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  1. Jeffrey, would you say it is an authentic J B Collin - Mezin violin?
  2. I am wondering, is this dark area 'antiquing' or age related patina?
  3. The fittings are 100% silver (except for the liner of course)
  4. Hello all, If anybody can identify this bow it would be much appreciated.
  5. "This gave the impression of a nice brown polished finish with horrible gunky black stuff on it. The latter could be relatively easily 'cleaned up' with a standard linseed oil/methylated spirit mix and a bit of fine wire wool if desired, or left as the patina of age" - Bob K I had not seen Bob's comment previous to my last post. PRECISELY!
  6. "The dark varnish that Bass Clef likes, is more the sort prevalent in Vienna and many other Füssen diaspora regions from about 1730 until about 1815 and is of an entirely superior nature" Most assuredly so... In doing a little cleaning/polishing with a commercial violin cleaning solution the so called dark "varnish" transferred from the violin to the cleaning cloth with minimum resistance. Something akin to semi dry oil paint encountering turpentine. Within a very short time all said varnish was gone and this violin is now displaying it's attractive , what I assume to be original orange/red varnish. My conclusion is that a previous owner decided he/she wanted a black violin and used whatever was on hand to achieve the desired effect. I will post photos for those interested shortly.
  7. Thanks for the comments. I hope these photos may assist. I do not imagine this is a valuable violin monetarily but it certainly is in regards to It's exceptionally good tone. Thanks again.
  8. Hello All, Can anyone help with the identification of this violin? It has a paper label within which is unfortunately indecipherable. Thankyou kindly
  9. Seeking advice on authenticity of this violin. Is it what it claims to be?
  10. hello all, considered buying this violin but I have no idea what it is. (I also wonder if it has been re-varnished ?) Any guidance appreciated. Apologies for the pictures. All I have unfortunately.
  11. Oh yes, I see what you mean. I was curious about the strangely placed little holes. And not being so old, why would it have a graft?
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