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  1. Is it me, or do you see writing on the bass side upper bout next to the fingerboard? The word starts with a "G". Could be "Guarneri" or "Gand". I thought it was a watermark.
  2. It's from a book called Joseph Guarnerius: His Work and His Master available for download. I have it cued in my kindle, it's quite interesting. It was published by The Strad in 1906 and written before the Hill's figured out who all the Guarneri's were. Petherick, believed that DG trained under Andreas Gisalberti as there are some similarities in design. There are some DG's that bear a fake label "Joseph Guarneri alumnus Andreas Gisalberti". He theorized that Gisalberti was a violin maker by day, ballet teacher by night, hence his nickname Sante Ballerini. But then there's an entry in Jalovec of a Santo Ballerini (1740-1781) of Rome who worked on the pattern of Gisalberti and may have been his pupil.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9oFVh0gQAs4 Here's that DVD I remember reading about. Very interesting. He plays a Paul Harrild DG model in the video.
  4. I have a Chambers violin top sitting in the store room intended for my #1. It's a one-piece top because my jointing skills are non-existant at the moment. I need a magnifying glass to see the rings.
  5. Some say that he was Uncle Ted's original guitar teacher and the fumes coming out of his pipe is nuclear exhaust. All I know is, he's a Maestronet legend.
  6. Here's what he's been doing. Radical! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjCFVBUUuE4 Picking up the violin again after a long medical hiatus.
  7. Bruce, how often do you give it a checkup?
  8. meh...better than anyone of us can play.
  9. This is an offshoot of the "Lovely Guitar Playing" thread. I heard this guy on NPR yesterday. He received a long Paris standing-o, It was good. Made me go "hmmm" after hearing that he is North Korean. Of course, there's not much information about him aside from studying at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow (2005-2006) and winning 2nd at the 2006 Paganini Moscow competition.... All this after violin training from the DPRK reconnaissance bureau.
  10. What's his point with the Petherick quotes? I thought all that was debunked a long time ago.
  11. So this is what an antiqued violin looks like after 167 years. It finally looks its age.
  12. That's very interesting. Thanks for sharing that. The violin looked very tubby on my home monitor, which was why it caught my eye. Here at work, my monitor is configured differently so the front looks a little more like what it's supposed to be, but the back still looks wonky.
  13. I stumbled upon this violin by John Wons while surfing. It's actually on apartmentluthier's website (cupertinostrings.com). At first glance it looks like a violin made off the Heron-Allen Sainton DG plans (the description says "Modeled after the Guarneri pattern of the Heron-Allen school"). If you've ever read Heron-Allen or attempted/used his plans, you might have a small connection to this violin. I like looking at the imperfections just as much as the imperfections on the actual Sainton DG. My first assumption would be that it was made by an amateur but a further search finds a 1964 and a 1973 article from a Wisconsin newspaper about John Wons as being a professional violin maker. apartmentluthier, can you tell us more about this violin?
  14. Road Trip! Have a safe one. And please post a lot of photos when you can.
  15. To summarize the video (I think the video probably is not viewable to everyone) the grit on the shark skin ended up to be about the equivalent of 600 grit sandpaper. So I gather that a woodworker in the day could either make it themselves or bought it ready made from the 17th century equivalent of Woodcraft and get it in different grades The denticles (or micro scales) were viewed under a microscope and it shows that they are organized in rows - much like a file - and different from the randomness of the sand on sandpaper. Is there any benefit to that over sandpaper?
  16. Mythbusters - Shark Skin vs Sandpaper Making a new thread since the Sandpaper thread of Oct 2011 is long.
  17. It looks like your grandfather enjoyed playing it so it must be a good violin.
  18. No, the Machold is still out there. I've seen it with my own eyes.
  19. Here's something old in a dead room. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeJvwZXB0n8 Christian Tetzlaff's 2002 Stefan-Peter Greiner. It sounds like a viola so it may have something to do with the way it was recorded because none of the other videos of Tetzlaff sounds like that.
  20. Meh, they're both okay. It's so great how youtube has all this content available but my German is non-existant...wish it had subtitles. Fast forward to 7:00 where Anne-Sophie hands her student a violin. Modern violin? These DG videos used to cost a fortune at the store.
  21. Don't mention it. Been a while since I've been on Maestronet. Feels good to be back. Say what you want about her playing (I'm a fan of most of her stuff) and I know it's not the world's greatest violin, but the way it's recorded brings me back to my lessons. My teacher would demonstrate Hrimaly and Kayser in the living room of his gaudily furnished apartment, on his $50k high-arched eighteenth century French violin. And instead of paying attention to the bowing and fingering, I'm wondering why the hell it's so loud while I can barely get a good sound out of my student instrument. And it had a hoarse/hissy/buzzy "aftertaste" for lack of a better word. That's sort of the feel I get with this NPR video. It sounds like I'm in the room with her.
  22. Glad to see you online and I hope everything is well.
  23. I'm not sure if this fits the topic of this discussion, but the violin IS hard to record (just about everything about it is hard). To me, this is the best example of sound & feel of a good violin (if I were sitting a few feet away from it in a room) on youtube. So, not quite 150 years young but it's almost modern. Small room, closely mic'd, either she plays it with a lot of bite or it has a lot of bite. Is this what the Canon sounded like when Paganini had it?
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