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  1. Now this is a serious scientific blind test I really like these guys, they are fun
  2. Quite often a middle mounted chinrest "kills" B1-, both in amplitude and frequency, sometimes lowered by ~20 hz. Sometimes B1- is not even a clear peak when mic is on the front side and a normal tap to the bridge. It doesn't help much on such violin to change to another middle mounted one. The only option is to change to a side mounted, to get the violin to live up
  3. Cellos don't have acoustics! They just hum annoyingly on the lower strings and have this aggressive noise on higher strings
  4. I have also managed to make glue with it that is as strong as hide glue, but not stronger.
  5. Yes, Fresh quark and pit lime is pretty amazing! The emulsion has endless possibilities and the result is far more better than hide glue/gelatin size. I always mix it with small amount of linseed oil. I have also experimented mixing it with dark varnish, colloidal silica or pumice
  6. Yeah, a lot of things are a lot more complicated than rocket science, isn't that one of the more simpler science areas
  7. 2015 Shell modes.pdf
  8. I had the same issue, not able to post (which probably is a good thing) The only thing that helped was to install AdBlock extension to Chrome So now I can post again, so, sorry about that
  9. First of all, just put some hide glue in a jar with water as I'm going to glue some wedges together tomorrow. F is no good, you are going to fail, because C is what you need to watch
  10. I too follow Don Noon's posts, however my plates ends up 345 Hz at 6% MC every time
  11. Yeah, just drill the holes. It takes about 5-10 sec.. (do it from both sides). Then adjust to perfection
  12. Fully agree now, would not have agreed three years ago It's unbelievable until you have cooked such varnish
  13. It could be a great thing though. Start over and get forgivness for all stupid/mean things written.
  14. As long as the software is growing and maestronet's database (and site, if images are stored on file system) is backed up, the risk is minimal
  15. Next time -> don't touch the pegs it's already perfectly tuned for you. Only it might not be the whole truth? Tuning a violin perfectly, strings one by one (196, 293.66, 440, 659.25 you can't even get that close) doesn't always give a nice tuned violin. Then fine tuning by getting the nice sound of two string played, now it "feels" right and the strings may be relatively off by a Hz or two??