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  1. It's almost impossible (for me at least) I don't have a teacher, If I had time I would. But as a hobbyist and with many interests I need to figure out on my own how to play better
  2. Thanks! I actually didn't expect any response, just writing in my frustration trying to learn (Meditation from thias). I'll have to go down some with my ambitions
  3. Well, it is almost impossible. Having that said, with great humbleness, at this age (of impossibleness), I discovered that I have taken a leap forward and I actually can do some things. But!... The left hand! I don't have the physics to bend it, it hurts (I have been wathing Menuihin's classes on practice). With great respect to you professionals --> did you "break" your left arm at an early age....
  4. I do split them all the time. A0 by tuning B0 B1- by near to A1 (generally chinrest f***s up this frequency anyway so no need to split) B1+ if it wolfs, by adjusting tailgut and a piece of eraser between D/A string at the afterlength at the right place (There are other ways but this is by far the most effective and easy, heavy fingerboard with B0 octave below also tend to split)
  5. I only took before and after pics, we found the plane in an attic in that terrible condition. It belonged to my father in law's grand father. The light (lack of) is depressing Still 12 days to turning point
  6. Yeah, they do that those B1 modes bastards! Eventually you would like to control those diablos, or maybe not? after all they are devilish and scary. I use knowledge to master them ( from the forbidden fruit)
  7. Now this is a serious scientific blind test I really like these guys, they are fun
  8. Quite often a middle mounted chinrest "kills" B1-, both in amplitude and frequency, sometimes lowered by ~20 hz. Sometimes B1- is not even a clear peak when mic is on the front side and a normal tap to the bridge. It doesn't help much on such violin to change to another middle mounted one. The only option is to change to a side mounted, to get the violin to live up
  9. Cellos don't have acoustics! They just hum annoyingly on the lower strings and have this aggressive noise on higher strings
  10. I have also managed to make glue with it that is as strong as hide glue, but not stronger.
  11. Yes, Fresh quark and pit lime is pretty amazing! The emulsion has endless possibilities and the result is far more better than hide glue/gelatin size. I always mix it with small amount of linseed oil. I have also experimented mixing it with dark varnish, colloidal silica or pumice
  12. Yeah, a lot of things are a lot more complicated than rocket science, isn't that one of the more simpler science areas
  13. 2015 Shell modes.pdf
  14. I had the same issue, not able to post (which probably is a good thing) The only thing that helped was to install AdBlock extension to Chrome So now I can post again, so, sorry about that