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  1. wow, that's really generous of you. however, i live near the airport and don't have a car. that sucks. what i'm doing is that i'm gonna get in touch with my music teacher in middle school and see if he'll give me a good discount. thanks a lot though.
  2. Czechsteve, I do live near a city, a big one at that - Atlanta. Thanks everyone for your suggestions. All of them have been very helpful. Josh
  3. what should one do to better one's playing when one simply cannot afford a private teacher?
  4. thank you so much. that's really helpful. i'll get to those exercises right now! thanks again.
  5. i'm looking for one right now! just wondering what i can do in the mean time. right now i'm just doing the scales with various bowings. i really want to strengthen my bow arm.
  6. i finally bought a violin this week, after two years of not playing. what exercises would you recommend for me to rediscover my techniques before i find a private teacher? thanks everyone! i really enjoy the discussions on this board. Josh
  7. After two years away from the violin (two years of agony), I will finally purchase one this week. Today, I suddenly thought of naming my violin. It will give it character in my imagination! Just out of curiosity, what name has each of you given your instrument? Or is naming your instrument too silly for a serious musician? By the way, I'm thinking of "Harmonia" for my violin.
  8. I've seen many violins for sale on the internet that has the label "antiqued finish." Can you tell me what this process entails and if it is respectful to the wood? Thanks a lot. Josh
  9. Here's the deal: I haven't played the violin in two years. Now I've saved up some money and would like to return to the instrument I once so loved. I found the website www.stringworks.com the other day and got excited because they have some really beautiful violins for around $1000. The "Maestro" interests me in particular. Does anyone know anything about this vendor? Can they be trusted? I realize that it's risky to buy a violin without testing it, but the salespeople have assured me that they take care in choosing a violin that matches the customer's preference. I really want to play again and would like to make the best of the little money I have. Thanks for your help.
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