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  1. quote: Originally posted by Violonetoile16: I'm not sure if I agree with the Mendelssohn concerto being in that list. I don't think it fits in with the other works in the list. It's far more demanding tehnically and musically and is often used in major competitions and auditions (like for college). The question was what piece are played in competitions that are not very difficult. The Mendelssohn, when played correctly, is very difficult. That's just my opinion. ~Violonetoile~ I don't find anything majorly difficult about the Mendelssohn.
  2. 1.Czardas, Monti 2.Meditation, Thais 3.Mendelssohn Violin Concerto, 1st Movement 4.Romanian Dances, Bartok 5.Praeludium and Allegro 6.Serenade Menlancolique, Tchaikovsky 7.Spring, Vivaldi (Boy am I sick of hearing that) 8.Tchaikovsky Violin Concerto, 2nd movement 9.Havanaise, Saint Saens (I love this one.) 10.Bach a minor [This message has been edited by Yana (edited 04-18-2002).]
  3. Probably 3/4 up the bow, the upper half.
  4. My first violin was a 3/4 size Skylark.
  5. I find Vengerov and his playing very sexy!
  6. quote: Originally posted by yesnon: Popcorn. cheap, bio-degradable. Tastes good with butter too. hahah good one!
  7. quote: Originally posted by mgrace: Thanks, friends! I just downloaded a sample program of Slow Blast, which I could start using immediately. It's simple to use and does what I want, which is to slow tunes down and nothing else. Well, it does speed them up too, in case I want to get ahead of myself! McGrace, where did you download the trial version from?
  8. quote: Originally posted by vieuxtemps: You should be in 5th position or so. For the first section, your bow arm is doing AEAD AEAD; the fingering is 2024 2024, etc. In both passages, the 2nd of every 4 16th notes is an open string. A fingering, starting from m.17: (G#)2024 | 2023 | 2023 | (A)3032 | 3031 | (G#)2021 | 2031 | (F#)2021 | etc. M.26 either 2042 or 2031 | 2032. Shift during the open E. I agree with this fingering. This is the exact fingering I used when I was 15, and it worked very well for me. Make sure you practise the 'AEAD' string passing until you are comfortable before adding any fingering. Hope this helps
  9. Oh, I had never seen ABC format before. So how do you tell the value of the notes?
  10. I've never heard of anyone receiving free strings! But isn't it a nice thought anyway...
  11. quote: Originally posted by violist87: At our youth orchestra , We've played no songs ya'll have mentioned. Procession of the Nobles Malda, Down a Country Lane Copeland, Pavane Faure, Finlandia Sibileus, The Ascenion, March Slave, Yorkshire Ballad, and Norweigen Dances Grieg However, our orchestra played most of those *last* year: Pavane, Faure March Slave Finlandia, Sibelius
  12. quote: Originally posted by staylor: And if you want to know how to use your time meanwhile, you might like to go through as much as possible of Kreutzer on your own. You wouldn't have wasted one momment of that in between time. I'm not saying now, necesarily, but about any in between time. It could make a great difference, as I seem to be finding out now. As an example, one can first do 2 a day (=21 days, thought not every single day necesarily)[just sight reading slowly and thoughtfully] Then second time around, one a day, and third time, 2 per week. Hahaha sorry, but that's a really funny solution.
  13. I think a student of only 6 years may be able to play Zigeunerweisen, but will he be able to perform it? There is nothing worse than seeing someone play a piece that's to difficult for them badly. They're better off playing an easier piece to perfection! If your student is hardworking and has talent, then it may be possible. Maybe just give him the first page for inspiration.He may love it so much that he can't help but practise it for hours on end!
  14. The Youth Orchestra I am in is currently playing the following: Shostakovich 5, Mendelssohn's Hebrides Overture, Holsts Planets, Offenbach's Orpheus in the Underworld, Stravinsky's Firebird Suite and Beethoven's Wellingtons Sieg.
  15. The Dishwashing liquid Morning Fresh really works wonders when polishing the scratches out of cd's.
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