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  1. For sale: IHS del Gesú 1998 double volume book cloth bound. By Peter Biddulph. PM me if interested. N
  2. I have the set of the original DVDs that I will sell you. Contact me. Nat
  3. You're looking to buy a copy? I have one. N
  4. I believe it was from this company that I bought two composite fingerboards about four or five years ago. One had a wood veneer on the bottom for glueing to the neck. They cost about $35 each and were complete crap. They were not acceptable in their shape. When I did try to scrape and sand them, it exposed large air pockets. They were also very flexible and the veneer was scraps of veneer sloppily glued on and even peeling off. I decided to keep one for reference and return the other for a refund. It took a loooong time to get the refund. I also tried calling the guy to discuss his product so he could make improvements, as I think this is an important topic. He never answered the phone or returned my calls. I would be interested in seeing one now, before paying for it. Perhaps they're much improved now.