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  1. I dont know what has happened. My profile here is different now. I was asked not to mention the board here, I will respect that, but my profile has been altered for the curious.
  2. Quote: Kabal- I am SO proud that you got that! A fellow (I hope) SOTL fan!!! The turkey comment... WHAT? Me no get. Thanks to all for replying; but about my Mendelssohn question; which fast movement is easier? 1 or 3? Any definative... um... Thoughts? I mean, personally, I think mvmt 3 is SOO easy and mvmt 1 is a killer. Thanks! Thank YOU! I really got a big laugh out of that, extremely clever, I wish I would have thought of it first. NuFan is joking about my cryptic attempt to give clues about what that means. My fiance and I are going through tough times, so that really made my day, obviously I am a big SOTL fan. To get on-topic, the opening of the Mendelssohn Concerto scares me to death, and I am a seasoned pro. I have heard a lot of great fiddlers play it out of tune. What do you mean when you say " Romantic Concerto"? Barber is not of this period, nor is Spohr or Viotti ( Debatable of course, but I would think of them as Classical composers). I go through this with my students: there is no "easy" romantic Concerto. It is a huge jump from Accolay to Bruch, and nothing in between. If Spohr is considered a Romantic composer ( he was a buddy of Beethoven), I would go with him and the Concerto # 8.
  3. Quote: Ok, I'll bite. What does it mean? I cant tell you, I have taken of vow of SILENCE. I like Genesis, I like the Lamb lies down on Broadway, and it was very historic when Hannibal crossed the Alps.
  4. Quote: It rubs the rosin on its bow... Wow, very clever I bet I am the only one who understands what this means...
  5. Quote: If you think Robert's name is so personal SMS, perhaps you ought to suggest that the joker not request info. on the BAVS site, don't you think? You also might prefer to make your requests to "Collective Wisdom" to her personally, as I understand she and Sal Wisdom, her husband of over sixteen years, have left the music business altogether and are raising a rare variant of the fava plant that tastes exactly like smoked herring. They are currently developing an ad campaign based on the phrase "You're full of beans!" and expect their logo to go national within the next fiscal quarter. Collective, known to those closest to her as Colly, does the clever drawings of beans dressed as fish, and Sal does the animation on the website. Well worth seeing. Hold me
  6. StringDad, I deleted the post because I thought it was mean on my part. The thread is now unlocked, people may post away. To be honest, I felt very foolish, which is why I locked the thread. I got an email saying Ms. Sunday had passed away, it didnt come from Maestronet or my board. I was extremely sad, even though Connie has been hard to deal with. I personally was very sad that somebody so young, with a love of music, could be gone. Now that I know it was a scam, I feel dumb, embarrassed, and stupid that I announced it on my board. Connie and I were friends at one point. She gave me a lot of advice and info about HTML and websites. I was honestly blown away when I heard about her death, I kid you not, I shed a tear, many. I was truly sad when I heard this, a very bright woman who is about my age. We have a lot of mutual friends together. I was obviously very angry when I found out it wasnt true. For the record, I apologize to Ms. Sunday for posting here.I am not entertained, I am sad. Connie has a lot to offer, I just hope that she stays well.
  7. Mary Jane is good, because of the pot stuff. Tarpley is a good name too. Menuhin is a great name, although I would go with somebody more obscure, like Auer, Carl Flesch, etc. When I fake my death, I wanna be Buck Nekkid, Hoo-flung-poo or Ivan Turnyurhedankoff. If you have to pick a fake name, go for the laughs.
