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  1. I downloaded the trial version of Slowblast from
  2. Thanks, friends! I just downloaded a sample program of Slow Blast, which I could start using immediately. It's simple to use and does what I want, which is to slow tunes down and nothing else. Well, it does speed them up too, in case I want to get ahead of myself!
  3. Does anyone know an inexpensive softwear program that can slow down the tempo of CDs without changing the pitch? I like to learn tunes from CDs but I need them slower.
  4. mgrace

    New Bow?

    In a fiddle workshop I attended, the teacher went around the room and played everyone's bow on her fiddle. I could hear a big difference between them. I didn't particularly like the sound of the synthetic bows or the cheap wooden bows, but the better wooden bows were wonderful. I doubt there were any really high priced bows there, but mine was $ 500 and it sounded great.
  5. This website is incredibly intuitive! I just logged on to see if there was any discussion about trembling bows, and there it was, the first one. I just bought a new violin, and I have been having trouble with the bow trembling. I didn't have much trouble before, so maybe the problem is the bow doesn't match the violin! I think I need to get a different bow now. Any suggestions what to look for? mgrace