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  1. You're right, it looks like I will have to try the other forum.
  2. But the site explicitely says about that forum: "The Fingerboard is focused on discussions relating to string instrument playing, practicing, technique, recent performances you've given or heard, the best CD of a particular piece and so on." Whereas the Pegbox is for: "This forum is for discussions relating to the “hardware” side of string instruments"
  3. Actually, I am not. That's not the topic of this thread.I just wanted to know what others like about the sound of his instruments.
  4. Hahaha.....that is too funny.....I'm sorry, I am so used to talking about violins I forgot to mention that. Ya, violins, anything from say $1000 and up. Wes
  5. I have to admit it, I like his instruments...at least over the internet, but I haven't been exposed much to them personally. Could someone who's either played them or owned them elaborate on what the sound is like on the ones they've heard, and specifically what they thought was so 'great'? What makes them better than others? Thanks! Wes
  6. I have to admit it, I like his instruments...at least over the internet, but I haven't been exposed much to them personally. Could someone who's either played them or owned them elaborate on what the sound is like on the ones they've heard, and specifically what they thought was so 'great'? What makes them better than others? Thanks! Wes
  7. What? Almost 2 weeks and no 'thank you'? She hasn't even read the responses! Some trolls should be banned.
  8. Hi Wendy.I had similar questions last year, minus the 5 string part, when I bought one. I was not able to try anything other than Yamaha, and since there were so many good reports about them, and I liked the sound and options, I ended up buying a Yamaha SV130. I tried the 150 and 200 I believe, but the 150 basically sounds the same and really isn't meant for performance, and I actually didn't like the sound as much on the 200, so I went for the 130. The one thing the 200 did better than the 130 was it was more dynamic. The 130 seems harder to vary in that way. But I didn't think the substantial difference in price justified getting the 200, and I am now very happy with the 130. The difference in price basically paid for an amp! The choice of amp will make a difference in the sound too. Don't get an amp for electric guitar, but for acoustic (I think I remember that right). This is the Yamaha violin page. The specs on each instrument are given by clicking on them. http://www.yamaha.ca/content/bandorchestra...p?from=products Another forum which talks a lot about these instruments is..... http://www.fiddleforum.com/fiddleforum/index.php?board=4.0 Good luck! Wes
  9. Oops! I guess there were posts after I left....sorry.The issue I had was the violin was "hoarse" when you played an A on the D. I didn't notice it when I bought it. We tried a lot of ideas, bridge mods, post relocation and type, checking all the lengths, all to no avail. I really like my Fein violin now, even though it has the occassional wolf whistle on the open E. It's just an amazing instrument. I can't recommend theirs enough. Wes
  10. And in case you've never "seen" Hillay Hahn, here's an exerpt! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5zIIpiGgio Bet you didn't know these clips were around. Neat huh?
  11. Not a Cello, but a Fein Violin, and I just love it!!
  12. I wonder if it's Salvatore Accardo. He just amazes me and seems to have a huge Discography already. But yes, whenever I hear Hillary Hahn on the radio I am just stunned.
  13. quote: Originally posted by: wmeng People put far too much emphasis on competition results. While I don't intend to disparage the VSA, I don't think the fact that this last convention's winners were all Chinese is meaningful at all. I also am skeptical of their scoring system in general, because often the judges' individual scores in different categories (ESPECIALLY in workmanship categories) often show wild variation. I have always been curious what a "Gold Medal" winning violin sounds like, but I agree with you, but perhaps for a different reason. If my violin wasn't perfectly even it would lose such a competition, but the overtones and texture I get out of it far outweigh that in my valuation, so I am very happy. But I don't think my instrument would win a medal. You just have to decide what's important to you and what you're willing to live with to have it. Wes
  14. I had a Gil Clark which was chinese, but also Scott Cao I believe has many of his made there I undertand. Wes
  15. A local dealer here is starting to carry them, and rave about them. I tried a lot of good violins recently and it was after that that I tried them. I was impressed. I think one was a Stantov, so it was around $5g or so US, but he also had a cheaper one that also sounded amazing. Actually, between the two I liked the cheaper one more. There was no label on it and he didn't say whose it was. I had bought a good Chinese violin in 2005. It was even, bright and I thought a decent instrument. When I tried the Bulgarian ones I could see there was no comparison. Mine sounded hard and unsophisticated. With the Bulgarian ones you instantly get texture and complexity, plus a good measure of projection, something I don't think you get too much with the Gligas from Romania. Build quality is excellent as well. He said that since he started carrying the Bulgarian ones he can't sell the Chinese ones. Fact is, had I gone for the least expensive one I could have had it for under $1500 US. I would have been laughing all the way to the bank. Some people "need" to spend more, but anyone who would have heard it would have been impressed. In the end I bought a Fein violin which sounded almost identical to the cheap one but had a bit more projection. Definately worth a look and (at least I think) will not waste your time. Wes
  16. I'm still wondering how many places sell this material. Do you open your yellow pages and look under Violin supplies, or Lumber yard? Hehe.. But seriously, does every major town have these sellers? Do they all stock good stuff?
