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  1. quote: Originally posted by David Tseng: I would like to hear you expert violin makers how do you graduate the plate. I myself combine 3: Sacconi/Chladni/Vigdorchik. In 1986, a fellow maker here in town dumped me a book written by Vigdorchik because he was unable to hear the tap tones. After reading the book, I considered it a godsend and have since adapted to my violin making. The advantage of this LOCAL TAP TONE method is it is relatively independent of the boundary conditions. It does not matter whether it is a free plate or an assembled violin. The technique helps me to decide where t
  2. quote: Originally posted by donuel: Some instruments are built seemingly to resist breakage etc. I had a Neuner cello that was as hard as nails and strongly built. I had another that was like tissue paper. Who are the strong makers vs. the fragile and what if any are the acoustic benefits of either. Don, Have you ever done any of your own appliance repairs?(Maytag?) Regards, Mike Powell
  3. quote: Originally posted by james: I like the ones that say, "Given to my grandfather when he was a young child." This means that the fiddle has the equivalent value of a teething ring. lwl, I don't have a problem understanding Mike Powell's posts when I sing them to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandie. James, Are you good at math? I love to fiddle around with math also.(so to speak) Regards, Mike Powell [This message has been edited by Mike Powell (edited 04-12-2001).]
  4. quote: Originally posted by M Rankin: Mike - can you post what you think it says here please? I (and others better equipped like French Canadians)could have a shot at it then. Max Max, I do not know what it says in french and offered for a larger picture if someone had interest(you,also others)if wanted. Larger picture if possible and more clear,(focused) is this what your requesting?(asking for?) Cheers,(Regards,) Mike Powell [This message has been edited by Mike Powell (edited 04-12-2001).]
  5. quote: Originally posted by wolfnote: Sorry Mike, I didn't mean your post specifically. I really don't know what a certificate on a violin is. I'm assuming it's either some sort of sales receipt or appraisal? Thanks, Pete OK Pete, Let me know if you change your mind. Regards, Mike Powell [This message has been edited by Mike Powell (edited 04-11-2001).]
  6. quote: Originally posted by wolfnote: Please explain the type of information contained in a certificate. The one shown on Mike P's post looks like an automobile title. Hello Wolf, I cannot do you much good for content, my french luanguage is limited. I can get some closer pictures for you, but will need a translator. LWL? Regards, Mike Powell [This message has been edited by Mike Powell (edited 04-11-2001).]
  7. quote: Originally posted by donuel: It would be reasonable to assume Strads would have Antonio's DNA markers. Its not worth putting the violin in the blender to isolate it.[/b] Kind of like a cremona flavored shake? Mike [This message has been edited by Mike Powell (edited 04-12-2001).]
  8. I would lke to express much thanks for Jeffrey Holmes and his integrity demonstrated on Maestronet,also his gracious efforts in allowing me to defend myself as an "eBay seller" and for Maestronet its advertisers and affiliates. LWL: I will use in the future more clear and concise descriptions when it comes to expensive fiddles ie: 1k and up on my ads. Much thanks for the expert critique from our onboard teacher,unfortunately I cannot edit my current description,only pictures. Once an opening bid has been placed the editing capability is locked until auction close. pictures can be
  9. quote: Originally posted by lwl: One period. Or three (ellipses). Two periods, a friend of mine likes to say, indicates indecision, while more than three indicates overenthusiasm. Ok, I will work on it. Regards, Mike [This message has been edited by Mike Powell (edited 04-12-2001).]
  10. quote: Originally posted by Ray Weaver: Mike, I must agree that I puzzle over the meaning of some of your posts (which is not the same as disagreeing with them - that is another area). It is not a question of who is the "teacher" but of whether the your meaning can be understood clearly. If not, even slight differences of opinion become magnified and result in ever escalating and hardening positions. [/b] Ray, Because my name was specific in regards to my buisiness on eBay from the start of this thread, Im not sure intent all participants involved were in it for truth & int
  11. To:LWL I will work on my sentences. Ok? Mike [ [This message has been edited by Mike Powell (edited 04-12-2001).]
  12. quote: Originally posted by lwl: Mike, don't take this the wrong way, but: Your writing isn't "old school", unless you mean "old school" in the sense of "sixth-grade education at best". Real use of punctuation would probably help significantly -- try putting periods in the places you typically use commas. LWL, Game over according to rules and umpire returns, ie Jeffrey Holmes, I will work on my writing skills and you can have the meaning of the word "Mole" ready for us in regards to previous discussion posted on this thread, Fair Enough? I alsmost forgot.....you being the teac