  8. Sarah Jane is a nice name, there is a cool song by Genesis," Me and Sarah Jane", I love that tune. I love the name Priscilla. Penelope is a great one too, as is Marlene. Carmen, Margo and Elaine are great names too. As a man,if I fake my death, I would like to be Tucker, Tristan, Alexander, or Tiberius. Tiberius would be an awesome name, I would love that. Kabal is a boring name, everybody is named Kabal: Kabal Jones, Kabal Smith, etc. Tiberius would be awesome. Sincerely, Tiberius
  9. Dear Elle, I teach, and have lot's of ideas. I would be glad to help you. Of course, I would like to know who I am responding to. Connie Sunday is apparently dead. I announced this on my site, and I was very humbled when I found out this wasnt true. It would seem that your site has a lot in common with the Connie site. Let's face it, they are the same site. My tears go out to Ms. Sundays family, it must have been a shock to see somebody so young pass away. Rest in peace Connie. Elle sounds good, next time try Sarah, I love that name. Amati is a good name, but that has been taken,
  10. Howdy RainyAnn, Lots of good advice here. I would personally tape the kid on the el-cheapo tape recorder. The audition staff is not looking for a sound guy, they are looking for kids who can play. CD quality? That only happens if you have cool toys. I have a bunch of cool toys. I have reverb, yada yada. The people hearing the tunes would like to hear a good player, case closed. You could rent a studio, or you could get a mic at Radio Shack, same thing. I have heard 10000 tapes. I listen to the guy playing the fiddle. Fancy stuff is not going to matter, they are checking out who plays the fiddle good.
  11. It's a John Barry score I think, like Somewhere in Time
  12. Quote: I wouldn't jump to that assumption. For a while I checked relative traffic on this site, and theirs. In spite of all the self-congratulatory noise there about how they were burying us, our traffic wasn't down, and theirs was relatively low. even though the people who participated there make statements like that (that aren't verified by any numbers) all the time. (I loved their claim to be the hottest board on the internet-- Somebody on my board sent me a link to this thread, so I think I should reply. Sorry Michael, but I dont think you got tropical mom's point: She wasnt talking about "my" board, she was lamenting the slow times at Maestronet. Cmon Michael, the "duel" between Mnet and the " other board" is long over. Lots of people post on both boards, BFD. The "other" board has a lounge for non-violin stuff, and we enjoy that stuff, which you used to too. We like a board that is not 100% string talk, most human beings like different subjects. No, it is not the hottest board on the internet, just 16,000 posts in three months, not bad for a non-commercial board that hasnt made the major search engines, 408 members. Yes, we delete some posts in the "other place". We feel that this is better than deleting the 30,000+ posts that were deleted here in the soapbox. I would assume that this thread will be deleted soon. Best of luck to Maestronet. I like this place, I will continue to add some violin stuff here as well.
  13. In reply to: Even your best friends? And, did something force (e.g. otherwise it might have been shut down by others) Maestronet to get rid of someone or something (i.e. soapbox)? Or was it the simply the personal preference of the maesronet administration (which would include its financial supporters)? Sorry, Shimon, you have totally lost me, or else you are smoking some wacky tobaccy, I have no clue as to what the @#$% you are talking about. My best friends are people that I have touched, and held, and been with when they need a shoulder to laugh or cry on. This is a frgging Forum, dag nabit. You seem to be going mental: I dont care why any board did anything, it is just a stupid online forum, not the Warren Commission. I offer advice here on recording stuff, and I like this forum. Case closed, move along now, amigo.
  14. The soapbox was shut down, so I started another board that is somewhat a replacement to the soapbox: Same cast of characters, etc. Ironically (or perhaps a "taste of your own medicine"), the very problem that shut down the soapbox almost shut down my new board; basically 1 or two people acted very badly, just like they did here. We have taken care of the problem and are back to having fun. Some folks simply didnt want to follow the looser rules, so instead of shutting down a forum ( and therefore shutting down all activity), we just banned them, and all is back to relative normal.
  15. I have used them all, and I know a lot about music software. Sibelius is the best notation program on this planet, as TD said. It truly looks pro (it is pro). You can do a zillion things with this program. Finale is the industry standard, most pro's use it because they have used it forever, with all its changes. It has a steep learning curve, no doubt, but can do anything you want. I would pick Sibelius over Finale any day. As for ease of use, I would go with Encore. I dont even know if they make it anymore, but maybe you can get a used copy or something. It is really easy to use, and it looks pretty good when you print it out. Noteworthy composer has some weird things about it, but it is cheap. I have only seen the demo, but I dont think it works with midi files very well, or saves stuff with a different extension. As others have said, you might start with a less expensive program to get your feet wet. When you are ready for the bigtime stuff ( and bigtime bucks), Sibelius is the way to go.
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