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  1. Good choice. It will look very nice.
  2. Very nicely done!! How does the violin sound? What maker did you pattern the violin from?
  3. Strad pattern f's.....help Michael where ever you are!
  4. I can't imagine selling something I don't have, but I guess if you have an e-Bay ID and a payment portal, you can "sell" anything. Take the money and run.... New e-Bay name anyone?
  5. Jacob The temperature in Minnesota is currently 93 degrees F and I prefer to chill my red wines a bit to compliment the barbeque tastes of summer....If any one objects to the colder reds, tell them they that you can stick their's in the microwave for a couple minutes! Today's wine picks: Geyser Peak sauvigon blanc 2004 Columbia Crest "Grand Estates" merlot 2001 Just my opinion....
  6. Since there has been a lot of discussion about bows recently, I thought I would start another thread. I was wondering how a new bow is fumed with nitric acid. What is the procedure? I have seen new bows that are nearly black in color that must have had direct contact with nitric acid. That look is flat and looks like graphite. I'd like a way to make a chocolate looking stick. Also, where do you get nitric acid? I used to get nitric and sulpheric acid at the drug store for jewerly making. Do they still sell it at these places?
  7. I'll make a guess..... 1. Tourte 2. Pajeot (or Joseph Henry) 3. E. Sartory
  8. I've had a couple of these "Trademark" bows and I know they are of Japanese origin, but the wood has always been very like permambuco and strong. Usually they are dyed a reddish color with a hard finish. I can imagine one of these producing the results of much more expensive bows. On e-Bay they always get under $100.00. If the bow works for you, keep it as a good second bow. Someday people will know that you have a pretty good bow! Just my observations. Joe
  9. It seems that these are sellers and shill bidders. They hope you will research their buys, then bid them up. The violin could be kind of nice. but not worth the $2000.00 he paid for it......On the other hand...maybe a psycho paying too much, then putting the things back on e-Bay to experience an "auction rush" in the sale. It is fun to watch what your auctions bring.
  10. How many pictures do you have to look at? The best evidence of value comes from e-Bay. When might we see these listed?
  11. pknorr.. You should instruct these people on the Forum of how you win all these auctions. What Sniper service do you use? I find that the only way to buy on e-Bay is by sniping. Pick a maximum price and the service places the bid for you! Additionally, why have you been buying old, turn of the century German violins? Are you hoping to turn a good profit for retirement? Just wondering...
  12. "A friend of mine once commented to me that if you want to be a visible musician, if you hadn't won a major competition by the time you're 15, you might as well just quit." Yikes!!!! Michael.....Everyone should just start learning, "The Devil Went Down To Georgia".....
  13. This is starting to get kind of unsettling! From LAH Bows, "Yesterday morning, Feb 5, I left a message on your answering machine telling you that your credit card had already been credited. Check your messages." This was the message left by LAH Bows. I check my phone messages daily at 1045AM CST and 1730 CST. I do not miss them! Regretably, as of 0127 AM, 02 07 2004 my account has not been credited... Joe PS. The original order has been cancelled! If a date is necessary, I saved my e-mail!!
  14. Craig, It seems that this problem is being corrected slowly. My money is still in limbo.....seems that the item I ordered is no longer available and I didn't get the e-mail saying this, (double checked e-mails and deleted files). After 3 weeks, LAH Bows says that they didn't get my e-mails or phone messages and it must be my fault that I am trying to rectify this! Sorry Lynn.. I am a hack at bow making and restoration and have never had any instruction...just wing it and hope it works! That is why I try to push the most out of this Forum to learn what I don't know! I'm getting much better! Thanks all for the recent support. I'm not trying to damage anyone's reputation....just trying to get some tools!? Looks like I will do the best that I can with my little Stanley. Joe
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