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  1. No beef = no vegan, that's how the planet works. But in balance it has to be. I balance the environment by not eating vegan stuff like falafel and chicken and those sort of food. I say just eat the cow and make gelatin and hide glue
  2. And the solution is setup setup and well setup, learning by the vast Zoom videos from VSA nowadays! Except it is not, if you have a wolf you have a wolf and it might be inherent in other fifths or what ever. The solution is to make a powerful violin without THE WOLF. If you need to tame the wolf on a Expensive Strad, just make a big BB.
  3. Marty, You have knowledge in free plate modes! (so do I) The point is not what edge thickness does, but how different density materials has to be for the assembled violin to turn out. It's not complicated, it's knowledge! (BTW rocket science is not complicated, ask Mr. Musk)
  4. It took me sometime to get the strength to give this one a new life. I thought I had to open it and correct it but no. It still has its original mellow sweetest sound! To my surprise the modes hasn't change and are as they have been for over 20 years. Back then I had no understanding of playing and the owner made a new bridge and trimmed the neck. Another lesson for me even this day. This is the best neck I have played on, smooth and easy to reach and find notes. Everything is rounded just right! It's rather thin near nut 23.2 mm. Played it for a week now and my son commented (WTF), why have you been tweaking with your fiddles all this time. This is the best one you have ever made!
  5. My site: www.thestradsound.com based on Google "classic sites" isn't editable anymore (deprecated, have to move it to something else) So I'll use my bench more for awhile.
  6. At least I recognized they are 'top makers'. I also identified they used Zoom. If you are 'top' in other fields you would use Teams BTW, what is the best way to glue two pieces of different type of wood together, I have learnd how, with two pieces of the same wood...
  7. "Top makers", polite discussions for tentative consensus, leading to zero sum game. If everyone agrees all the time, not much takeaways. Although interesting to follow.
  8. What about the wood available for him?
  9. This is a statement that can be verified!? When I stress a plate by increasing the hight (especially top) M5 goes up and M2 goes down (not too much, but their ratio increases significally)
  10. This is a simple one, just do a lousy job and you are there
  11. How does it sound? ....... how stupid kind of question? Cross grain strenght is not about how does it sound! Cross grain strength is about "real crorss grain strength", measured in speed of sound and real stiffness! Higher arch will skew "cross grain strength", meaning M2 will look lower than real cross grain strength, compared to M5/M2 difference!
  12. Thank you Rue! I do not know who you are, but I can see that you care! And I was about to shot down and go to bed, I will sleep better to night because you care.... Good night!
  13. I'm up again late and will go to sleep Zzzzz Good night!
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