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  1. Does anyone remember what the approximate weight of a cello packed in a large box is?
  2. I won't be traveling with it. I just need to ship it there. It's actually my uncle's cello. He needs an instrument for his students when they go to him for lessons so they don't have to drag a cello around with them. I've seen people lug those things around. It seems like a chore.
  3. It's a West German Hofner from the sixties. Nothing spectacular, just a decent cello. It's going to be a studio instrument so students don't have to lug one around the city to and from a lesson. So. Loosen the strings, use some styro to keep the bridge up, cross fingers and hope the soundpost doesn't fall? My only gripe with the UPS/FedEx/DHL is the high duty that they are required to charge the recipient. HK is a free port so they might not have that problem but I hate getting those nasty emails complaining about that surprise duty charge.
  4. I need to ship a cello from Houston to Hong Kong. Does anyone have experience with this? Should I fly it there or put it on a slow boat to China?
  5. This topic reminds of the movie "Jiro Dreams of Sushi". See it if you haven't...even if you hate sushi. It's the same with anything you choose to do especially when you go at it alone. Whether a restaurant, landscaping, or violin maker, unless you're rich, it's going to be hairy before it gets better. You just have to stick with it and try to make the next work better than the last.
  6. I don't have an answer to your question but I just wanted to say that on my next long distance road trip, I want to make a stop at the Scott Cao Outlet! Sorry...I just had to.
  7. I guess our scales are a bit different. School instruments sounded like an unplugged muffled Yamaha silent violin. The skylark has, I would say, $500 tone. A decent Strad would be what, 5,000 times better?
  8. In general I would agree with you. If the Wm Lewis sounded better, I would have played it. But keep in mind everything is thicker on a William Lewis. The school models are built like tanks. Build wise, yes, the Wm Lewis is better. This Skylark has a more proper thickness in the plates and a thinner varnish. Out of the store, the pegs were slipping and it needed a good fitting bridge. With, a decent setup, this particular Skylark sounded good. Mr Miller was an old school band teacher and a fine trombone player. I never heard him play anything on a bowed instrument north of tuning strings. The thought of anything in the orchestra being built in Red China from the late 1989 must have made his stomach churn even though some of the William Lewis violas and cellos were probably built in China, finished in Germany, and then imported to the U.S.A.
  9. Ironically, I can relate to her situation a bit. My instrument going into High School was a $50 orangy-peach colored Skylark which I still have and adore. It sounded eighty times better than any of the William Lewis violas that the school owned. My teacher gave me an ultimatum, either borrow a William Lewis or take the Skylark in for a $300 set-up, and I chose to get the set-up. I eventually made first chair later on even though it was evident that my teacher hated that viola (everything sounded great, except for a nasally A string). He kept insisting that I play a school instrument even though when we played solos and parts individually, my classmates all ooh'd and aah'd at my tone. I guess at their age, they're all playing on junk. Doesn't matter if it's purple, if she keeps up with it and moves up to the next step, I hope it's not purple.
  10. http://www.latimes.com/news/nation/nationnow/la-na-nn-school-purple-violin-20120912,0,6370815.story One day, she will realize the err of her ways.
  11. I recently accompanied four very expensive items valued close to the ballpark of JB's strad. I was totally paranoid on the journey to and from. Couldn't leave the hotel room, Couldn't stop at a decent restaurant. Drive-Thru only. This probably what it feels like to travel like a virtuoso.
  12. Is that what the website is quoting you? Website quotes are often inaccurate. If so, give them a call, they might be able to give you a more realistic quote. But then you're in Taz, they're in the states. $100 sounds about right if the book weighs what I'm assuming it weighs. It will have to ship USPS Priority Mail at the very least.
  13. As a buyer, I like the protection that PayPal provides in conjunction with eBay. As a seller, I generally encourage my customers to purchase outside the jurisdiction of eBay and PayPal. This saves us on transaction fees and commissions which we pass onto the buyer. Ebay HATES this!
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