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  1. Hi All, Been gone from here for quite a while, back with a question. My son (18 years old) has a Ned Steinberg (NS Violins) electric violin. (Yes, he has a nice "normal" violin too) He is not happy with his regular pernambuco bow with the electric instrument. He can only say (and he's been playing for 13 years, so I guess he knows a little bit) "I just don't like this bow with this instrument." Before I go and have him try all sorts of things to see what he DOES like (yes I know, very subjective, duh), can someone here who has a nice electric violin give me a suggestion of what you like with yours? Main ideas are: synthetic (i.e. Coda etc) or wood? Any an all suggestions are appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  2. Been gone form the forum for a while, it's good to be back... I have a 3/4 size Mittenwald cello that I bought last year from a private party. "Fine and rare of the Neuner School, circa 1870" I had it looked at before I bought it, and was told, yes it is what the appraisal says, and it's a good buy. So, I have the appraisal dated January 2001, and the question is... What can I expect the average appreciation would be from 2001 to 2008? If the 2001 appraisal says the value is X, can I consider that in 2008 it is 1.5X, 2X? I am just looking for a rough starting point, as it's now time for a full size instrument for my daughter.
  3. I have had two 14" violas, still own one. Big high ribs is what separates the violas from the violins.
  4. I was thinking John Steinbeck or JD Salinger? You don't suppose some pictures would help?
  5. get ready to get and give a negative feedback. Such is life on ebay.
  6. Thank you Jacob, much appreciated.
  7. No no no, it is clearly Italian. Perhaps a picture or two would help. Otherwise, I stick by my opinion. (Note: I made this post in jest before the Original Poster added his pictures)
  8. the other day, I took my daughter's 3/4 cello to the luthier for a little tweaking. It is a new instrument to us, I bought it from the son of our music school's director. Luthier commented, "Huh, I wonder why it has Helicores on it." Not being familiar with Helicores, I said, "I don't know, but I'll ask." Former owner replied with a "Why not? It sounds good with them, what does luthier have against Helicores anyway?" I will pick up the cello tomorrow and ask luthier, who I love dearly and respect tremendously. In the mean time, can anybody tell me, why that comment? They are a little less expensive than Dominants, but we are talking $80 vs $100 difference, not half or anything.
  9. Rue de Rome is the street in Paris where most of the dealer are clustered around. I had a lot of fun wandering through the shops there the last time I was in Paris.
  10. Please keep an eye out for this. If you speak German, you'll know the message auf deutsch is quite a bit stronger than the English translation. Sorry the picture is so bad, please download the document and read all the details. Word Document: http://www.mikemargolis.com/Violoncellostolen.doc Picture: http://www.mikemargolis.com/violoncellostolen.jpg Zwischen 22 März 22 :15h und 23 März 9 :10h wurde ein 5-saitiges Piccolo-Cello aus dem Saal in der katholischen Kirchegemeinde Binningen gestohlen. Es war in einer bordeauroten Hülle. Dabei waren 2 Bögen. Die Polizei ist über den Diebstahl informiert, sowie alle Zollämter und alle Geigenbauern in der Schweiz und in ganz Europa - es ist unmöglich dieses Instrument zu verkaufen, auch weil es ein ganz besonderes 5!-saitiges (statt 4 Saiten) Cello ist. Danke für jede Information, das Cello hat für mich viel mehr als nur einen materiellen Wert. Ilze Grudule +41763917879, grudule@hotmail.com 5 strings cello piccolo (Mittenwald, Hornsteiner, 1709) was stolen 22th or 23th March 2007 from the rehearsal room in Binningen (Basle, Switzerland). The instrument was in a bordeau case made by Maurizio Riboni. 2 bows were also stolen: 1 baroque bow by Charles Riché and1 classical bow by Francine Humbert-Droz.
  11. quote: Originally posted by: MANFIO The problem is that you narrowned your choice to an "Italian Violin"... Exactly Manfio! That was the lesson I wanted him to learn, that there are fabulous instruments made in China, USA, France, etc.... He heard that Italian was the best, and so he wanted one. I want him to learn that the "best" instrument is the one he loves, not the one he reads the label on.
  12. Last week, we went on a short vacation with the kids. My 14 year old saw that there was a violin shop close by, so we went to visit. He has been bugging me, "When am I going to get an Italian violin? Mine is only German." Now his may not be the nicest violin in the world, but you know me. It is just a little better than he needs right now. So, we walk in, say hello and look around. Nice shop, nice people. "Do you have any Italian instruments that my son can play please?" Two are presented. One is actually Italian school, Italian student, made in Portugal. VERY nicely made instrument, it was $18K. The other one was a 1920's instrument, I think it was made by the janitor at the violin school. Tool marks everywhere, the back had been off at least as many times as my hat has been off my head, a piece added to the neck to give more fingerboard height, on and on and on. It was $15K. He plays and plays on the two of them, says his thank you's and goodbyes, and we get in the car, and he says, "Dad, I like my violin better than either of those ones. Maybe Italy is not all it's cracked up to be." He is learning his music lessons after all.
  13. Well, my favorite luthier, Ute Brinkmann, found my viola neck looked like this when she went to replace the fingerboard: http://www.mikemargolis.com/hollowneck1.jpg http://www.mikemargolis.com/hollowneck2.jpg And she filled it in so it looked like this before she put the new fingerboard on: http://www.mikemargolis.com/hollowneckfixed.jpg This instrument was made in 1860 in Markneukirchen, by the way.
  14. I recommend Dominants with a Larsen A. My daughter's teacher uses that, and we have for a year or two as well, very happy with the combination.
  15. Congratulations, it's a beautiful instrument
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