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  1. Don't know what the right word is....
  2. Ok = Transition hill? We shouldn't invent new terms...
  3. What's midrange Can I be the rivisor for the subject?
  4. Oops, You woke the Viking! First 200 kg, is nothing to him., for every poke it doubles (no offence Anders) Vikings are the strongest/smartest people on this planet ever lived. (except for Finns)
  5. I realize that my post was from memory, learned from Davide Sora online violin making school That's what I have done, but recently having had Finnish high density wood with hard winter wood, there is a better solution. There is sandpaper and new tech "sandpaper", which is not actually sandpaper. I make files and blocks for these types, super effective and takes care of the problem: ABRANET
  6. It's understandable that everybody wants to help and give advice. But the fact is that it's all speculative without having seen/tried the violins. Can't say anything about what to do, but I think the most prominent factor is the shape of arching.
  7. 1. Good files 2. Sandpaper blocks of different shapes 3. Glue sizing and fine Sandpaper blocks
  8. At the risk of poking the bear. STL in that context was referring to Straight Tangent Lines - a concept in Zuger's publications, discussed recently and in many other threads.
  9. It's not a problem and it is wishful thinking that an open forum would be otherwise. It would be nice to also have a more professional forum though.
  10. Let's do that sometime, have a serious discussion about an interesting subject.
  11. I'm with the "imposter" David B on that it's impossible to have any meaningful conversation on MN. But have to admit your ingenuity it's actually funny.
  12. I realized something. It's like in school. If I would take all the questions and set them up as a numbered test and look up the answers on Robert's site I would get full score. Did this many times in school, just figure out what answers the teacher want (preferably as exact as possibly from his black board notes)
  13. I actually understand Robert's model. What I can't figure out is his response to all attempts of communication, which is repeating the same model over and over again. The rest was to mess a little bit with David B. There were two of them online (bad joke I admit)