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  1. $700 might as well be $7,000,000 right now....and more then I paid for my truck! Anything would be better then what she has now. Her orchestra is playing Carnegie Hall next month so I would like her to, at least feel like she has decent equipment. Thanks very much for the suggestions. I'm probably going to print this thread and use it as reference when we go shopping! Thanks again. Edit:I'm confused! She's playing at the Festival in Feb. She's going to see Yo-Yo Ma next month.
  2. If it is a quality product and not a ripoff, i'll be happy if my daughter is. My bike is english (chinese) and the quality is good. I like the Londoner bows. How do they sound?
  3. My daughter got a $150 gift certificate from Guitar Center in Paramus. She really needs a new bow so I want to take her down there with her cello to try out a couple. I will throw in another hundred bux or so. They carry Bellafina, Glaesel, Karl Willhelm and some others. Guitar Centers cello bows. Any one have any preference in brand names? I guess it boils down to which ever one she likes best but I would feel better if it wasn't Chinese rip off junk. Thanks
  4. Update: My daughter earned a blue ribbon! There was a little drama over what scales to play but it turned out fine in the end. I really think that all the miscommunications etc were because the teacher was obsessing over her own child's situation. Can't really fault her for that. Now it's on to the Hudson Valley Youth Chamber Orchestra.
  5. Thanks for your input. My wife arranged for a private teacher before school started last year. I think the teacher is probably very good. She came highly recommended. Most importantly, my daughter likes her. My paranoia is not without cause. I have had 3 years dealings with the school district on another level with another child but that is another story. Suffice it to say that I now have a "healthy scepticism" and a reaffirmation that we are all human beings and none of us are without flaw. On the contrary. I appreciate your input and thank you for cueing me to clarify. We received a second Suzuki book in the mail yesterday. $4.00 used from Amazon is cheap piece of mind that she will have, at least, that requirement covered come June. Thanks again.
  6. All noted and thank you for your input. I agree with everything you say although my outlook is jaded and quite darker then yours. That's the reason I'm doing this all as quietly as I can. I don't want my daughter to feel that there is some kind of conspiracy to undermine her. I am trying to make sure I cover her bases parallel and from afar. I was an auto shop teacher at two different schools. My wife was a special-ed teachers assistant. My Mom retires this year from special-ed. My mother in law retired about 7-8 years ago from special-ed. My father in law was a chemistry teacher in my high school. My Grand Father was a principal. My Grand Mother was a gym teacher. My Father was an English-as-a-second-language and Esperanto instructor at a university. I just don't want my kid to feel embarrassed or betrayed at the festival because someone "forgot" to tell her about something. It would be a real shame if she was turned off by politics (if that's what is happening). She doesn't get it and wouldn't want any part of it if she did. Thanks to all who have weighed in so far. The festival isn't for a while but I will revisit this thread to update. In the mean time, if there is anyone who would like to add here, their experience or knowledge, please do that. I would feel much better if I knew I was on the same page as NYSSMA, just so I could tell my daughter if there is anything that she might encounter that she hasn't been briefed on.
  7. The flyer says "two original books or solos". Could that be a typo? Should it be two books and solos? Or does that mean that you can buy just a sheet with the piece you want to play? The teacher is only having her practice one piece (Bourree #12). Actually I just checked a page from the 2009 MYSSMA manual my Mom dropped off. It says: Suzuki Cello School, Vol. 2 (any 1). For Nelson and Stevens, it says any 2. So hopefully I'm reading this right and it depends on what book you're playing out of. If I'm right, she only has to play one piece. How about scales and sight reading? How does that go for level 2?
  8. It says on the pamphlet she brought home that she's to bring two books and two solos. It isn't worded clearly. Does that mean two copies of the same Suzuki book and her choice of one of two solos out of it?...them? I think I'm going to try to pick up a used copy of what ever other book she needs from Amazon. I don't want to rely on anyone else, even though the kids are supposedly going to share a second copy of the other book.
  9. This is going to sound crazy but I'm sure some of you have experienced or heard of something similar before: My daughter, in 6th grade, decided last year that she wanted to try cello. She had been playing my great-great Uncle's violin for about a year. She's been at the cello for less then 8 months and, without even working hard, is already caught up with the kids who have been playing since grade school. She is just now starting to get serious. She was recommended for All County a few months back but was passed over for the school music teachers kid. My daughter was unprepared for the audition and as a result, performed under her ability. She was blind sided by some of the judges expectations and choked. Now, the kids are starting to repair for the NYSSMA festival and we're not sure that the music teacher won't sabotage my daughter by forgetting to tell her what all is expected of the participants. My Mom teaches for a neighboring district and was warned about our teacher by someone who knew of their extreme competitiveness. I know there's noting at stake really but I don't want my daughter to feel like she did at All County. My daughter will (quietly) eclipse the music teachers kid by Summer I think. They have the same private teacher. I was wondering if anyone here might PM or Email me just to give me an idea what my daughter needs to bring, what she should wear (she looked like a ragamuffin compared to the other kids at All County), and anything else that the participants are responsible for or expected to do. I have looked at the NYSSMA web site but it seems like they leave a lot of stuff for the music teachers to take care of in regards to briefing the students. It's very sad to me that my daughters natural talent is possibly causing this jealousy. She's a sweet kid and not aggressive or competitive...just loves music. I wonder if there is a way to keep my daughters progress hidden from the music teacher. Thanks and feel free to ban me if this is to outlandish a "conspiracy theory"!
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