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  1. You are in luck, Great Violinist of the Bell telephone hours is region 0. Which means it has no region restrictions so you can go ahead and purchase it in the states and play it on your region 3 player. I got mine from amazon.com. 그럼 이만... *꾸뻑*
  2. My teacher has me paying per lesson basis and so far I cancelled 1 lesson in 6 months. I am an adult with a full time job and my teacher knows that I am there because _I_ want to learn, and not because someone else wants me to learn. She makes sure to let me know that I can cancel lessons without any penalty. I appreciate her flexibility and I will never ever take advantage of her policy unless I absolutely have to. I used to take lessons from a different teacher who required monthly pay and if I missed a lesson and my teacher can't fill me in then I lose that lesson. At the time I was not a full time worker, but a full time student with a part time job. I was an adult however at age 21. I can say that I was not happy with the arrangement, I felt like a kid. I think if the teacher shows respect towards their students, the students will return more respect towards them in addition to the "default" respect the teacher gets from just being a teacher. The previous statement assumes that the students are mature and are willing to work (I suppose most adult students are in this category).
  3. Does the degree of the arch of the table determine the brightness of the instrument? Or is it something else?
  4. Anyone know how the sound quality is on Rostropovich and Richter DVD on www.HMV.com? Is it comparable to "great violinists of the bell telephone hour" ? Thanks in Advance,
  5. I, too, do not put all of my fingers down when playing.
  6. I say you keep it, if it sounds that good and enjoy its voice. If I were in your shoes, I'd keep it...
  7. It does look nicely made but other Maestro from Gliga are around 1/4 of its price. I would feel really uncomfortable paying around $14000 for carving...
  8. When this happened to my cello was when I had my bridge cut and 4 strings were taken off and then back on. I just used my thumbs with my index finger as base and pushed the bridge down to where it was suppose to be. Did you have a repair done that was necessary to take all 4 strings off? or did you just decide to change all 4 strings at once?
  9. I actually did meant Cello, I am not sure of the effect the curvature of the fingerboard on violin have on notes next to each other on E&A and D&G. I was just giving an example on an instrument that I play (despite my name I am not a violinist). But I assume from your reply if you moved your finger perfectly across from A on E string to A string, the D on A will be in tune on the violin.
  10. On the cello, if you put your 1st finger down straight across from A to D in 4th position so that A is playing E and D is playing A, E on A will sound flat because of curvature of the fingerboard. So one needs to compensate for it. This is true for double stops (or single notes that are suppose to be next to each other on neighboring string) on A & D and G & C. Double stops on D and G do not need any compensation. So what you are describing doesn't sound like a big issue to me, but then violin fingerboard doesn't have as much curvature as cello fingerboard...
  11. Can you take pictures in Lib of Congress and Smithsonian? p.s. Thank you Roman for seeking me out
  12. Do you know if you are allowed to take pictures in this "madison" building? Thanks
  13. Michael, who wrote the book?
  14. Hey Steven, I have a question about keeping the bow flat on the strings. Was this suggestion towards violinists and violists only? Or to cellists as well? M of 1716
  15. I'm sure you experienced this yourself but with music the progress rarely seems to come gradually. But rather in big steps, you hit a "glass ceiling" and you stay at that level for a week, 2 weeks or maybe more. One day you come to a realization of something that you weren't aware of and you make it to a new level of playing (or singing). So if your progress have been slow in last week or two, I would guess that a new break-through in not far behind.
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