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  1. Well, as I said, cello strings last longer - I don't have experience with violin. Not to mention the ears
  2. Roughly once a year - but I'm a cellist, and the strings seem to last better. Last set was Pirastro Obligato's which sound great, but may not make it past 7-8 months. I wonder about those who change very often (like every few days) - it seems like more of an affectation than a necessity. But then, maybe my ears aren't so good...
  3. I'm looking for an intermediate to advanced level violist in the Seattle area (preferably the north side) who would be interested in playing chamber music. This would be essentially recreational, with the occasional pay gig. If you're interested, or know someone who would be, please send me a PM. Thanks much.
  4. Sad to say, not available until at least fall of 2004 However, it sems the Library of Congress may have them. Still checking.
  5. That's great Jane - thanks! Even if its a future release they may be able to say when they expect to do it - and I don't mind producing parts from a score.
  6. ... searching for an obscurity. Josepf Boulogne, Chevalier de Saint-Georges, wrote a set of six string quartets as his Op. 1. Does anyone have any idea where the sheet music might be found?
  7. Hi Claire - I have the Ives #1. I'd be glad to help out, if you'll PM me a snail mail address to send it to. I've never run across the Villa-Lobos #1 - in fact, the only one I can find in print is the #4 from 1917, so that one might be a real problem.
  8. The Borodin's recording is my favorite 8th. However, after living with my box set of the FitzWilliam Quartet for a while, the 8th has been eclipsed as my favorite. In terms of power and depth, I think the 8th is the finest quartet of the 20th century. But these days the one I want to hear most is the 5th quartet - I just love the odd angles
  9. Yeah - for many composers there is some added poignancy to hearing the celli performing high over a chasm without a net. Though its true that anything played well on a cello sounds better than on any other string, still its dangerous country. That is a marvelous theme though
  10. One of our community orchestras is doing Prokoffiev 3 soon too. Brave, but they are quite a good group, so I'm sure they'll be okay. I was fortunate to see Solzenitsen play Shostakovich 1 a couple months ago. Its still one of my favorite concerti - Shostakovich having way too much fun
  11. Hmmmm! I thought the Soapbox was supposed to have been closed. I guess they decided to include it in the Fingerboard instead. <Yawn!>
  12. I'm assuming you mean the Op. 34 set of preludes (not the Op. 87 set of 24 Preludes and Fugues - which is wonderful and somewhat better known. See the Naxos recording by Konstantin Scherbakov, among others). If so, you might want to check out the recording by Anna Malikova on the Real Sound label. I agree they are not performed as often as they should be, but there are quite a few good recorded performances. There is even a vinyl recording of Shostakovich playing four or five of them.
  13. Hey Rainy My Lee also was set up high. I think that might be shop policy, enabling you to have it adjusted to fit. I had my bridge lowered, as well as the nut. In addition, the soundpost was somewhat misplaced, and I had another one put in. Now its fine to play and sounds great. So, if you have not had the setup checked, you definitely need to. Lee's shop builds very nice instruments, but they do not set them up well - common among luthiers.
  14. Does anyone out there know how to pronounce the name of the Danish composer VAGN HOLMBOE? I have some ideas, but no idea if they're correct.
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