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  1. I wonder if anyone can guide me in the right direction with respect to learning a basic method and understanding of violin and cello set up? I understand that this is a skill acquired after many years of study and practical hands-on experience. In our very rural area there are many young string players who don't have the facility to get to large centers for this to be done and there is a distinct need in the schools around here for someone to do this locally. I am near retirement now and would like to be able to devote time for this as a service.
  2. I'll let you know when it comes.....
  3. O.K, here's the phone number:- 1-800-645-4727 shopPBS.com
  4. Do you think that the positive reaction of an instrument could in part be due to the musician's learning how to get the best out of it, though? There seem to be some variables that defy any sort of scientific explanation, even though they do add to the mystique of bowed instruments in general. Just curious!
  5. We make our own bags and put the granules in. I then got plastic toothbrush holders, punched a few holes in them and one of those seems to work for the cello, total cost, about $1.75. I then slip the whole thing in a bow holder pocket once any water that wants to drip out has done so. To fill, I just insert the holder down into a bottle of distilled water, with a string attached. So far, I've had no problems, and it's almost time to leave it out completely. Knowing the climate in Sussex, I don't think added humidity would be a concern any time of the year.
  6. What exactly is in the bags so that they have to be replaced then?
  7. Is an improvement in sound a common finding after a period of no tension?
  8. PBS Home Video has come out with a companion to "The Art of Violin", called "The Art of Piano". Duh!, sorry to be so obvious about the title, but that's what it's called. You can email me privately and I'll be happy to give you the details for ordering. I didn't think it was appropriate to "advertise" by listing details here?!
  9. He might even be reading this for light relief and information on piano tuning or downloading music. Good Thinking!
  10. I'm happy for you Stephen. Is it possible for the building process to be photographed, in all its stages? If you could, it would be a worthwhile collection for you, and a most enjoyable experience for the rest of us. When Bernhard Zanders made my cello, he did this for us and we shared them, I think, on Pegbox.
  11. If you could find out state of birth, then perhaps going to the Registrar of Births might help?? Just a thought. Good Luck.
  12. I'm teaching myself the Bach solo cello suites; is there anything else? Oh, scales and arpeggios as well. I believe cello is the perfect medium for Bach; that's just my opinion, but you did ask.
  13. "Actually Michael that is not what you are saying at all" I think your comments are unjust. Michael is just giving this thread the benefits of his long experience and we should be grateful for that heads-up insight; You have made the accusation of dishonesty, quite bluntly, but in a vicarious manner. I would hope YOU have a good attorney!
  14. Yesterday, someone suggested, on another thread, going to local luthiers who may well want their instruments played in. Would this be an avenue open to you,it sounds like a great idea to me.
  15. We live in a climate that has very low humidity in the winter months, and this happened to me until I made very sure the humidity in the case was adequate,or at least as normal as I could make it. It doesn't sound as if this is your problem though, because of where you live.
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