  17. Thanks for all the replies. So where do you buy these woods? Doesn't sound like you'd do it over the internet, but how many places stock this type of wood in a given town? How far do you have to drive? And when you get there, how many pieces do you have to choose from? I still wonder what you mean by "it costs a lot more". Are we talking $50 more? How much is a one piece back (range)? Wes
  18. Since I don't build violins I am wondering what the process is for wood selection. I look at some violins that have amazing backs, primarily one piece impress me, and I wonder how it is that some builders get amazing pieces of wood with just stunning patterns, and others don't. Why doesn't everyone go for the same piece of wood? Who gets it? What's the process? Must be tradeoffs? Wes
  19. The final 4, with mine on the far left.
  20. Here is a picture of one of the rougher ones, though my concerns may now show well.
  21. Due to several private inquiries I have chosen to post my findings here as well. I guess in terms of looks they don't look as perfect as in the pictures, but some do look pretty nice. Only problem I had was the price was then 8 or 9 grand. He started with (I assume) the cheaper ones which had sandpaper scratches in the varnish which shocked me, but as we went on (and better ones came out?) their complection cleared. Sound wise I was impressed! I've played through many violins (around 100 at other shops) and can quickly discard an instrument for being uneven in tone, or tinny, etc., but I was never exposed to such a collection of good sounding instruments. Where I would discard 30-40% of violins at a dealer for not being even, at Dietrich's I discarded maybe 5% for that. I was there for 9 hours! The reason is, he makes the violin, and then later goes back and if there's something he didn't like he fixes it. Several of his have been regraduated. Basically, almost all of them sound great....and some amazing. I have never seen a violin where you can play so quiet. And then so loud. I ended up coming down to 5 instruments ranging from $4500 - 9000.00. I guess I wanted the $9000 one but didn't feel qualified to decide his instrument was worth that, so I took the numbers of the instruments and left to think about it further. In the end I found an instrument by Fein instruments locally that made me happy. So again, they sound fantastic, but sometimes the wood looks modelled. I guess I still need an instrument that I love to look at, and his didn't do that for me. Basically you do need to go there to try them, because ordering one sight unseen would not work, and he's not interested in that either. Cheers! Wes
  22. I agree with GMM22, although why he gets cold is a mystery to me....he's the fricken Sun!!! Anyway, I too don ear plugs when I play. Usually just the left ear. I finish practice and when I remove it I am amazed at how dead the Right ear sounds. And it's the one AWAY from the problem. I have a couple of musician ones I bought online somewhere and don't find much difference between them. Basically I put them in and if they're too muffling I pull them out a bit till I get the right amount of 'cut' in sound. From then on I can hardly tell I'm wearing them, and I am strongly wanting to hear the sweetness and everything I paid for to come out of that violin. Sometimes I will even wear one in performance! The violin can be so darn loud I sometimes hold back, and then someone after says they couldn't hear me. Well not any more! Wes
  23. Since I live in Canada even getting an instrument from the US on approval is tough. As far as I can figure I would have to pay all the import taxes and duties as if it wasn't going back....a big disincentive. I guess you have found that too, no? That when you send to other countries that it pretty much has to be a one way shipment or taxes will be paid for nothing, right? Those who read another thread I posted on know I tried several (50) instruments recently from a single maker and I was impressed how consistent his sounded one to another. I mean, there were variations, without question, but they all had excellent response and resonance. Would you describe your instruments in that way? Is there a pattern to the sound yours tend to produce? And what is it? Wes Wes
  24. Great website Obligato! Those are some great looking instruments. Are they deliberate copies of famous instruments? Do you stock in the United States? What price range are they, if I may ask. Thanks! Wes
  25. Nice site, that Gianna one, thanks. I certainly can understand buying violins off of ebay in order to restore and resell them, because in that case you don't really care what it sounds like, only the next buyer does. But who would buy their next 'main' instrument that way? When I go to test instruments I have to try so many to find my sound, I guess the buyer to whom a specific sound isn't important makes the best prospect. I seem to remember being in that category myself. I thought the concept of having a Scott Cao copy of a famous violin was neat enough to consider buying one regardless of what it sounded like.
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