 or 2018, can't remember). My latest cook is Roger Hargrave color and super dark and very nice to spread with a small brush (small strikes as RH describes), or your fingers/hands . I'm going to cook more this summer after our grief (vaiennut viulu, svärfar)
  11. Anders, My NO, was not specific pointed to your post. It's just that I really do data measurements, over a long period of time and the data speakes for it self.
  12. If you like, you can stress it up to 2-3 mm. But you have to be careful later when gluing to rib garland. http://www.thestradsound.com/ongoing/stressingthebackplate
  13. In the narrow space of that it is bull's eye. I am testing the limits outside that framework...
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