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  1. You might want to check out the community music program or the String Project at the University of South Carolina in Columbia. If you go to the USC school of music website, www.music.sc.edu, there should be contact information. Good luck on your search! ~violonetoile~
  2. I am freshman music performance major, and my first juries are coming up in about 6 weeks. I am supposed to be playing the first mvt of Wieniawski 2 and the Bach g minor fugue. I am starting to get quite nervous. The Wieniawski has its virtuosic moments and the Bach is pretty difficult overall. I plan to work extremely hard over these next 6 weeks in order to be ready, but if there is anything anyone can suggest to prepare - etudes, exercises, practice techniques - I would appreciate it. Fell free to share any of your jury experiences as well. Thanks! ~violonetoile~
  3. A concerto is a composition for soloist and orchestra. A concerto grosso is a (usually) baroque concerto wich uses 2 instrumental groups: a small solo group (the concertina) and the full orchestra (the ripieno).
  4. Hi everyone, I was hoping to get some reccomendations on what I should play for my college orchestra audition (along with my excerpts). I played the Mendelssohn concerto to get admission into the music school, and I am considering playing that again. I'm also considering the last mvt of Wieniawski 2, Zigeunerweisen and the 1st mvt of the Bach g minor sonata. Please let me know your opinions. Thanks. ~violonetoile~
  5. I actually ended up playing the 2nd movement of the Wieniawski 2nd concerto w/o accompaniment, and it worked very well. I played some of the Bach movments I was looking at to my mother, and she thought the Wieniawski would be a bit easier to "understand" musically. The family that I played for was very touched and grateful. I played on a violin that belonged to the deceased's husband (apparently the violin is about 150 years old), as it had great sentimental value for the family. Thank you all so much for the suggestions!
  6. I am supposed to be playing at a funeral on Thursday, and I will not have a pianist playing with me, so I figure that I should play some solo Bach. I have played the d minor partita (no chaccone), E Major partita and g minor sonata. Can anyone suggest a movement from one of these that would be appropriate? Or if there are any other unaccompanied works that would be appropriate and that I could learn by Thursday, that would work too. Thanks for your help. ~violonetoile~
  7. I have a BAM London violin case for about a year now, and I'm very happy with it. It's extremely light, and it protects my violin from climate changes very well (and it was most certainly put to the test with all the college audition trips I took this year). It's an attratctive looking case, durable and the backpack straps are incredibly handy when you need your hands to be free! I got mine for about $180 from a wholesale string company that I found online (sundial, sunlight, something like that). I would highly reccomend it, especially if you do a lot of travelling.
  8. Hi Bronach, I also "tutor" several violin students who have other teachers. Basically I see my job as reinforcing what has already taught. I just make sure the student stays focused (especially if its a younger child). Several tips I can offer you: -Try not to "fix" any major problems with technique, posture, etc. If you notice major problems, speak with your teacher about it. -Show the student how to make their personal practice time more efficent. -Make practice time more interesting by making up little "games" (for example, when I was teaching one of my students about phrasing, she loved walking around the room while she played, increasing and decreasing her speed to go along with the phrase). It may seem silly, but it helps them to remember more. Ok, I hoped this helped a little, but have fun and make sure your student has fun too! ~violonetoile~
  9. Does anyone know any methods to help in learning how to play fingered octaves? I am trying to use them in the octave passage (the scale) in the first movement of the Wieniawski Concerto (#2), and right now, it's quite difficult (and slightly painful, with all that stretching). What can I do to make my octaves more accurate and more comfortable? Thanks, ~violonetoile~
  10. I guess I'll jump in... I am a recent high school graduate from Georgia. I've been playing the violin most of my life and I am going to the University of South Carolina School of Music in the fall (on a full music scholarship!). I've been a memeber of Maestronet for over a year now, and I've learned so much from all that is posted. I am trying to convince myself that I need to post more...nice to meet you all! ~violonetoile~
  11. I would love to play Beethoven someday, but I believe that it is one of the most difficult concertos in the repetoire, and I don't think I'm ready to play that yet. I would like to play Wienawski or Vieuxtemps....Mozart 5 is another possibility. My school orchestra teacher thinks that is what I should do. Thanks for the suggestions! ~Violonetoile~
  12. Well, now that I'm nearing the end of these dreaded college auditions, it's time for me start a new concerto (finally!). I've been working on the Mendelssohn for almost a year because of college. I haven't done many concertos, over the past few years I've done Bruch, Mozart 3 and Kabalevsky. I've also done Zigeunerweisen, Introduction and Tarantelle, Bach E major and d minor (w/o the chaccone) partitas and the 3rd and 4th movements of Bach g minor sonata. Any suggestions for what I should do next? I only have a few more months with my teacher, then summer, and then off to college (hopefully). I would appreciate any suggestions. Thanks! ~Violonetoile~
  13. I'm in the National High School Honors Orchestra, which will be playing at the conference at the end of March. I still don't know what we're playing, but if you're going to be at the conference, come to our concert! ~Violonetoile~
  14. I believe it is 2 flutes, 2 oboes, two clarinets, two bassoons, four horns, two trumpets, timpani and strings. Correct me if I'm wrong.... ~Violonetoile~
  15. Mazas, How about Sarasate's Introduction and Tarantelle? It's pretty flashy, and if you can play Zigeunerweisen and Intro and Rondo Cappricioso, then it should be no problem by April. Just a thought.... ~Violonetoile~
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