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  1. How many times can you cook resin(colophony) to get turpentine and then cook it again to get leftover resin to make a varnish based on, well pine resin?
  2. Forma has zero, nada nill to do with arching. The wood might?
  3. If you think that old Cremonese violins use to be dark you might be wrong. If you think that there varnish had been pigmented with cochineal you might also be wrong (or right). Never the less no one can replicate the varnish unless you can add 300 years
  4. Here is the direct link http://www.thestradsound.com/maestronet/stradivari-forma-by-addie Unfortunately the site is built on classic Google themes that no longer works. I plan to rebuild them. I miss "Addie" (I got to know his real name). Humble guy that gave a lot, didn't ask for anything in return. I bought him the book he wanted in return for all his work with the drawings. They really are his legacy.
  5. Yes, well said! I plane both halves and they fit perfectly, not possible without a great plane.
  6. I guess I still have a question, why shooting board? When you finally have your great plane, shouldn't you use your plane (it has great handles, the wood hasn't). If you are right handed, put your left hand on the knob and "shoot" with your right hand and get the feeling...
  7. My violin cabinet is getting empty. Giving away most of my Soil projects. Upper shelf nr. 1 and 2, next "Il Cannone of the Soils" Lower already given away. Time to start production!
  8. To OP Some time ago I got a Scheppach 1080 HMS It's great, but not for joining plates, just for evening up things first!
  9. That plane was an example that made me understand all the questions asked here and all the answers, that are actually pointless. Because you won't get the answers before you plane with such a plane, that is so awesome that all you questions asked are,,, well pointless, because then you understand what people here are trying to say!
  10. It is not about a shooting board, I plane both pieces (also maple) at the same time to get them perpendicular.
  11. I'm not here to judge, but I did not succeed until I got this: https://www.dictum.com/en/dictum-planes-baed/dictum-jointer-plane-no-7-japanese-blade-703375
  12. Jackson Maberry, straight forward and humble -> follow! (if you don't mind?)
  13. Crimson, so I looked at you pictures, The plane needs to go to recycle. Sorry, you really, really should focus on THE PLANE!!! Shooting board or not. It is the plane!
  14. Crimson, You are quick! Moving on to the shooting board, some never did, like me, never will! Shooting board or not, its still about THE PLANE. No shortcuts.
  15. I second lot of practice and want to add that a really good plane sharp as *&#@%, is the solution. Had lots of problems in the beginning, the new plane was the real solution.
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