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  1. No... Do you mean "The Pirates" with Johnny Depp?????
  2. ...That's how I'd describe the violin lessons... I'm still here even if not that often - I have a lot to do right now. Music and my college... Anyway, I want to share my joy and satisfaction on the violin - and to say (I almost can't believe it!) - that my teacher seems impressed! Mihneea
  3. Unfortunately I don't know of any pictures of the granddaughters, but I keep looking. And, also unfortunately , I've never been to Genoa - but I hope that will happen next year ... I consider you very lucky for viewing the Canon!! How was it? I think I'd faint in front of it, knowing WHO played it! I find it sad the fact that the violin exists, but its master doesn't. Anyway, I read a lot about Paganini, so if you have other questions, please ask. I'm glad to be able to answer some of them! Mihneea
  4. Achille had a longer life than his father. In 1893 he was still ailve and if I'm not wrong, he died soon after that (1896??). He had a son (Attila) and probably two granddaughters, who died in 1935. As a 7-year old boy, he was sweet (I have a black and white picture) and he looked a lot like the young Nicolo. Paganini used to say that Achille was a beautiful boy. I don't know anything about autographs, but I can see there is no need... Mihneea
  5. I enjoyed learning how to drive a car. My teacher said I'm good at that, but... is it really like learning the violin? As about the daily time - I'm still a student, so I have a pretty nice schedule and, I think, enough time to practice. But I plan to do some other things too, regarding my future architectural career, so my free time will not be the same. But an hour a day... sure! I couldn't live without that hour!
  6. Oh, be sure that's the advice I'm most determined to follow!! I'd keep it with me even when I eat or sleep! Well thanks.
  7. I'm looking for more detailed profiles too. I'd like to know about the ones who I'm talking to - whatever they want to tell, about themselves as social persons, about their dreams, or 'just' their humour... I don't know. Something that means something! Mihneea
  8. ...Well I couldn't even imagine a more helpful and detailed answer, thank you! To be honest,... I don't know violin , but I was recently reading about the "ponticello" and "sulla tastiera" effects and I suspected it's...the second one. Special thanks for everything! Mihneea
  9. This is for all of you actually: I mean THANKS! Great posts, encouraging and - 'my gosh' - I'm not the only one here who didn't start at the usual age of 7... (as most of the students I know). Well my goal is not only enjoyment... Is to feed my soul perpetually starving for music. It's an order from myself to myself. It's something I've never experienced before. Or maybe it's just dreaming that one day I could make my violin cry while playing one of Paganini's Adagios... Well it's the same virus isn't it?... You know it. So,... I got your ideas... -I'll go get them again Mihneea
  10. Says who? Everyone? Anyway, in that case you are not the first one who tells me I'm a man even if I'm not... M.
  11. I'm not sure on what scale you'll be able to answer me, but I'm going to ask this anyway. How far can I get in the violin playing, having this situation: - already 22 years, - never touched the violin before - 2 years of piano lessons starting at the age of 12 - huge passion - lack of time: I will be an architect in 2 years - supposing I will truly start taking lessons next month - good hearing I hope - small hands, hardly can reach an octave, thin fingers - pretty much enjoying exercises, but sometimes unpatient to be able to play - fascinated by Paganini's example... (well don't laugh at me, I know it's too late ) Mihneea
  12. ...What techniques do you use in the Mose in Egitto variations? (The last one especially) Thanks. Mihneea
  13. I'm a violin. Is that a male or a female?
  14. I'm normal. Is that freakish here? ... No, Just kidding. Actually, this is one of the most interesting topics. And I hope I am one of yours, a little... I have double jointed thumbs too, which always seemed sort of freakish to normal people around, even I regard it as fun. I don't know how this can affect a violin playing, so I'm hungry for your posts. But sometimes I find my crazy thumb 'help' me to keep the violin's neck strangely or to reach easily high notes. I wish it were more relaxed and helpful... Thanks! Mihneea
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