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  1. Hmm, I wonder what the link is between violins and vampires then, considering that along with the book Rosin just mentioned, Ann Rice, who is known for her vampire novels, is rather obsessed with violins too. Still, her book "The Violin" is horrible, and should only be approached if you need something to stoke up a fire with. Cellists might want to check out "Canal Dreams" by Iain Banks. Though don't go getting ideas about additional functions for your cello's spike....
  2. Hi Songbird, Despite the name (needed a name in a hurry, cue "holy viola!"), I'm a violinist, and although I don't rule out experimenting with the viola, I reckon I'd have a lot of trouble with it. I'm pretty small in stature, and the viola's greater dimensions would certainly make things awkward. Of course, I've never tried it so it's hard to tell. From what I hear though from violinists who have made the change, is that all viola jokes aside, it's a far more challenging instrument than it appears at first, and just because a person can play violin, doesn't mean they find the viola easy. Ah, maybe one day Have a good day!
  3. It was more tiring than I bargained for! I was only nine and for some reason, it never occurred to me that the violin be such a pain to hold for minutes and minutes at a time.
  4. Practise, practise, practise, practise. You get the idea. Something a piano teacher once told me, that could be applied to violin or any instrument, is learn to play pieces very fast. Even if the piece itself is not fast, you should get to know it to the point of your being very comfortable playing it fast...to play it without thinking about it.
  5. Hey guys, back away from this "peice", with it's great "luster". It says only "seriouse biders" need apply.
  6. *shudders* I bought that when I was a kid. The line "don't ever let me go", is sang "doan EVAH LET ME GOOOOoooOOOO!", which is very jarring with the rest of the song. Sometimes you have to see the lyrics written to realise how bad they are.
  7. I think U2 have used orchestral sections too. "Hold Me, Thrill Me..." springs to mind. Perhaps one of the local U2 fans could fill you in on them.
  8. I have a recording of him playing the Berg violin conc. While I'm not a fan of that concerto, that is by no means a reflection on Kavakos's playing. He is a fine player. Congrats on getting to see him, let us know how it goes (if you go)
  9. In reply to: Champagne, coffee, sex and classical music-perfect! But surely not all at once?
  10. Brilliant! Now when I listen to Barber's Adagio for the millionth time, I can actually say it is for the good of my health! I do kind of understand...the buzz you can get is amazing. Anyone else think this thread is crying out for a Redrobism or two?
  11. Well, History is the primary track I can think of for The Verve that uses strings. They split up after Urban Hymns, and their earlier stuff was rockier. Most of the songs I'm going to mention with strings are British. You could always use a file sharer like SoulSeek if you wanted to try them. Shiny Happy People - REM (Cue Kabal!!) Stop Your Crying - Spiritualized The Universal - Blur Weather Storm (instrumental) - Craig Armstrong More Than Us - Travis Unfinished Sympathy - Massive Attack Hey Lisa (instrumental) - David Holmes Finished Symphony (instrumental, try for the Soundtrack Edit) - Hybrid She Came Home For Christmas - Mew
  12. Bittersweet Symphony was the tune I was trying to recall, lol Although The Verve were one hit wonders in the states, they were a huge band in the UK, and have a few other songs with strings involved, like The Drugs Don't Work, Lucky Man, History, and others. You'd be wise to check out their Urban Hymns album, if you like Bittersweet Symphony. Bjork's Joga has some nice strings on.
  13. The Green Day song to which you refer is called Good Riddance (Time of your Life), and yes, it is very beautiful. Quite a few songs have violins, or celli, or string sections in. I just sadly can't think of them right now...
  14. In reply to: I was actually moved to floods of tears at the end (and only one other violinist has done that!) Hmmm, I wonder who that could be? I recorded his performance at the Proms for future listening, and even though I am not the greatest fan of the Shostakovich, his playing was exceptional. Thanks for posting the date of performance. I'll be sure to get to hear it on the Beeb
  15. In reply to: I read in the Guardian a couple of months ago about an elderly woman's cremation ceremony. As requested, her coffin disappeared through the curtains to the sound of the theme tune from "Countdown". I love it!
  16. The 1812. I want the lot by the way...cannons, bells, whistles, choir. I don't even like it that much, but it is so da-da-da And, Do You Realize??? by The Flaming Lips, MUST be played.
  17. Aha! Now it all makes perfect sense. I'd rather have a packet of crisps....
  18. I thought it might be someone like that, but didn't know who. Sprite might have something...it could be a bank or something like that.. This surely was not the advertiser's point? We recall the commercial, but not the company!
  19. In the UK, we did have an advert involving a violin, but I TOTALLY forget what they were advertising. Maybe when I explain, a UK based Maestronetter will come up with the answer. Basically you hear this violin playing Beethoven's Romance in the background throughout the ad. The schtick seems to be people doing things you don't expect from them, so we have Roy Keane (footballer who gets in trouble a fair bit) doing embroidery, daleks becoming buddhists, etc. In the end the violinist appears, looking like a fiddler (cowboy hat etc), but playing this refined classical music. Now what was that advert for?
  20. Well, first, congrats on the superior. Second, STOP COMPLAINING YOU UNGRATEFUL OLD BAG! Kidding! Remember that you pick up on mistakes you make more than anyone else. The bouncing bow to you might have seemed like an error the size of the Titanic, but perhaps didn't come over like that to the listener. Besides, you deserve credit for even getting up there! Next time, have a banana (I might be really slow, but a lesser known violinist called Yehudi Menuhin apparently swore by bananas to calm his nerves. I didn't know that), chill out, and knock the judges dead. And watch as you get an average rating....strange people those judges!
  21. Yep! The French violins are male, the German violins are female, and the violins from English speaking countries seem to be keeping their options open.
  22. Violon in French, is a masculine noun. That's about it!
  23. I didn't think violins had gender? Though actually, although I tend to think of them all as bits of wood, if I were to say they had a sex, it would be male. It's all that whining if you don't play them right that is the giveaway I think Okay, that was low guys, I know.... I am female btw, lol
  24. In reply to: One of us should fork out the $50 for the plastic model and see if he/she likes it Sounds like a job for Stephen Redrobe!
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