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  1. Not a very nice thing to say to anybody. Reminds me of one of my school teachers when I was a kid who was a bully.
  2. Quick google search for violin jokes came up with these two. They're so bad I find them funny. Q: What is the difference between a violin and a viola? A: A viola burns longer. Q: Why does a viola burn longer than a violin? A: It is usually still in the case.
  3. Bet you wouldn't complain if everything you made did though : )
  4. The unsung heroes in my workshop are the 9" and 7" quick release Record bench vices I picked up second hand over thirty years ago.
  5. Oh! I was expecting to see a tredle powered motor in operation
  6. Here's one of me looking over your shoulder looking at a picture of Tommy looking at the picture in the book of Juliet looking at the picture in the book
  7. That one tree could best suit one particular violin pattern over another is hard to fathom. Is this something other makers are concious of?
  8. The Irish don't have a monopoly on all of this shenanigans. St Patrick is also the patron saint of Nigeria where they also manufacture Guinness. In fact they are the third largest consumers of Guinness on the planet.
  9. Bruce Carlson give a clear explanation here.http://www.maestronet.com/forum/index.php?/topic/327794-purfling-on-king-of-spain-strad/#entry574427
  10. Hard to know from the photo what size the pie is. Are those cello ff's
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