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  1. Forma construction from squares and lines

    Hi, I see patterns in everything, not good with texts. I don't want to offend anyone. But I like to post what I see and how I see it, meaningless to some but sometimes helpful to others. Snow has a lot of interesting patterns
  2. Violin geometry references

  3. Instrument varnished with my product

    This is very beutiful and confirms my findings after last summers endless testing, it is extremely difficult to match this with something else than varnish as ground. I varnished an electric guitar lika that and it's stunning. However when looking at various old Cremonese violins they don't look like that. The varnish is not soaked into the wood on them. Thank you for posting images on your bench
  4. Beady eyes... extreme version of fisheye

    But Don, Can't you just do something "normal", What's wrong with balsam turp. I mean it's a challenge already to get the "perfect" varnish with three known ingredients. Rosin (resin), linseed oil, turp. By known I mean using exactly the same ingredients, I have been improving my varnish since 2013. It gets better and better. Because I get the feel for them. No offence, this is just how I see things do the same over and over and over again until the result is excellence
  5. Peter KG's Bench

    Thank you Szymon! This is great, because I have varnish in different darkness grade for different wood/grounding. It fits perfectly with my philosophy of varnish system - no nasty chemicals and knowing everything that is put on my instruments. I also happen to have a small espresso machine that I don't use so it will be fun to try this (once I get some time to do it) Fjodor gave me some madder pigments that seems good so I have a reference how it should be. Of course I also need to get some roots and pernambuco
  6. Peter KG's Bench

    Thanks! I have looked through my notes/documentation and it seems that I used also tube paint, besides Kremer madder pigments. This was my first own varnish making and I also think I had to sand/polish between layers. I think I might have sanded away the Kremer pigments and left the tube paint "madder", which has faded. i.e. - Not artist grade tube paint.
  7. Peter KG's Bench

    Awesome pigment factory you got there! I like it and when I have more time I will do this myself - hope I can consult you when I start.
  8. Peter KG's Bench

    Faded Madder pigments! The images aren't too comparable because the first image (2013) is taken with another warmer camera, but almost all madder (Kremer powder) has faded, the varnish hasn't change, still glossy and good.
  9. Joe Robson's Balsam Ground 3

    i.e. BG = Varnish
  10. Joe Robson's Balsam Ground 3

    Joe, what is BG, secret?
  11. Casa Stradivari

    Many Stradivari f-holes angles correlate with the arching so that the opening is parallell to the ribs.
  12. Joe Robson's Balsam Ground 3

    I see! what's the main purpose, to seal or enhance contrasts or both. This summer I have tested a lot of ways to prepare the wood before I seal it with glue size (I'm strongly against letting varnish go into the wood). Conclosion from all tests - letting the varnish penetrate the wood (burn the flames) gives the best result in terms of beauty, but that is not what I want. coloring a flat piece is easy, but that's not how violin plates are, especially the top. I'm kind of okay with what I have - quark/lime/linseed oil glue size and my own varnish in different colors - but I want more...
  13. Joe Robson's Balsam Ground 3

    What's the difference between BG and varnish, looks like varnish
  14. Peter KG's Bench

    It would be great to have time to do something, I haven't been able to do anything for four months now. Work (the one that puts food on the table) is taking up all of my own time. Hope I can string up the last one before Christmas. keep on drilling, but not through the plate
  15. Downforce Experiment

    If you have played an elictric violin you would understand that this (on a good violins) is more about the feel of interaction between bow and the dynamics of the whole violin body. This is very important for playing experience. An elictric violin feels dead even if it (to some) sounds awesome.