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  1. Peter K-G

    different gram strength hide glue for center joint?

    I have stopped using clamps too, I feel that clamps makes the join weaker (bad clamps and clamping is probably the cause). I also brush a stripe of water next to the join on both sides.
  2. Peter K-G

    varnish as usual

    Joe, Unfortunately I can't get anything out of these low resolution images, It would be interesting to see how your varnish looks though. You really need to buy a new phone! br. Peter
  3. I used a Japanese saw once, and would recomend it for opening it.
  4. Peter K-G

    Peter KG's Bench

    I use only may hands, no brushes
  5. Peter K-G

    Peter KG's Bench

    Here is another image of the ground taken closer and in bright light, as you can see it looks (and feels) like wood, only colored from the chemical reaction when rubbing it on.
  6. Peter K-G

    Peter KG's Bench

    So it's about time to start making a new violin and end this varnish testing, that I have been doing all summer. It has been interesting and also rewarding. I have learned a lot about how to achieve what I want. It involves a lot of things from what type of wood you start with and how the grounding color is done. On the previous ground: One thin sealing layer, one layer with madder pigments mulled into varnish, two thin top coat layers. All with the same varnish. What I like most is the reflection and shimmer in different light directions when using pigments like this, it's also very transparent.
  7. Peter K-G

    Peter KG's Bench

    Not measured exactly but I think about 85/15 Quark/lime and into that ~3-5% linseed oil. The wood was prepared with strong yello label tea and one week tanning.
  8. Peter K-G

    Peter KG's Bench

    There is endless possibilities, so everyone can find a solution that he/she likes. Myself I'm developing in the directilon Ingredients should be well known, cheap and non toxic/edible and as few as possible.
  9. Peter K-G

    Peter KG's Bench

    Optimizing grounding, no varnish yet, scraped off a part, to see comparison where it started from:
  10. Peter K-G

    Does anyone NOT build Strad? And if not, why?

    I totally disagree with you, does this make me a real violin maker
  11. Peter K-G

    Does anyone NOT build Strad? And if not, why?

    It's a journey to navigate in the mine field of MN. I made a promise to be nice a while ago (I haven't always been nice to you). Hope being nice doesn't mean that I have to be a follower in the mainstream.
  12. Peter K-G

    Does anyone NOT build Strad? And if not, why?

    I have to say I admire Quadibloc's entusiasm (and maybe shame on others who give harsh comments too?) Quadibloc, you must start to make violins otherwise you shoot too much in the dark I believe it's the only way to get the basic understanding to narrow down the frame of reference for your research, in the meantime continue exploring and reading...
  13. Peter K-G

    Does anyone NOT build Strad? And if not, why?

    I might know a thing or three about those myserious modes :)
  14. Peter K-G

    Stradivari's secret was a concept?

    It's scary how thin the back is near the channel there (~1,5 mm?) and it's also incredible how little it's deformed
  15. Peter K-G

    Does anyone NOT build Strad? And if not, why?

    (BTW your web site is not working)